Geometric Blue

We are back to the grind of the work week!  I have a blue manicure for you today to fight those Monday Blues 😉

I am starting this week with high spirits, but a few days back I had the manicure-blahs and was left without inspiration/idea on what to paint my nails.  Stephanie from Sincerely Stephanie came to the rescue with her suggestion: “why don’t you search Pinterest for some inspiration”… and so I did.  It was moments into my search that I stumbled up THIS look and I knew I needed to recreate it 😉

I started out with two coats of a ‘mystery’ Color Club polish (I bought a set of Color Club shades at a local Winners a while back and the set and bottles are not labelled).  My limited swatch googling makes me think that this is Take Me to Your Chateau and for the time being (unless you can better help me) I shall refer to it as such 😉

This Color Club is a pale blue cream polish with a little bit of ‘life’ in it so as to make it a tad brighter than the average pastel baby-blue polish.

I stamped using Konad Plate S6 and Essie Bobbing for Baubles (a shade that I just can’t put down)… that is part of the reason I added a solid accent finger.  I won Bobbing for Baubles in a giveway over at Gosia’s blog and I absolutely love this blue! I do!

I hope the only Monday Blues that you are having are those on your nails! 😉

If you do have a case of the Monday Blues… I hope this little home video (taken this weekend) will help put a smile on your face.

This is 19 month old Jackson trying out some moves… maybe with too much gusto 😉

(Caution, when attempting this at home… a helmet should be worn at all times)


If you are wearing blue today, I invite you to tweet out your manicure with the hashtag #MondayNailBlues.  I think this would be a neat way to sport some blue and have a fun way to connect with other nail polish enthusiasts.  Spread the word, the more the merrier 😀

PS. Do you know what this Color Club shade could be?


  • Carolina Garcia

    Oh Marta, the best part is the video, Jackson is so adorable!!! A cute pie!
    It looks like Take Me to your Chateau to me, I love the stamping you did and the accent finger in black is just perfect.

    • Hi Carolina,
      LOL! I’m glad you like Jackson’s little moves 😉
      I will call this polish that for sure then 😀

  • MariJo Nails

    I love the manicure, it’s so pretty!  There’s so much inspiration on Pinterest.  And I love the video!!!  I miss the days of no fear and no thoughts of consequences, lol.  Thanks for the laugh ;0).  I’m doing the Monday Blues too, so I’ll tweet it.

    • Hi MariJo Nails,
      I agree… Pinterest is a source of inspiration (both from already existing nailart as well as other photos that could inspire a manicure).

      LOL! Glad the video made you smile 😀
      He was fearless… and would have most likely hurt himself; we adults overthink everything… it would be nice to just let go and have others stress eh!? 😉
      Yaaaay! So glad you joined the monday blues (nail polish wise that is).

  • Klenz85

    I agree that it might be Take Me to Your Chatueau or  Factory Girl. Geez I just LOVE it that Colour Club doesn’t label their polishes in the packages, don’t you?  Oh by the way this is a really cool mani! I really like the blue on blue. Man I wish I had your stamping skill!

    • Hi Klenz85
      I think it is the first… Factory Girl swatches look much brighter? :S It is quite unfortunate because I would like to label my swatches properly… oh well.
      I haven’t done all too many color on color manicures but I DO like them

  • The video is adorable! Jackson is too cute for words!
    The stamping is divine 🙂 Simply love it! 
    I’m glad I helped out! <3 

    • Hi Sincerely Stephanie,
      LOL! He was rocking out for sure 😀 He is getting to be that fun stage where he comes up with an idea and then works hard to execute it… his older sisters are dabbling in ballet… maybe this was his take on it? 😉 lol
      Thanks for the suggestion… this was a look I really enjoyed (wore it till it chipped- in a few places).

  • OMG! This is gorgeous as always my dear!

    • Hi Fingers,
      Though the idea is “borrowed” from another blog, I am glad you like my take on it 😀

  • This video is soooo funny Marta, such a cutie pieeeeeee!! He really made me laugh today for sure. ♥ You and your family are just beautiful!
    First polish that came into my minds was Take Me to your Chateau indeed, but I must say that’s the only baby blue polish I know from Color Club. haha

    • Hi Ivana,
      LOL! I’m glad the video made you giggle… I’m sure you could tell that I couldn’t stop laughing as it was happening too! Poor little guy has a bit of the cold so the spinning, the stuffy nose, and a belly full of soup made him a little queasy 🙁 lol
      Okay… I am glad that you also think this might be Take Me to your Chateau 😀 That is how I will call it in my stash 😀 Thanks

  • Hi My Nail Polish Online,
    Though I cannot take credit for the “IDEA” of this manicure, I am glad that you like it nonetheless 😀
    I got Bobbing for Baubles from Gosia just over a month ago and with a Helmer full of shades I have already worn it FOUR times!!!!! I love how navy and dusty it is 😀 Thank you

  • Hi PassionForPolish,
    Thank you! 😀

  •  Bobbing for Baubles is on my wish list , I love what you did with the stamping, looks fabulous as always ;D And the video made me giggle , they are so funny at that age, and I love the little ballerina in the background! So sweet of you to share these moments 😀

    • Hi Jo,
      I hope you get your hands on it soon because it is truly one of my favorite dark blues!!!!
      Yes… they are fun and the house is busy because of it. 😀 I have my hands full with the mischievous ballerina.
      Glad you like 😀

  • Shannon

    That was so adorable! My 22 mo old daughter is doing the same thing. Love the manicure, too! 

    • Hi Shannon,
      Awww! Yes… they sure like to spin, and are so unaware of the sharp corners and edges lurking around their “spinning” 😀
      I’m glad you like this post and thank you for sharing about your daughter 😀

  • GosiaB

    aaww Jackson is so cute!!!
    And I’m so glad you like “Bobbing for Baubles”!!
    And the mani is of course OUTSTANDING!!!  I wish I had only one creative bone in my body!! LOL =))

    • Hi GosiaB,
      Thanks again… this shade might be making another appearance coming monday… no joke 😉
      Also, you ARE very creative 😉 Don’t sell yourself short 😀

  • layniebriggs

    Probably my favorite blue of all time, I love this shade and it looks gorgeous on you! Looooove this design, so clean and beautiful! I adore when you post about your children, you can tell how much you love them and how great of a mother you must be!! So adorable!!

    • Hi Layniebriggs,
      It is great hearing from you again!!!! 😀
      I agree with you… this shade IS a favourite!!!
      Awww thank you. I am always a little nervous posting family photos because I don’t know if I’m “boring” you Ladies… you know… if I share too much I don’t want to be too in your face. It is a delicate balance… I’m glad that I didn’t cross it in your opinion 😀

  • What a pretty blue shade! Love what you did with the dark stamping, looks great.

    • Hi Nailart-Addict:
      Thank you! 😀 I don’t often to color on color stamping, but when I do I like it 😀

  • It makes me feel much better about myself that even YOU sometimes don’t know what to do with your nails 😀 But oh well, you gen an idea sooner or later and make it happen so that’s where we split apart. 😀 
    On to the mani. I love it! It’s so subtle, yet catchy. Classic, yet playful. And the accent finger is just a classic 😉

    • Hi Nusa,
      Yes… Even I get stumped… I look at my Helmer bursting at the seams and think “who will call for me! Who!!!” and sometimes I don’t hear a peep 😉
      I have also tried looking at my surroundings… clothing fabric, toys, home decor for ideas or a ‘feel’ that I want to create… 😀
      Thank you! Glad you like

  • Hi Jo C:
    YOU ARE MY SAVIOUR!!!! THANK YOU sooo much for that link!!!! That is EXACTLY the no-name set I got!!!! Thank you sooo much!
    Hey, did I already say thank you!? 😉

    • Jo C.

      You’re welcome Marta! 🙂

  • Monica

    ZOMG! Jackson is too cute! I have a 22 month old blond Jakson too! 😀 LOL!  … who also dances wildly for no reason at all.  In fact, he watched the video with me and started jammin’.  ( I decided to be weird and spell Jakson a little different.  He’ll hate me later I’m sure, I hate me already! >.< )

    Oh, I luv that CC blue! Yum!

    • Hi Monica,
      LOL! Maybe Jacksons/Jaksons have a dancing gene that comes with the name 😉
      There are quite a few ways to spell Jackson … I’ve even seen it with an “x” 😀
      It can get frustrating when others misspell the name… my name is kind of like that… Marta… but people want to add the “h” for Martha (pet peeve 😉 )
      Thank you! Glad you like the look

  • Hahaha, I love that you called it a mystery color! 😀 I’m just glad someone figured it out (thanks for letting me know, too!) I haven’t even opened the set yet and I’ve already gotten even more polish. Just like a true polish hoarder, haha! 😛 Now this one has a fun art deco feel to it. I’d probably do the stamping in white tho, but as it is, it looks awesome (as always)!

    Your Jackson is sooo adorable! Does he do that all time now, the twirling around and around? I love how he just picks himself up when he falls. A lesser child would be wailing, I think!

    • Hi Carmela,
      I cracked this open because I just couldn’t let the baby blue be left untouched (I was curious about the formula – great- because a lot of baby blues have quite yucky formulas)… anywho, I will gladly pull it out to play with when we do our twin posts in the future 😉
      OHHHHH, this would have been perfect with white stamping!!!! *sigh*
      Yes, Jackson gets into twirl moods and needs a bodyguard while he does his thing 😀 lol
      He is quite the tough little guy… not much makes him cry, though, he is petrified of bubbles and when I blow a bubble with gum… lol (I guess each child is a little different 😀 )

  • Sonal

    i loved the video Marta 🙂 cute &!

    • I have to thank you Sonal,
      Because of your comment I got a chance to re watch this video and go back a few months 😀 Thank you!

      • Sonal

        Awww that’s so sweet of you to say 🙂 the dance is So cute and the!!

  • Kellie Murray

    This looks like it is either Take Me to Your Chateau or Factory Girl. Either way it is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!