Hello Lovely Ladies!

I have been writing and re-writing this post in my head for a few months now… inching my way towards this final decision, mulling it over… and here we are:

This is my Blog Farewell Post.

Perhaps a few of you saw it coming (you ladies always seem to know what I’m thinking and feeling and can articulate it better than I ever could), to some of you it might be a surprise.  All I can say is that it is not a decision I came to lightly, nor was it an easy decision.  I started blogging when my youngest son was just a few months old; I felt a little cooped up in diaper-ville and really wanted a platform on which I could do something for myself, a way of self-expression that reassured me that aside from “mother” I was also “woman”.  Back then, Instagram was non-existent and blog surfing was quite the “thing”.  I spent a LOT of my spare time -when the kids were napping- connecting with talented ladies from around the world, reading their blogs, investing in new products and  being inspired.   With time, I noticed an increased readership in my little blog corner as well, and the comments that were left were ALWAYS so positive, so encouraging so engaging.  Your interaction with me fueled my passion for nail art and the blog flourished.  In addition to being offered a number of review opportunities I was showered with opportunities that far surpassed my hopes and dreams.  I won’t list them all here, there is no reason to gloat… instead, I will tuck all of these accomplishments safely away into my personal memory box to cherish for ever and ever.

I saw a few trends in action, I was actively blogging when the Indie world of polish exploded, when stamping became a HUGE multi-company flourishing business.  I was here when the jelly-sandwich was coined, when accent nails boomed and I played a role in terming the skittlette.  I was here before the squishy stamper and the wonder that is the clear stamper!  Way before advance stamping and lead-lighting and stamp decals… in a time before the UberMat and latex barriers.  This journey was such a memorable one and many of you will remember ‘those days’ the way I do.  When I started I didn’t own a base coat nor a topcoat (I saw them as pointless- they were clear after all)… Now, almost 6 years later,  my youngest is I feel as though it is time for me to move on- to take a seat on the bleachers, to watch from the sidelines.

This is therefore my very last blog post.

I WILL however CONTINUE to be present on Instagram (@chitchatnails) :

and Facebook (ChitChat Nails):

Nail art and a passion for polish runs through my veins… I don’t think time and age will ever rid me of this hobby, and so I hope to continue my manicure ventures with you there.  I have informed all of the AMAZING brands I have had the distinct privilege to work with and a few of them mentioned that they would continue to stay in touch and send me a few samples here and there to share with you all on Instagram.  I will be an active member on social media, getting inspired by YOU and staying in touch with new products and trends.


Some of you might be asking “why?”  Why am I leaving blogging behind.  Why now.  I am not sure I have a coherent answer other than “it feels like the right time to part”.  I poured all of my creative juices and energies into every post so that I would have something that I am proud of to share with all of you.  I challenged myself daily to creatively post new products in an original way that reflected my style.  The act of blog writing took a lot of out of my day (while I blogged only after the kids were tucked into bed there was a lot of daytime planning, post scheduling, painting, photo staging and taking, editing etc).  Over the last little while I noticed a shift, and I can’t quite put my finger on its true origin, but the cost vs reward equation no longer held true for me.  My overall ‘energy’ to blog creatively shifted and having always tried my best, because all of YOU deserve my best, I wasn’t going to proceed with rushed or uninspiring posts.   Now, I hope to invest my extra time even more into my family and extended family (my husband who has been the pure definition of supportive while I blogged my little heart out and my three children), our pets, cooking, reading and a few other creative channels.


Last but not least, I want to thank all of you wholeheartedly.  Truly, with all of my heart- thank you!  Thank you for sharing this blogging journey with me, whether you were here from the ‘early’ days of nubbins-and-overgrown-cuticles or joined just recently.  THANK YOU!  Thank you for letting me share my life and my ideas with you.  Thank you for inspiring me, for motivating me, for emailing me your questions and personal stories, for leaving positive comments that I relished in daily.  Thank you!!!!!

It is the contact and friendships that I have formed with many of you that have been my favourite part of blogging- TRULY, and I will miss that so desperately.  On an average day I interacted with people from all over Canada, US, Europe, Australia, Asia etc… how far reaching our friendships, how amazing this little bond we have shared!!!  I hope that some of you will continue to drop me a line on Instagram or Facebook so that we can stay in touch.

I am fighting the urge to re-read this post, delete it and re-write it.  I won’t do that.  I let my reviews and previous posts flow freely from my mind as all of you have made me feel so comfortable to share so openly… so, I will leave this post in its raw state.

A thank you for your friendship and for tuning in.

A wish for all of you to continue pursuing the things you feel passionate about.

An encouragement for you to Live. Love. Laugh in style and to the fullest.

A farewell!

Yours Truly,

Marta aka ChitChat Nails



KBShimmer Office Space Collection – REVIEW

Hello Lovely Ladies!


The festive holiday and new year days of time off and relaxation are not officially behind us, and it is time to tread back to the office…

We all know that KBShimmer always releases seasonal collections, but every now and then they launch stand-alone thematic collections and “Office Space” is one of these: a balance of work-appropriate hues with the shimmer and shine that KBShimmer is so well renowned for.

This collection will be available from Harlow & Co as of January 4, 2017.

* * *

KBShimmer products can be found at http://www.KBShimmer.com.

For sales outside of the USA visit http://www.HarlowandCo.org.

* * *

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UberChic Beauty Collection 13 REVIEW

Hello Lovely Ladies!

In case you are looking for a last minute throw-into-your-stocking or ask-Santa-for gift, here is my review of the UberChic Beauty’s Collection 13.  This set continues on with the UC style of vintage floral, inverse print, geometric designs, witty one-liners and words etc as well as features a few of those “layer-able” images that we were introduced to in Collection 12.

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HOLOGRAPHIC Nail Stamp Plate Storage Folder –

Hello Lovely Ladies!

You should be sitting down for this post, especially if you are a holo-sexual.  Honestly, whether you fancy all-things holographic or not, this plate storage solution from UberChic Beauty is ah-ma-zing!!!!  A true stylish rainbow of awesome; an affordable but high quality product!!!

Get yours HERE!

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Whats Up Nail Christmas stamping plates PART 2

Hello Lovely Ladies,

As you can see by the title, this is part 2 of the Whats Up Nails Christmas stamping plate review mini-series (see part one HERE).  These wintery manicures are more and more fitting as we approach the Holiday season… London is expecting its first Snow Storm overnight so there very well might be a little mounds of Canadian snow by the time I wake up and you read this post.

Here is my review of Whats Up Nails A014:

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SoNailicious: The Little Book of Nail Art

Hello Lovely Ladies!

I think it is fair to say that today’s post is a super original one; nothing like it has ever made an appearance on ChitChat Nails and I’m thrilled to share it with you!!!

In my life behind the blog, I am quite the procrastinator… all through school I pushed off doing actual work until the real pressure was on and this technique was reinforced as I continually scathed by with good grades.  God only knows how much better I could have been if I planned ahead, took time to gather my thoughts and ideas…

*drumroll for the perfect segue-way*

The Little Book of Nail Art brought to you by So Nailicious (THE perfect manicure planner)!


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