Super Heros 005 by hehe – REVIEW

Hello Lovely Ladies!

The beautiful thing about stamping plates is that there is such a large assortment of options.  The selection is so vast because each one of us brings our own preferences to our purchasing decisions – thus there is something for everyone out there.

Today, I would like to show you one of those niche collections by Hehe : the Super Hero collection (I have one plate from this set, but I encourage you to check them out online to see the rest):

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Questionnaire… the Results are In!

Hello Lovely Ladies!

Earlier this year, I was approached by Natalie (a fourth year Fashion Communication student at Ryerson University) who randomly reached out to me to complete a survey to help her with HER thesis (nail art related).  I went for it with a heightened sense of nostalgia for my school days and for the importance of research.  Then, at her request and with her permission, I shared THIS post, asking for your help in filling out the survey as well.  It turns out that not only did a whole-lot of you (a sample size of 402!!!) take part in the survey, but quite a number of you asked if the findings could be shared.

Well, Natalie was kind enough to follow up with me a while back (I am just lagging on my post schedule) and I have been given permission to share them with you also.  Her presentation is visually spectacular so it is a real pleasure to share!

“Overall, the survey supported ample amounts of secondary research conducted.

It equally helped to address the focus of the thesis which was to define the influence of the sense of self on nail art adoption.

As a reminder, participants first identified their personality type from a series of descriptive phrases summarizing the key characteristics for each personality type, and subsequently their design element preferences from sets of images. The psychological appeal of the manicure was studied in second portion of the survey.

In total, 74% of participants agreed that their manicure is a reflection of the inner self and of personality.

Similarly, 94% of participants claimed that their everyday manicure decisions are most influenced by personal style and colour preferences while only 6% claimed to be most influenced by industry trends.

With this in mind, it was fascinating to see how personality and the sense self can be visually reflected in a manicure and in nail art designs.

The knowledge gained was translated into a creative component that accompanied the thesis and a small sample of this can be seen in the infographic.”


A special THANK YOU to Natalie for sharing her survey with us AND for providing us with her findings.  And a shout out to all of you who took part and expressed interest in learning more about it.

As I’ve briefly mentioned in the previous post, waaaay back in the day I graduated from University with an honors degree in Psychology.  My thesis was on the effects of different types of ridicule on one’s creativity… research was a huge part of my post-secondary education and I value it immensely.  It has been a whole lot of fun to combine this ‘educational’ element with our shared passion for polish and nail art.



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Madam Glam – Summer’s Coming

Hello Lovely Ladies!

A quick post for you today, featuring Madam Glam Summer’s Coming.

During the warmer months I have noticed that I have been alternating between a vibrant/neon soak off gel manicure followed by a softer nude-ish manicure.  Because the SOG manis last well over a week, I get my fill of soft or vibrant and then welcome a change.

Madam Glam Summer’s Coming is a unique summer-ready color.

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Electro Glo stamping collection from Bundle Monster

Hello Lovely Ladies!

The feature products from today’s post have completely re-energized my passion for stamping and nail art in general… they have infused creative juices back into my manicure routine and I am thrilled to show them here on the blog today (and in posts to come).

Here is my review of the Bundle Monster Electro Glo stamping polish collection:

Bundle Monster Electro Glo

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Gift Ideas for Dad from The Body Shop

Hello Lovely Ladies!

You may have noticed that there was no blog post yesterday.  Life threw my family a curveball as we got some not-so-good news about my dad’s health on Tuesday.  I’m not usually one to dish out sad personal stories here on the blog, but this time I thought it was relevant.  My dad will be okay, it is just a rather sharp turn in a deteriorating condition he has been struggling with, however, this news really reminded us how fickle our health can be, and how lucky we are when we wake up to see another day.  With Father’s Day just around the corner (this weekend… in case any of you have forgotten), I for one am super thankful to still have my dad with me, someone who really deserves some celebrating on this special day.

A few days back, The Body Shop sent me a press release email with a few gift ideas for DAD… and in case you’re still looking for the perfect gift (because honestly, how many funky ties does dad really need!?) here are two very awesome and super handy gift ideas!

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Bundle Monster Music City stamping plate REVIEW

Hello Lovely Ladies!

A quick prelude: when I created this manicure last week, I couldn’t have predicted the tragedy that struck in Orlando this past weekend.  While I try to keep an uplifting and positive tone on the blog, the manicure is so fitting to show my support to the victims of the horrors that transpired, that it would be heartless of me not to mention it here on the blog.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have lost a loved one in this horrific incident, and to all of the survivors who were witness.  It is beyond my personal understanding why anyone -motive aside- would purposefully set out to harm others.  I can’t wrap my grieving mind around it.

I hope that despite our heavy hearts of sympathy, we can continue to enjoy the little things in life… I bring you a review of a few Bundle Monster products… all smooshed into one photo heavy post:

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Bundle Monster Neon Wasteland SOG REVIEW

Hello Lovely Ladies!

You’d think that five years into blogging I would run out of “firsts” and yet… today’s blogpost is another FIRST on ChitChat Nails: my very first Soak Off Gel collection review, made possible thanks to Bundle Monster’s most recent gel polish collection: Neon Wasteland!

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