Guest Post – Joanne from Northern Nails

Today I am super happy to have Joanne, from Nothern Nails with us!  I would say that Joanne is one of my newest blogger friends, but I felt an instant friendship with her.  Joanne is a perfect example of why I enjoy blogging so much.  When I started this blog, aside from having an source of release for the nail-polish monster within, I also wanted to have the opportunity to meet new people with common interest.  Joanne lives accross the Ocean in the UK, she is witty and adventurous, has one of the most interesting jobs ever (ask her yourself!), and loves everything Tinkerbell.  I’m so happy our paths crossed! 😀  Joanne had my at “Ewan McGregor” 😉 … which leads me to her post for today 😉

* * * * *

Hi I am Joanne from Northern Nails, I was so honored when Marta asked me if I could be a guest blogger for her while she is away in Poland and as you guessed I said “hell Yeah!”, but what can I do!?  This is the lady who has some awesome nails and is super talented in the nail art department, so I thought I wouldn’t even try to compete, how could I !?
Over the last few weeks I have been practicing with my newly acquired bundle monster plates and I must say I am having tons of fun (I think maybe I need to get out more!), then I remembered a conversation I had with Marta about Ewan McGregor (Mr Yummy pants himself!).
I mentioned that I happened to meet him while in London a few years back, he was performing in Guys and Dolls (awesome show by the way); then after the show I got to meet him and acquired his autograph and he also kissed my hand, I tell you I didn’t want to wash it, anyway I rang my best friend up and couldn’t contain my excitement , so she thought I was being attacked when i finally told her what had happened she hung up on me ,although I did get her an autograph too  and she forgave me. So here is a Mani inspired by one of my favourite films Ewan is in Moulin Rouge!

For this mani I used

Elf Red Velvet, China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Barry M Gold Foil, W7 Black, Avon Perfectly Flesh.


I am quite happy with the tights and red shoes and even the Heart but I am not so good at freehand so the windmill is a bit blah!

I really enjoyed using my plates for the tights effect I used BM209 and painted the tips for shoes

My pinky is the heart from Satines bedroom I freehanded this don’t think it turned out too bad

I hope you liked my mani and it stood up as amongst the good and not the bad and ugly!

Joanne xxx

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Oh Joanne!  I for one, being a GIANT fan of Ewan McGregor AND Moulin Rouge (it being one of my Favourite movies of all time) give you two thumbs up for this manicure!  I like the colours you chose (so appropriate for the lavish shades from this movie) and how you combined stamping and freehand work!  Oh, I won’t lie, I am envious of your face to face contact with Ewan McGregor buuuut, feel like I have sort of lived it vicariously through you 😀 Thank you for that.

For those of you who have not seen this musical here is a YouTube excerpt… Mr. McGregor’s voice is so dreamy in this movie how can you not like it?!?! (the first few seconds of this clip are a bit glitchy, but hand in there)

Okay, Uhem… where were we!? Oh the manicure! What are your thoughts?!

Have you combined stamping with freehand? Is there a certain stamp you wish existed so you wouldn’t have to freehand?


  • Love this!!

  • Okay Joanne, what’s your job? 😀
    I love the stamped design and red french tips!

  • Jo

    @Marisa, Thanks I realy enjoyed doing tis mani and it was one of the first ones I did with the stamper, so I am really pleased 🙂

    @Nusa, My real job really isn’t that interesting I work in a Post office which involves giving money, Taking money and posting items all over the world, but by night I am a Rock chick, not the long haired head banging type ( although I do have long hair and love rock music, ) I mean the kind that if you drop on your toe you scream ouch! Yeah I am a Geologist and I Love volcano’s especially the Magma!

  • Wicked manicure, Joanne! This manicure is fierce! 😀

  • Oooh, I love Moulin Rouge! It’s one of my favorite movies too, girlies. And Joanne, SO jealous you got to meet Ewan! I think this came out so cute, I love the heart too, it’s the perfect touch!

  • This such a pretty themed mani! I think it really captured the Moulin Rouge vibe. Love the fishnet details! 😀