Gals FAIRY Stamping Plates

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I’m very excited to show you a brand new set of stamping plates from Gals Cosmetics!

EDIT: Now available on Amazon HERE!

This set contains 25 plates and over 120 images!!!  Gals Cosmetics actually released TWO sets of plates (25 plates each). (I reviewed the PRINCESS set HERE).

This set is called the FAIRY SET.  To me, this set is full of dainty/delicate images as well as a number of really fun seasonal/event images 😀

* * *

These Gals FAIRY plates will be available to purchase on AMAZON next week at an AMAZING price of $15.99!!! Yup, $15.99 for all 25 plates.

(at this point in time I do not have a direct link, BUT will edit the post to include the link once it is up).

To see individual plate photos and more manicure shots please read more ;)

The plates come in a chic looking black “GALS” box.

The FAIRY set will have a blue label on the box.

Each plate has a protective backing with green print:

Each plate will also have a blue protective sheet that must be removed before using the plate.  I am happy to say that these protective covers came off sooo easy and left no gluey residue behind!

Without further ado, here is the Gals FAIRY set 😉

(I’ve been looking for a ‘squiggly’ design like this one!!)

(animal print, delicate print AND holiday trees = win, win, win)

(look at all the delicate/floral designs)

(I actually like the far left and the little designs here)

(yummy, how delish is this ice-cream cone!)

(great tossup between delicate and geometric)

(soda pop at the zoo? 😉 )

(snowmen among delicate florals)

(far left makes me think of science!)

(LOVE the slanted geometric design)

(I’m totally thinking of Eileen TheSneakerette with this shoe stamp)

(how fun are these!!!?)

(Love the feathers… and another kitty)

* * *

* * *


(this plate totally has the HOLIDAY SPIRIT)


(geometric and seashells 😀 )

* * *


(love the butterflies on the left- perfect for my daughters’ small nails)

(me likes the top one and the far right one 😉 )

(top secret and magnifying glass 😉 CUUUTE)

(these are so versatile)

(some of these aren’t necessarily tip images)

From what I have tried so far, these FAIRY Gals plates are really great to work with.  The grooves aren’t too shallow or too deep so the images transfer nice and crisp.

The only negative that I have with these is that they are a little bit on the ‘short’ side (they are nice and wide – no thumb problems with this set!-, but if I grow my nails any longer the images will be too short).  What saves the set is the half-moon base… so you could always leave the half-moon in and stamp from the tip down.

I DO like the large assortment of whimsical and delicate images (there is also only one true ‘tip’ plate- yaay).

This time I wanted to test a thin/detailed pattern to see if the pattern will show well ;)   I think you will agree that, quality wise, these Gals plates are incredible!

* * *

To create this look I used Essie Good as Gold with GA33 and GA28.  (My base is Sally Hansen Real Royal)

I hope you found this review helpful :D

I will keep you posted on when this Gals FAIRY 25 plate set becomes available on Amazon.  Amazon will most likely only make it available to US residents, BUT it will be available internationally through

EDIT: Amazon is NOW selling these plates, to purchase your set, click HERE!

* * * * *

Is there any image(s) that jumped out at you?

What are YOUR thoughts on this set?


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  • Natalie B

    Gorgeous! Love how you use these plates!

    • Thank you VERY much

  • Samantha

    i really like some of the images,an u always come up with great manicures .Ive been needin a plate with numbers (an one with letters) do you know of any besides this one?

    • I’m glad you like this post- thank you. I DO know that KONAD sells plates with letters on them. I buy my konad products through (check out plate M17 and M18)

  • Anya_WackyLaki

    I will have to get both sets. There is just no use resisting after your closeup shots of each plate…. I think I like this one more than the Princess set though. Love the delicate patterns so much more than geometric ones 🙂

    • LOL, you are too sweet! I know you would create some amazing manicures with them and the designs are quite versatile.
      I tend to like the geometric patterns in the summer, and the soft one ins the fall/winter… is that weird? 😉

  • Christine Steiner

    …. or should I take this one???? Or both????

    • LOL! At first glance I thought the two sets of plates were a bit redundant, but now I see that they are in fact very different “soft” for the Fairy set and “geometric” for the Princess set

  • Wow ! I love these plates. My personal favourite is the full images, find them easier to use personally. ♥ Really tempted to buy these now !

    • The full images are definitely easier to ‘aim’ with onto the nail surface.

      LOL, I am a fan of sets at a decent price and I think these are well priced for a set of 25 plates ;D

  • The plates look great and your mani is stunning loving the gems too 😀 it hink i may have to purchase these, hoping you , peter and the kiddles are good

    • Hi Jo!
      Thank you for the sweet comment. These plates would be perfect for your lovely nails. Great price for them also.

      We are doing well, thank you- it is starting to get chilly here in Canada.

  • Wow waaaaay cool!! I will be checking these out for sure 🙂

    • I actually thought you might like these when I looked through them.

  • I LOVE the umbrella stamp! So cute!

    • LOL! I kind of skipped over that one but it would be fun to play around with 😀

  • katzekratz

    I like them more then the other line…

    • These are definitely softer and a bit more ‘enchanting’ than the geometric based Princess set

  • They look amazing! I also love your stampycure just perrrrrfect

  • lexissarah

    Oh, there’s an adorable elephant stamp! My little girl is mad about elephants and would probably cry with joy if I could give her elephant stamped nails. I love all of the whimsical curls in this set.

  • awesome design!

  • Irena

    When i looked at all the plates i just thought “omg omg omg” 🙂 And your manicure…just fabulous 😉

  • Ooh, these are totally up my alley. Only thing I do not get is why the Fairy plates are $ 16 and the Princess ones $ 13?

  • Im getting so anxious for these……….ughhh!!!!!!!!