Wanna see my Yellow Polka Dot Bikini?

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Before you continue with today’s post I would advise you to reach for a pair of sunglasses, because today I will be showing you a highlighter-neon yellow which, by the way, photographed quite accurately for me… but it is a bit harmful to sensitive retinas ;)

This is China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini… and I just HAD to get my hands on it after I saw THIS POST by Mary ;)

Because I’m still just getting accustomed to neons and yellows, I worked this shade into accent nails (rather than a full on manicure).

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini is a highlighter yellow, there really is no better way to describe it.  For these photos I applied one coat of Sally Hansen Whirlwind White (which thanks to a sweet reader/friend I now have a stockpile of and don’t have to worry about running out) and two coats of this neon shade.  I will say that the formula on this one was quite runny and therefore tricky to work with).  Though the white base was dry, the neon almost dragged the white below… Moral of the story, gentle hand and patience is key when applying this shade.

Notice how around the edges of the nail this polish is so neon it almost gives off a green tint?!?!

Unlike holographic shades, which are most beautiful in the sunlight, neons are all the more intense in the shade… my accent nails were literally GLOWING!

I did four accent nails this time.  I took the advice of a fellow reader, and on my right hand I painted the ring finger and thumb while my left hand had a neon pinky and pointer finger.  At first I thought this would add to a ‘chaotic’ look, but with two hands side by side the manicure looked funky and uniform.  I LOVE IT! (unfortunately, I didn’t take a two handed photo)

For the rest of the nails I applied two coats of China Glaze Pelican Grey.  The stamping was done with Konad plate m72 (which you might remember was also featured in Monday’s post) and Sally Hansen Black Creme.  I hope you don’t mind me re-using the stamp twice within one week.  I just got this stamp (long lemming of mine) and really couldn’t help but try it again (this way hopefully you see it in a soft manicure as well as a vibrant one).



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  • Carolina Garcia

    So bright!! 
    This is a really fresh manicure for summer!

    • http://www.chitchatnails.com/ Marta

      Hi Carolina,
      I agree… this was bright and blinding :D
      I don’t know if I would wear it as a whole manicure… but certainly stamped or as an accent nail :D

  • Klenz85

    First thing I saw this morning! So awesome :) As usual your eye for combinations and stamping take simple looks to another level. Even with a accent nail you raise the bar.

     I was debating getting a neon yellow again,  since I sold my colour club one last year,  I’m thinking I made a poor choice … (but geeze the formula on that one was SO bad).

     I’m in love with that stamp too! I don’t mind seeing it mutliple times a week. :) Have a great weekend Marta (if not a rainy one) ! 

    • http://www.chitchatnails.com/ Marta

      Hi Klenz85,
      That must have been quite a “BRIGHT” wakeup ;) lol
      I will pick a bottle of this up for you when I’m in nail-polish heaven ;) Neons AND yellows are tricky to work with… so a combo of the two will most likely mean difficult formula… but worth the struggle for a highlighter look ;)

  • http://twitter.com/sincerelynails Sincerely Stephanie

    So fabulous! I love the neon look and I’m allll about doing variations on accent nails! 

    • http://www.chitchatnails.com/ Marta

      Hi Sincerely Stephanie,
      Thank you!!!! This accent nail world is all new to me, but I am loving the journey. I tend to like to have things organized and uniform, but alternating accent nails proved to be sooo fun! ;) Glad you agree

  • http://polishedindulgence.blogspot.com Carmela

    I love how edgy and modern this look is! Different accent nails for each hand sounds like a lot of fun! I’m usually a symmetrical kinda girl but just changing it up like that would make it so different and eye catching, even without the stamping (hello, highlighter yellow!). I also got a highlighter yellow after seeing that post by Mary but I went with Celtic Sun instead of Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. You two are easily my biggest enablers. You should be proud. ;) Hahaha! Happy Friday, Marta! :D

    • http://www.chitchatnails.com/ Marta

      Hi Carmela,
      I tell you, I broke out in a small sweat when doing alternate accent nails (like you, I find comfort in symmetry).
      LOL! Thank you!!! Celtic Sun has a bit of a shimmer right? :D Sounds perfectly whimsical to play with this summer

    • Cristina Impoverished

       Add me to the club of people who purchased a highlighter yellow after reading Mary’s post. My choice was Flip Flop Fantasy, but I was looking at it with Celtic Sun and they looked virtually identical.

      • http://www.chitchatnails.com/ Marta

        Hi Cristina Impoverished,
        LOL… we should form a little team then ;)
        Yes, Celtic Sun and YPDB are dupish enough where both aren’t needed (especially if you don’t reach for neon yellows all to frequently). Celtic Sun seems to have a bit of a shimmer to it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1736359883 Helena Johansson


    • http://www.chitchatnails.com/ Marta

      Hi Helena Johansson,
      Thank you! :D Vibrant with a little ‘funky’ in it :D (that is as funky as I get ;) lol)

  • http://www.lovevarnish.com/ Deborah

    LOVE the yellow!

    • http://www.chitchatnails.com/ Marta

      Hi Deborah,
      Thanks… it is an “in your face yellow” but soo fun!

  • Cristina Impoverished

    I got this yesterday (w/ OPI MBSW) after realizing that I don’t have a neon yellow in my collection. I usually am not a fan of neons, but I do like the way they look in nail art, especially in splatter manis.  I’m surprised at how vibrant and bright it looks. I love your stamping over it, looks awesome!

    • http://www.chitchatnails.com/ Marta

      Hi Cristina Impoverished,
      Yes, once you get into nailart/fun nail looks a neon yellow should be added to the collection. It is SO vivid :D

  • Anya_WackyLaki

    Wow! Thanks for the sunglasses warning. That is certainly bright, but I love it.
    I’m still getting used to neons myself, so an accent nail is the perfect solution :)

    • http://www.chitchatnails.com/ Marta

      Hi Anya_WackyLaki,
      lol! Bright right!?
      Agreed, full on manicures could actually lead to a severe headache ;) but in an accent nail look it was sooo fun! I got a few compliments in stores because it is so eye catching

  • http://twitter.com/NusaPavlic Nuša

    Since school is practically over and I’ve stopped having headaches from it, I can catch up on your blog. :D So be prepared for some comment spam ;)

    And THAT’s what I call intense yellow. Great job keeping it only on one fingernail, otherwise this could have become one bright massacre. I follow a few fashion blogs and neon colors, especially yellow, are a big trendy hit. But I feel like if you wanted to sport a full on neon yellow manicure, you’d have to keep it there, at nothing but a polish. Any kind of nail art, rhinestones, glitter or stamping would just be too much. Or maybe that’s just old-fashioned me. :D  
    In your case, the bright yellow makes grey look REALLY grey, lol! Love how it turned out!

    • http://www.chitchatnails.com/ Marta

      Hi Nusa,
      how I missed your comments!!!! I really did! (no pressure to keep commenting… I’m just saying ;) ).
      Glad to hear that things with this school year are wrapping up and hopefully you have a nice and fun summer with lots of relaxing plans :D

      You are right, neons are in right now and I want to be ‘trendy’. I think full on neon manicures are great on smaller nails… my nail surfaces seem so giant when I sport a full on neon manicure :D I could direct air-traffic ;)

      Glad you liked my spin on this