KBShimmer Winter 2012 -PART 2

Hello Lovely Ladies,

As promised here is the remaining 6 shades of the 9 lacquer KBShimmer Winter 2012 collection.

You can find PART one, consisting of the clear-base glitters HERE.

* * *

Christy, the mastermind behind KBShimmer, says: “When creating my winter collection, I was inspired by the holiday season, cold weather, and my childhood.Β  You can definitely feel the Holiday spirit in these festive shades! πŸ˜€

The KBShimmer Winter collection will be available through Harlow & Co on Nobember 15 at 12pm EST and 8pm EST.

These will retail at $9.00 / bottle.

Please read on for more swatches (caution, post is heavy on the photos) πŸ˜€

Snow Way!

KBShimmer: “A sky blue base with white “snow” glitters and tiny iridescent glitters that flash blue complete my attempt to mimic a winters day. The white glitters in this polish like to clump together, shake well before use. Snow Way! works best in three thin coats with a two coats of top coat. Let dry between coats for smoothest application”

(three coats for full opacity)

While I applied three coats for these swatches, the next time I intend on layering this polish over a pastel blue.

I’m a sucker for pale/pastel blues and the white glitter peeking through all of the layers is magical… it is like standing on a clear snowy day and gazing up at the falling snowflakes.Β  B-E-A-UTIFUL!Β  Definitely a top pick for me!

* * * *

Berry Christmas:

KBShimmer: “A cranberry red polish loaded with micro red glitters in several shades. Berry pink and purple glitter offer depth and sparkle, and a hint of gold tops it off. This polish sparkles so much in person! This polish does eat top coat, so you will probably need two coats for a smooth look. Letting the polish dry well between each coat before applying top coat will help, so will using something like Gelous before a quick dry top coat.”

(this is two THIN coats… almost a one coater)

This is a berry-toned red shade with SPUNK!Β  I was wowed by this one to be quite honest.Β  What passes as a red-ish shade at first glance has a fuschia glistening sheen to it with amazing purple specks of interest.Β  This one took me by surprise and ended up in my “favorites from this collection” pile πŸ˜€

* * * *

Sugar Plum Faerie:

KBShimmer: “A soft plum violet crelly (creamy jelly) with berry colored holographic glitters in different sizes, a scattering of purple glitters along with lime holographic glitters shines and shimmers in the light. This purple polish is packed with glitters, and looks best with a coat or two of top coat.”

(three coats)

I have to say that the color combination in this polish is genius! The glitter is more delicate (no giant chunks present here) so it would be perfect for someone just starting the love for indie-shades.Β  Dainty and delicate… real pretty

* * * *

Hex Appeal:

KBShimmer: “A navy jelly base with magenta holographic, silver, and blue hex glitter. Tiny micro bar glitter adds a bit of pop. This one reminds me of New Years Eve and confetti floating in Times Square. Due to the heavy glitter load, might appear thick. I have layered this polish over black, and one layer looks stunning, with all the glitters just popping!”

(this is three coats – two would be semi opaque/jelly)

* tee-he-he… how cute is the name of this polish!?*

This one truly shimmers!!!Β  The deep navy blue paired with the metallic finish glitters creates a starry-night feeling.Β  This became my second favorite from the collection.Β  I can see myself revisiting this one over and over in accent nail manicures.Β  You have to see this one in person!!! AMAZEBALLS!

* * * *

Cocoa Nut:

KBShimmer: “A chocolate brown polish loaded with berry colored glitter in several shades of pink. Micro gold adds a hint of shimmer and shine. Inspired by chocolates truffles filled with raspberries, this polish will make you crave chocolate. Best in two or three coats with a good top coat, this polish is sure to be a treat for your eyes.”

(two coats)

I am surprised I didn’t drink the entire contents of this bottle.Β  I love the name of this polish as it combines my two favorite treats: chocolate and ANYTHING coconut πŸ˜‰Β  On the nail, this polish is unique and mesmerizing- the glitters are a perfect match for this brownstone base polish.

* * * *

All Decked Out:

KBSHimmer: “For me, one of the best things about Christmas is decking out the tree with colored lights and topping it with my favorite star topper. This polish is my version of a trimmed Christmas Tree. A deep forest green is loaded with a mix of colored hexes in various sizes, gold holographic hexes, and a scattering of gold holographic stars. Please note, as there is only one star on a tree, the star glitters in this polish are intended to be scattered throughout the polish, and you may not get one on each nail. Shaking the bottle and pulling the brush straight up may help the stars come out.”

(two coats)

It is no secret that I am not all too keen on green nail polish.Β  That being said, this polish truly captures the essence of a decked Christmas tree; the deep murky green and the illuminating glitter definitely create the lit-up-Christmas-tree look. AND while there are star glitters throughout this polish, I am happy to hear that they are intended to be sparse – so getting one is the “treat”… no starry treat for me this time, but that didn’t stop my nails from feeling the holiday spirit.

* * * *

Just to recap,

You may purchase the KBShimmer Winter collection lacquers through Harlow & Co on Nobember 15; original launch at 12pm EST and re-stock/re-launch again at 8pm EST.

These will retail at $9.00 / bottle.

* * * *

What are your thoughts on these?
Do you like learning about the nail polish name, and how it came to be?


* * products sent for review consideration * *
  • I’m loving berry xmas and coco nut…such DEPTH <3

    • Right!!! These shades have sooo much character and visual interest

  • I really like this collection, I’m going to purchase most of them (I hope, I can get all I want)

    • I’d love to hear how you fared! Did you get the ones you were after?

      • All but one, Sugarplum Fairy was already sold out after three minutes. But I got six of them, including Hex Appeal and Snow Way, my favorites.

  • whoa! my gosh these are stunning , trying to work out how much I may need to save to buy these beauties , my favourite here is Cocoa Nut and my fav on you is Berry Christmas Wow again awesome collection πŸ˜€

    • LOL… fro what I hear you’ve been good this year so Santa shouldn’t protest too much when shlepping these under your tree πŸ˜‰

  • OK Hex Appeal is amazing. They are all amazing. Damn you and your creating lemming skills woman. πŸ˜‰

    • LOL! Hex Appeal is an awesome shade with a pretty spunky name πŸ˜€ What is there not to like πŸ˜‰ Hope you get your hands on these soon

  • beautiful swatches! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you πŸ˜€

  • carolingq

    Your swatches are amazing Marta, I adore this collection!

    • Thank you. I agree with you this is a lovely collection

  • O wow ! Gorgeous collection ! My favourite is Snow Way (swoon ) so pretty !

    • You and me both! The depth in this one has so much depth with the white glitter peeking through

  • TheSwatchingSprite

    I think they’re all quite pretty. The first two really caught my attention, though, not even sure why exactly.

    • Aren’t they great!? πŸ˜€
      Snow Way! is my absolute favourite of this collection πŸ˜€

  • Lou is Perfectly Polished

    What a beautiful collection. Gorgeous swatches πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, the shades present themselves- they are all so pretty!

  • Jamie Willett

    It’s impossible to pick a favorite out of this group!!!

    • I agree… All of these glisten sooo nicely IRL… a photo can’t capture the ‘life’ that these shades have

  • Oh my, I love them all. β™₯ Great swatches!

    • WOW!!!! Coming from this you is the highest of compliments! Truly, I’m a huge fan girl of yours πŸ˜€ Thank you SO much!

  • Christine Steiner

    So very beautiful. Unfortunately my favorites were gone twice by the Time I could make it to check Harlow’s site – oh bother it is what it is :-P. I will admire them from afar :-)))

    • Oh I’m so sorry. I know that Harlow and Co will be working on their availability. They have never imposed bottle limits/customer but from here on in they will- that way more people can have access to their choices πŸ˜‰

      I hope they will go for sale again, and it will be your turn to claim a few pretties πŸ˜€

  • Snow Way and All Decked Out are perfect!

    • Snow Way is my favourite also! Next time I will layer it as it is quite sheer πŸ˜‰ Over a pale blue it will be nice!