Nail Glitter- A Review

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Today I have another review for you :D This time it is of a set of 12 various shades and finishes of Nail Glitter from the Born Pretty Store.

The set of 12 glitters retails for $6.45 (remember, with discount code MARTAK31 you get an additional 10% off of your entire purchase).  The Born Pretty Store also offers FREE international shipping

The net weight of glitter is 84g… basically, you are set for life with this set ;) There are SO many in here!

While you get 12 various shades, you do not get a choice of color… but with a dozen little containers, you are bound to get a lovely selection :D

I like how this glitter is all packaged in individual clear tubs.  The containers are great for storage, prevent spillage, and help with usage (read on to learn more).

Though the Born Pretty Store describes these as “Nail Art Mini Round Glitter Sheets” you should note two things:

1.) These are in fact hexagonal in shape (not perfect spheres)

2.) If you are used to glitter polish, these are ‘bigger’ than the average glitter chunk in your nail polish.  I would say 3mm in diameter for the metallic finish glitter and 2mm for the translucent multi-sheen glitter (you get a mixture of both finishes in this set).


To apply, all you need is:

* this glitter

* a topcoat (I used Seche Vite)

* dotting tool/toothpick (for picking up and placing the glitter)

Let your base color dry and pour some of the glitter into the lid.  Having only some of the glitter in the lid helps with picking up the individual glitters with your dotting tool and in turn with speed of application.

Apply topcoat over the surface of the nail where you would like to place the glitter.  Dip your dotting tool/toothpick into some topcoat and pick up one glitter at a time, placing it where desired.  When the whole nail is done, cover the entire surface of the nail with one generous coat of topcoat.

There are a number of ways you could wear this glitter.  I have three ideas for you ;) Two in today’s post (and one more coming tomorrow).

Place your glitter onto your nail to create a pattern (as you would with gems).  For this look I used two coats of Color Club Earthy Angel and one coat of Barbra Colour Alike Czekoladka.  Using the gold glitter I placed three on each nail.

Because of the larger size of this glitter, they reflect light INCREDIBLY well! This is quite a striking look… really fun.

Alternately, you could use the glitter to accent a stamped manicure:

Here I used two coat of OPI Suzy Says Feng Shui stamped with Mash-50 and Sally Hansen Whirlwind White.  I used the translucent white/pink glitter as well as the silver glitter:

The silver glitter looks like I have mirrors on my nails :D So fun and playful.

Overall, I am sooo happy with these.  They are flatter than gemstones, so if you are a picker (or don’t like texture on your nails) this is a better choice.

I will leave a word of caution in saying that my nail surfaces are quite large, so these glitters (though big) are very wearable.  If you have smaller nails, you might want to seek out smaller glitter to better suit your nail surface.

* * * * *

To get your Born Pretty Store set of the 12 Tubs of Nail Glitters click HERE.

Stay tuned for tomorrow… I have one more look to show you, using this glitter… but the options really are endless :D

Hope you found this review helpful!


  • Bunny Nails

    I never thought of using nail glitter like this, very nice manicures!

    • Marta

      Hi Bunny Nails,
      Thank you! I am glad you found this helpful :D
      One more look coming tomorrow ;)

  • Nailart-Addict

    They absolutely look fun! Love what you did with the blue mani.

    • Marta

      Hi Nailart-Addict,
      Thank you!!! It is a nice little bit of extra to add glitter to a stamp ;) This was a ‘busier’ look but it glistened and shimmered sooo nicely!

  • Sincerely Stephanie

    oh wow I love both of these looks! the iridescent glitter is completely fabulous, and having little mirrors on your nail looks well amazing. 
    You always provide so much inspiration with every post! I truly love all of them! 

    • Marta

      Hi Sincerely Stephanie,
      The iridescent glitter was a little flatter than the metallic glitter but both are so wearable :D
      Thank you for your super duper kind words of motivation :D

  • Klenz85

    Neat! I’ve been seeing those glitters on e-bay too, and have been wondering what they were like. I really love the first look, it’s simple but impactful in a demure way. The second look is just plain fun! Suzi Say Feng Shui is one of my old favorites! I really must dig her out again… dare I say I’ve forgot about her? I love it so much.

    • Marta

      Hi Klenz85,
      Well, my dear… soon you will have your own collection to experiment with :D
      I got this shade from a friend of mine, and just now pulled it out to play :D It is a lovely blue for sure!

  • PassionForPolish

    I love, love, love your brown nail design!!

    • Marta

      Hi PassionForPolish,
      Thank you! I think this would be great for an accent nail look or an evening out too :D Glad you like… when I did it, I didn’t want to remove it :D

  • Sheila

    I’m so glad I found your blog!!  I love both of these looks so much! The blue one is absolutely awesome!!!  I must get some of those glitters!!!

    • Marta

      Hi Sheila :D
      Thank you for taking the time to leave an awesome comment! If you get it from the Born Pretty store you can get the whole set (link provided) or pick and choose individual colors. I am glad you found this review helpful. There are also lots of purchase codes available, but you could use MARTAK31 to get 10% off of your entire purchase :D
      Hope it works out for you :D

  • Marta

    Hi Kracked Kat,
    Thank you :D They are quite fun and with 12 shades you have quite a bit to work with :D
    Please keep in mind that my nails are quite wide so these glitters are a nice size. If you have smaller nail surfaces the BornPretty Store has smaller glitter that can be found here:
    Either way, feel free to use my discount code MARTAK31 for 10% off if you decide to take the plunge ;)

  • Deborah

    The mirror like manicure reminds me of a scarf I used to have that contained those little sown in mirrors!

    • Marta

      Hi Deborah,
      :D I totally know what you mean because I believe I own one of them also. Love to look at it … don’t wear it all that often because the sequins keep digging into my neck :D lol

  • Mary

    The glitter looks so pretty in the tubs. I could stare at them for a long time just admiring how they look.

    WOW – the bubbly manicure especially caught my attention. How clever that you used the glitter to accent the stamped design. :) Original and fun, just like you.

    • Marta

      Hi Mary,
      LOL! That is how I felt… it was raining when I went outside to take a photo… and I paused for a few extra moments to take it all in :D
      Thanks for all of your comments !!! :D

  • Nuša

    These glitters are becoming more and more popular in nail blogging world. I wish they’d sell something similar where I live, so I wouldn’t have to order everything online, but your words at the end of the post comfort me. my ridiculously small nails aren’t suitable for these. YES!

    The first mani is so mature, despite the glitter. I imagine an office woman sporting these, that’s how subtle I find it. In a good way, obviously. ;) I mean, there’s two colors and chink glitter, but you’ve managed to keep it simple. 

    The second mani tho!! That is one bubble bath tub playful heaven! I wish you’d add a yellow duck on an accent nail, that’d be hilarious. It is SUCH a playful mani, I can’t get enough of it. There’s so much going on, but it still doesn’t look too much. Gorgeous! 

    • Marta

      Hi Nusa,
      Thank you!
      The first look could also be created just on one accent nail with the rest lighter beige… I chose to do all just to showcase the “idea”. Yes, this glitter is larger, and I believe that Sam from the Nailasaurus used the smaller holographic glitter for her manicures :D That one is much better suited for smaller nails… I may be tempted to try it too soon.
      Yes, unfortunately the BornPrettyStore is all online so you have to have a credit card… their deals are really good though… maybe one day ;)