A Zebra Goes to a Concert

For those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you would have been bombarded with my incessant messages about the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys (NKOTBSB) concert that I went to last Sunday.

I don’t go to a lot of concerts so it’s a real treat when I finally make it out to one.  This NKOTBSB concert in particular was a huge deal for me because they were the first boy bands of “my time” and I took turns crushing on each one of these boy band members back in the 1990’s 😉  We made a whole evening out of this, and my sister and a group of my close friends went out for a lovely dinner before the show.

In anticipation for this concert, I had been planning a manicure for it.  In the recent while, this photo of Joe McIntyre was circulating the web-o-sphere:

And although this sweet voiced NKOTBer was not my ‘favourite’ of the bunch… nor do I really ‘like’ boys with polish… I did like the turquoise and black combo.
Also, recently the nail-polish bloggs have been featuring a lot of multi-coloured/rainbow animal print manicures; the first one that comes to mind is Elizabeth from Life and Polish but I know there are many more…

I’ll start with the manicure and then follow this post up with a few iPhone photos from the concert (so beware… this post will be picture heavy!).  I applied two coats of China Glaze For Audrey and then sponged on Revlon’s Minted on a diagonal across the top half of my nail.  I then used Konad plate m57 and Wet n’Wild Ebony Hates Chris.  A gentle coat of Seche Vite sealed the deal:



* * * * *

It was absolutely incredible to see these guys in real life!!!  They put on quite the show!

The guys, though aged a bit ;), were as sexy as ever!  The choreography was amazing with a good amount of ‘raunch’ thrown in for us lady fans.  It was great to sing along to all of their top hits; it felt as though I was back in my teens rocking out!!!  You can read more about this concert in the article from London Free Press (our local newspaper) HERE.


(opening number)

I especially got a good dose of crazed-teen-fan-syndrome when midway through the show Donnie Whalberg (yes… Mark Whalberg’s brother) made his way to where my friend Melanie and I were in the crowd!!!
(Check us out around 57 seconds into the video. We are standing behind the girls with the big black banner with pink lettering… I’m wearing a black halter top jumper)… see if you can spot us 🙂

(Melanie you ROCK for showing me this YouTube video!!!!)

Yup, I sure did do the whole outreached-hand-screaming-like-a-loonatic thing and got to touch Donnie’s hand as he moved through the crowd… and now this video exists in cyberspace forever ;).  I was so shaken that I didn’t snap a photo even though he was soooo close… only once he left, did I clue in on the opportunity missed, and with my shaky hand snapped this blurry photo… I will show it just because of how memorable this moment was for me 😉

I took in the “sights” and really enjoyed seeing each and every one of the group members! It was great to see how fit some of the guys were (in particular super buff Danny and shirtless Donnie from the NKOTB).  I didn’t realize that Nick was sooo tall! Howie and Jordan (my then most favourite BSBer and NKOTBer) were as sweet looking as I imagined them to be.  Brian had a smile that could warm up any room (especially one filled with over 8,000 women) and sweet Joe barely aged at all! Jonathan performed just as good as the others on stage, and it was great to see AJ doing so well (after the stuff he’s been struggling with).  AJ was quite the entertainer on stage with his raunchy 😉 moves… and when I saw him on the big screens I noticed that he was wearing white polish with black shatter (you’re welcome fellow nail polish enthusiasts 😉 ). And the little tidbit that wasn’t hard to notice was Brian’s PURELY AMAZING neon pink sneakers… try as hard as I could I was not able to photograph them with my iPhone buuuuut lovely Julie (who posted this photo on Facebook) gave me permission to add it to my blog:

I realized that I’m not too old to scream like a little school girl at the sight of my “teen-idol”! And in some way this is a really good thing! 😉

After each successful concert, I tell myself I have to go to more.  It is such an incredible way to spend and evening with friends… and the memories are to be cherished forever.  I’m glad I could “rock out” to my favourite tunes in my Turqoise Zebra nails!

Thank you for reading!!!!


  • I love how your nails turned out! I love the two toned with the zebra on top!!

    I loved NKOTB back in the day, I was a Joey and Jordan girl myself!

    • marta

      @Angie Thank you 🙂 I provided a tutorial link that Landa from Bright Lights, Big City did (she worked with cheetah print though)… really easy to do but I admit I was smitten with the final look:

      Sigh… yes, Jordan 😉 trip down memory lane… lol

  • Wow, love how your nails turned out! Beautiful!

    And so cool that you’ve seen New Kids AND the Backstreet Boys! Nostalgic! 🙂

  • Melanie

    This is quite possibly my favourite of your blog posts. Hmmm…I wonder why? 😉
    I absolutely adored your mani (we should have mugged the girl with the matching dress)
    Great manis, great food, great show! thanks for including me and thank you for making my nails lovely 🙂

    • marta

      @Melanie thank you:) I’m so glad we could spend such a memorable evening together!!!! To many many more!!!! (manicures and concerts 😉 )

  • Sounds like you had such a fun time! 🙂 And what a pretty manicure you chose to wear, too.

    • marta

      @Mary thank you. I had a blast from the past. A stage full of my boyband crushes = great success in my books ANYDAY! 😉

  • Rie

    OMG Marta I love, love, LOVE THIS! I have to try sponging and konad soon. I just have to!

    • marta

      @Rie Thank YOU! If you want to do a duo-tone under a stamp you don’t even have to use a sponge really… you could just brush/paint the tip in a haphazard way at the tip/base in the second colour… the stamp overtop is very forgiving and you still get a lovely result … in case sponging scares you (like it does me).