Colour Alike – Jesienny Blues

Today I’d like to show you a colour that holds special sentimental value to me, because it was another shade that my dear Aunt from Poland sent me.  I love it when a polish is not only pretty in colour but takes your mind to another place because of  it’s special meaning to you.

Jesienny Blues, translates to “Fall” (like the season) “Blues”… and yet it has the exact opposite effect on me (emotionally)!; rather than being a sad fall feeling, this shade makes me happy, relaxed and comfortable!  This is a medium range cream taupe (just a shade lighter than the famous, IMO, OPI You don’t know Jacques).  It is just the type of shade that I feel most comfortable with.  It applies really nicely and is neither too thick nor too thin.  I really really like it 🙂  When I originally asked my Aunt to look into the Barbra Colour Alike nail polishes for me I thought this would be more of a nude (from the few swatches that I saw); but I’m so glad that it is a bit darker than a typical nude.  In addition, it has this really really pretty silver macro shimmer.  All of these elements, as well as this being a really special gift to me, makes this shade a WIN in my books!!!

I used one of the new Bundle Monster plates #221 and stamped with Sally Hansen Whirlwind White (perfect for stamping btw!).  I then went glitter fishing, SoGuessWhat style, in a bottle of Sephora by OPI Flurry Up.  Well, that’s a lie… my sister and my brother’s girlfriend came over for a girly nail-painting session and I made my sister fish for glitter for me 😉 (Have I mentioned how much I love this glitter fishing thing?  With this particular polish, it is like having little mirrors on your nails…) Ok, onto the pictures:

Can you see the silver shimmer in some of the above photos? Check out the middle finger in the photo below (two coats of Jesienny Blues):

Do you attach special value to the polishes that you got as a gift? Can you remember how you obtained each polish?  I certainly can! I’d love to hear about your ‘sentimental’ polish 🙂

Thank you for Reading 🙂

  • This looks great.. glitter fishing is fun LOL I love how u get those great sparkles where you want them… I only have one polish that was given to me by my sister … I need to do a post with it, its great when somebody else thinks of you and gives you something bc they know you like that, I dont care what the color is 😛

    • marta

      @ Iris Thank you. Using Soguesswhat11 YouTube videos, I learned the technique of getting the big glitters out with a toothpick/dotting tool and placing them directly where you want them on the nail… I can’t get enough of this technique

  • Karolina

    This photographs so well!!!!! Wow wow wow! Soo pertily! Girly and fun yet equally sophisticated. Might I add, those sparkles are just perfect!!! Your sister’s really good at fishing! Wow!

    • marta

      @Karolina Why, yes… my sister is skilled at many things… but this fishing, well, she is the best glitter-fisher-outer I know ;0) Thanks sis!

  • Another beautiful design from you. I’d kill to have your skill in stamping! hehehehe

    • marta

      Awww, you are too sweet… it all comes down to the polish used IMO… these Sally Hansen InstaDry shades work really well 🙂

  • Magda

    Your skills get better with each post! Absolutely fantastic!

    • marta

      @Magda why thank you 😉

  • Vikki

    Can you tell us where this Jesienny Blues could be purchased in the U.S.?

    • marta

      @Vikki I wish I knew whether this brand is available in the US… I live in Kanada, and was given this polish by my Aunt in Poland. The brand is called Barbara Colour Alike; and while they do have an online store, I’m not certain as to whether they ship to the US. I have attached a link to their website

      I’m sorry I can’t be of any more help 🙂