Gals PRINCESS Stamping Plates:

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I’m very excited to show you a brand new set of stamping plates from Gals Cosmetics!

This set contains 25 plates and over 120 images!!!  Gals Cosmetics actually released TWO sets of plates (25 plates each).  This set is called the PRINCESS SET.

What strikes me the most with this set is the wide range of geometric shaped designs (and you know I’m a sucker for those).

* * *

These plates will be available to purchase on AMAZON next week at an AMAZING price of $12.99!!!!  YUP, $12.99 for all 25 plates!

(at this point in time I do not have a direct link, BUT will edit the post to include the link once it is up).

To see individual plate photos and more manicure shots please read more 😉 …

The plates come in a chic looking black “GALS” box.

The PRINCESS set will have a pink label on the box.

Each plate has a protective backing with pink print:

Each plate will also have a blue protective sheet that must be removed before using the plate.  I am happy to say that these protective covers came off sooo easy and left no gluey residue behind!

Here is the Gals PRINCESS Set up close and personal! I know you are excited 😉

(geometric shapes and a fashionable belt and dress)

(CHECKERS!!!! & the popular houndstooth pattern)

(I really like the fire/barbed wire stamp here… maybe waves?)

(I love the stripes and the pattern on the right)

(how precious is the heart image?!?!?!)

(I can totally see these geometric patterns in B&W)

(check out the fence-like pattern)

(that top pattern is really cool)

(Bubbles & Martini glasses! I like it!)

(love the dots on this one!)

(I actually can see myself using every image on this plate)

(the far right would look really cool with a gradient, no?)

(cherries and a computer! cuuute)

(I like the densely packed dots!… and there is a cat!)

(what a cute envelope- perfect for Valentines day)

(I really like this large cherry)

(a chocolate truffle?! Yuum)

(more stripes, and I actually really like the writing)

(“pop” some geometric shapes for a rainy day 😉 )

(I DO like the frilly half-nail designs)

(*swoon* this plate I LIKE)

(feather and floral)

(the options are endless with this one!!! LOVE)

* * *

From what I have tried so far, these Princes Gals plates are really great to work with.  The grooves aren’t too shallow or too deep so the images transfer nice and crisp.

The only negative that I have with these is that they are a little bit on the ‘short’ side (they are nice and wide – no thumb problems with this set!-, but if I grow my nails any longer the images will be too short).  What saves the set is the half-moon base… so you could always leave the half-moon in and stamp from the tip down.

I DO like the large assortment of whimsical and fun images that are every-day-wear appropriate! AND, I like the fact that there are only TWO ‘tip’ plates (I personally don’t find much use for those).

I tried to test a thin/detailed and a thicker/deeper pattern to show you 😉  I think you will agree that, quality wise, these Gals plates are incredible!

* * *

To create this look I used both a stamping polish, Mash Black, with plate GA23 and a regular shade SOPI Ocean Love Potion with plate GA19.

I hope you found this review helpful 😀

I will keep you posted on when this Gals PRINCESS 25 plate set becomes available on Amazon.

(I will post the second set of plates soon 😉 I promise! YES! Another 25 plates!)

* * * * *

Is there any image(s) that jumped out at you?

What are YOUR thoughts on this set?


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  • Some of these look so fun! Alas, stamping is just too difficult for me! lol!

    And what is that green OPI base you’re wearing? It doesn’t look familiar, but it looks awesome!

    • Oh Angie,
      Stamping is a bit of a learning curve, but it is sooo worth trying 😉
      Do you own a set? I would be more than happy to share some written tricks that help me with stamping if you are at all interested (I hope I’m not overstepping my boundaries here) 😉
      The OPI base is Gargantuan Grape… it is fully opaque in three coats – a brighter mint green cream 😀 (it is part of the continuous line I think so it shouldn’t bee too hard to find 😉 )

      • Oh….I’ve tried stamping! Alas, we were not meant to be! I try again, every once in a while, but I’m just not creative! I can’t come up with color combos, plate combos, etc!

        So its funny…..I OWN Gargantuan Green Grape! lol! I was convinced it wasn’t so light and minty, but I just picked it up, and yup, looks just like this! lol!

  • katzekratz

    nice but no must have for me

    • I don’t know whether it is because I am more immersed in the nail-art
      world now, but plates are sprouting out everywhere and it isn’t just a
      monopoly of a few brands… so now we get to pick and choose what plates
      interest us the most… and that adds to the charm of the nail-art because when we know what we like, we are happier with it 😉
      Maybe the next collection of plates will be nicer 😉

      • katzekratz

        I like the Fairy collection because of the floral pattern 🙂

  • Louise Cook

    A fantastic review as always Marta :). I can’t resist buying anew plate collection do hopefully they will be available in the uk too. I don’t use so many if the geometric stamps so am looking forward to seeing your review of collection 2.

    • Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed this review.
      I will look/inquire about the shipping as well… if not through AMAZON I know the website also offers shipping on these.
      The next collection of plates will be up at noon today and is far more dainty/soft 😉

  • coraline humbert

    perfect review! they seem really great, but I’ve 2 sets of BM plates recently so I’ll wait for these :p I really really love the colors you use <3

    • I’m glad you like this review.
      I don’t know whether it is because I am more immersed in the nail-art world now, but plates are sprouting out everywhere and it isn’t just a monopoly of a few brands… so now we get to pick and choose what plates interest us the most.

      Enjoy your Bundle Monster sets, and know that these are of really high quality also… down the road 😉

  • Natalie B


    • Thank you. I don’t double stamp often… In this case, I’m happy I did

  • Tina Shirbroun

    Marta – thanks so much for for the awesome closeups of each plate! How in the world did you get such good photos? This is a must have set for me since I have been having a stained glass mani floating around in my head for awhile with no idea how best to accomplish it. There! Right there on plate GA8! Dreams do become reality!

    • You are most welcome. I’m glad that you found it helpful.
      I used a lightbox ( a portrait sized one – as that is all I have available at home). The plate was on a black background and the light reflected off of the grooves 😀

      I am always sooo pleased to see / hear what image people were drawn to. I’m glad that you pointed GA8 out to me. Your vision sounds amazing! 😀

  • Anya_WackyLaki

    Thank you for the closeup shots of the plates! Wonderful review of the collection and I love the manicure and layering you’ve done 🙂

    • Thank you so much! It is always so sweet to hear that a post was helpful/appreciated by others.
      I need to do double-stamping more often. I liked how this came out

  • Christine Steiner

    So stunning!!! You finally tempted me into trying stamping!!! Glad that they become available on Amazon!!! I will order this set as I as well prefer geometric patterns!!! Thanks for sharing <3

    • Wow, You will love stamping! Once you start stamping, you won’t ever turn back 😉 Please be sure to get a stamper and scraper (as these sets do not come with one) and some opaque polish to stamp with 😀
      This is sooo exciting- I’m excited for/with you 😀

  • I love all the Geometric & triangles designs in this set… Of the 2 I think I like this one better, but they both look awesome!

    • Hmmmm, that doesn’t surprise me 😉
      I think you have a knack at working that one triangle stamp (that I have yet to try)… Christmas is just around the corner 😉

  • Geometric stamps are my favourite! I really like all the designs in this set and might be wishlisting it for christmas! 🙂

    • Yaay! 😉 at 12.99 it is a steal of a price 🙂

  • GosiaB

    Ooooohhhhh I’m drooling!!! I have so many plates already but these look fantastic!!! Will be buying for sure!!

    • Gosiu Gosiu Gosiu,
      There is NO such thing as too many plates! 😉 You would love both sets! 🙂

  • Vanessa

    what OPI colour did you use? it’s gorgeous!
    [your review also made me want to get these plates! I love the geometric designs, but T haven’t even gone through all my bm plates yet…]

    • The OPI shade that I used was Gargantuan Grape (part of the Core line).
      Oh, I still have soo many untried plates myself. The only thing that I would say, and I am guilty for being an enabler for this, I hope the plates don’t go up in price (we saw it with the Mash Plates that started out at 12.99 and each month went up a dollar or so)… it is better to get them early in case the prices go up (I have NOT heard that the prices of these are expected to go up BUT other brands have done it)…

  • I love the mani you did, but I am more of a floral girl, so I am not sure I’d get this set!

    • the other set is definitely more floral and soft – at first I didn’t see the difference (I’m slow… or maybe I was overwhelmed with 50 designs)… but now there is a distinct difference 😉

  • Sonal

    I do want these plates 🙂 do they do it to India? Even if they do there are quite some complications with the shipping 🙁

  • selqiao

    omg i am so interesting in this set. it awesome