Guest Post – Nicole from Nightly Nails

Happy Monday Everyone!
I am slowly approaching the end of my stay with Family in Poland.  Though these posts are prescheduled I can’t tell you with certainty how I am feeling though I anticipate that I am both sad to be packing up soon, and eager to head home to MY husband and kids.
Today’s guest post comes to you from Nicole from Nightly Nails.  Nicole is one of the most genuine and down to earth Ladies I have had the chance to get to know.  She features some of the most unique shades on her blog (and was the reason behind my purchase of these flakies).  Nicole has been going through a challenging time (to say the least) lately, and yet she hasn’t let that waver her spirit, AND she still made time to send me this post.  I am so grateful to have her here with us to show this lovely layering combo!!!
* * * * *
Hi everyone! I am very flattered that Marta thought of including me in her guest posts – obviously, she has some of the most amazing manicures and I’m a huge fan of what she creates! Thank you so much, Marta, for thinking of me.
So, because Marta mentioned she loves my layering manicures, I decided to try to come up with something new and fun for her. I recently picked up one of the Finger Paints polishes that was released with the holiday collection, Winter Sky. It’s a bright, fun turquoise creme shot through with silver shimmer. I decided this would be a lovely base. Winter Sky is pretty pigmented, I only needed one coat for complete opacity!
Next, I layered one of the very lovely layering polishes from the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength line, Aisle Be There. Aisle Be There – isn’t that a cute name? – is a glowy pink to purple shimmer that’s perfect for layering over darker shades.
At the tips, I dabbed a bit of a no-name silver from Hard Candy, and layered Essie Set In Stones over the top of the silver for just a bit more bling. I did not use a sponge for my gradient, instead just I just dabbed a bit of polish on the tips and cleaned off the brush on the neck of the bottle. Then I pulled the brush through the polish down my nails a bit, creating the gradient. As you see, I’m not perfect with my gradients, but I do like how this turned out!
Anyway, on to photos.
I hope you all enjoyed this, and Marta, thank you again for asking me to join you here at Chit Chat Nails!
* * * * *
WOW! Right!?!? Nicole this is FANTASTIC!  I hope your spirits keeps glistening like this beautiful layering combo!
I am so glad Nicole brought us this layered look; that is one thing I don’t do very often – layer shades- because I am always hesitant that two lovely shades combined will get muddy and yucky and so I quit before I try (I know, shame on me) but this is sooo inspiring! I NEED to give this a try when I return!
What do you think of this layered look? Do you play with combining shades a lot!? Do you have a favourite pairing?
  • awww! this is beautiful! i want such nails too! i love those glittery tips, and that iceblue was to die for!
    she did a very good job!!/Azure

  • Jo

    Love this mani, you make it look so easy to do Nicole, I have yet to try this like Marta I am reluctant but must step out of my comfort zone 🙂

  • This mani just screams winter!

  • A perfect example of why gradients are just so much fun!! Aweome!

  • karen

    Never thought of doing a gradient before, but that’s really pretty and the glitter over the tip is perfect! I’ve layered a few colors…once ended up with a color that looked a lot like a June Bug (kinda gross greeny/blue/purple) but I’m not that good at it yet.

    Adding this to my list of things to learn. 😀

  • Thank you ladies for your kind and very sweet responses! I would encourage everyone to give layering a try, it’s fun to see what you can create with different polishes.
    Marta, I hope you’re having an absolute blast, and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you return home! You make me blush with your totally sweet words, I appreciate you so very much, I hope you know that!

  • Lucy

    I’ve never tried a gradient before. This one is stunning. I doubt realistically I’ll ever do one. I do admire everyone who does nail art.

  • Gorgeous mani Nicole!!

  • Rebecca R.

    I can never think of good layering combos and Nicole always has some good ones for sure. And this one is no exception; so pretty and blingy. Great post!

  • Oh, wow. I never would have thought to pair Aisle Be There with a blue. Love the contrast, Nicole! It really makes the blue and pink pop. Amazing. And of course, the glitter tips are just the right amount of bling to kick it up a notch higher!