Guess Who’s Back… Back Again

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Today we have Gina from SoGuessWhat11 back with us!!!!!

It has already been said (by me like a million times ;) ) that she is my stamping Guru and that each new manicure that she posts on her YouTube chanel inspires me to try a new look or color combination.  I am excited that in addition to her videos, and her friendly conversations on Facebook and Twitter she is now also willing to guest post in ‘written’ form here from time to time :D

Let’s see what she has for us today, shall we? :D

* * * * *

Anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE holo polishes.  I ranted and raved about NfuOh 61 last year.  I bought all of the CG Tronica polishes.  I have grams and grams of Spectraflair to holo anything I want.  Yet I haven’t worn a holo in quite some time, so today I brought them out!

I was feeling kinda like a rockstar with these polishes in my hands, so that’s the theme today.  Here’s the base colors I started with:

CG Techno Teal (from the old Tronica collection), and Nfu Oh! #61

I painted Techno Teal on all of my nails except the ring finger, which I painted with #61.   Two coats of each and my fingers are holo-amazing.  :)

Next, I stamped the teal nails with this plate/polish:

Konad plate M3, Konad Special Polish in White

Then, I stamped the accent nail with the following:

Konad plate m84, Konad Special Polish in Black

Finally a topcoat and you’re all done!

It’s super simple, and really easy to change up with your own favorite colors.  You may not necessarily be able to sing like a rockstar, but you can sure feel like one with these nails!

Thanks again to Marta for the guest post spot!  I hope you all show her some love, because she’s amazing!  :)

* * * * *


Holo, Blue and Awesome!!!!  No wonder you felt like a Rockstar Gina! You ARE ONE (I for one will wait in line for a ticket to each one of your ‘performances’) ;)   It is evident that you have the original version of NfuOh #61 and I’m glad you are wearing it proud :D (unlike my crummy new formula #61 … which coincidentally ;) I wore recreating one of your looks way back when! ;) ).  And, it is nice to see Konad White in action; it appears as though my go to Sally Hansen Whirlwind White has vanished from a 50 km radius from where I live… therefore Konad White will certainly start making frequent appearances on ChitChat Nails.

If you are not yet following SoGuessWhat11 you MUST subscribe to her YouTube chanel :D She is so personable and will take you step by step on how to recreate her gorgeous manicures :D

Do you have a favorite nail polish in your collection? Is it a holographic one?




  • Nailart-Addict

    Oh my what a pretty holo’s! When I see a holo polish my eyes just get stacked to it. I really like the China Glaze holo polishes. But I must admit Teeezz also has some kick ass holo’s. I don’t own any Nfu-oh polishes because i will need to order them on Ebay or something like that. I don’t like that, when I want something I prefer to take it right away with me. ;-)

    • Marta

      Hi Nailart-Addict:
      Aren’t both the holos and the lovely manicure so pretty!!!!
      I have never heard of Teeezz!!! I will have to google them :D I know that Nfu-Oh is quite popular for their holos, but they are changing their forumla and the holo is NOT strong anymore :( (at least in the case of #61). I have been raving about Layla shades because they are SUPER holographic!!!
      I have made a lot of purchases on ebay and like waiting for the packages, but you are right, there is something about seeing the polish in person that helps make more educated decisions :D

  • MariJo Nails

    I love this!!!! It looks amazing!

    • Marta

      Hi MariJo Nails,
      it is quite ROCKER-esque this look isn’t it! I’m glad you, like me, love the look

  • PassionForPolish


    • Marta

      Hi PassionForPolish,
      Yes, Gina did a GREAT JOB!

  • Nuša

    What a BEAUFITUL blue holo! Ö 

    • Marta

      Hi Nusa,
      Yes, the blue holo certainly pulls this look together and adds that rockstar “wow” factor, doesnt it!?

  • Sincerely Stephanie

    Gorgeous blue holo!
    These nails are completely rockin! ;)  

    • Marta

      Hi Sincerely Stephanie,
      I couldn’t agree more with you :D
      Glad you like Gina’s look

  • Carmela

    Holos are always awesome in my book. :) Love the stars and contrasting colors Gina used! Definitely checking out her YouTube channel now. Thanks for the recommendation, Marta! :D

    • Marta

      Hi Carmela,
      You haven’t seen Gina’s youtube chanel yet? Oh you will love it!!!! So many color combination and stamping designs… she totally helps me see images/stamps in a different light :D
      I subscribe to her posts via e-mail because I DO NOT want to miss a post :D

  • GosiaB

    aaah, what a beauty!!!

    • Marta

      Hi GosiaB,
      I’m glad you like Gina’s post.
      If you haven’t already, do check out her tutorial on YouTube… she goes through the stamping process step by step… she has taught me quite a few things to improve my stamping skills HONESTLY!

  • Carmela

    Stars! *notes plate number to ever growing list* This is going to be absolutely glow-y in the sun, for sure. I’ve been on the look out for Whirlwind White, too, but haven’t seen it anywhere. If by some streak of luck I do find it, I’ll be sure to grab you a bottle!