Joby Nail Stickers!

Hello Lovely Ladies,


You know that I have recently been into water decals, well today I have another way to use decals (and this one does not require any water!) πŸ˜‰

You see, I have been given the privilege of reviewing a set of Jobi Nail Art stickers:

I have used nail stickers before but found that they peeled quickly and would raise significantly from the nail to make them feel awkward…

… Well, these ARE different.Β  Aside from the little silver gem/glitters, these decals rest flat against the nail and are virtually undetectable to the touch.Β  They also stay on really well.Β  Two days of wear and not a single one was lifting (I had to remove the manicure at that point for an unrelated reason).

This set contains 24 nail stickers (in various sizes) and retails for $4.19 (EDIT: on SALE now for $2.99)

Black Jewelry Design Collection – 3 Flowers with Swirls SKU# JW-06

How to apply:

* Lift decal from the backing with fingers or tweezers (I worked with tweezers)

* Place on your bare/painted-but-dry nail.

* Press down firmly.

* Cover with topcoat.


To create this look I sponged the tips of my nails with Color Club Meet Take Me To You Chateau and then with Ozotic Sugar-903.Β  After applying the Joby Nail Art decals, I added one coat of Seche Vite over the entire nail (decal included).

I really love how these turned out! I couldn’t stop looking at my nails (I think my sister and friends got a few photo text-messages of these nails over the course of two days, lol).

And now for the even better part!!!!

Jobi Nail Art sent me a second package of decals for a


(the PRIZE)

How to Enter:

Leave a comment with:

1. Your name and email

2. I always ask you a question, this time it is YOUR turn to as ME a question! You ask it, I shall answer.Β  It can be nail polish related or not. Serious or silly.Β  What do you want to know about me? ASK AWAY!

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* This contest is open internationally!

* One comment/question per person please ;) (only the first comment will be counted towards the giveaway).

* This is a Blitz GIVEAWAY, and it will end on November 18th 2012 (at midnight).Β  ONE winner will be announced shortly thereafter (that person will then have 48 hours to claim their prize, or another winner will be chosen).

Please feel free to share this post (spread the word ;) ).Β  Thank you!


Joby Nail Art is not a newcomer to the nail art trend. Β They have been around since 2003, is a place where you will find a variety of nail art products for your nail design needs. At JOBY nail art they strive to offer quality service and quality products for both the nail professional and the general consumer. Whether your preference is fun and funky with glitter nail art, gold nail art or flower nail art or a bit more modest, we are sure to have something for your style. Try out the latest trends with lace nails or do something new with 3D nail art supplies. Whatever your nail style may be, JOBY nail art gives you the freedom to make your statement. They offer how-to videos make applying the decals simple and hassle free so you will have beautiful nails in no time.
Check our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on new products, promotions and nail designs.

* * product sent for review consideration * *
  • Carrie B

    This is exactly why I don’t like wearing decals. I hate the raised bump feeling on my nails I usually reserve them for my toes. I would love to try these out!

    1. Carrie B email: polishinsomnia

    2. What is your go to polish color?

    3. Following your blog via email and on twitter / @ckgurly

    • My go to polish color changes with the season. In the spring/summer I am really into pastels. Now it is taupe (Like China Glaze Below Deck or OPI Berlin There Done That). I would reach for those shades if I need a quick mani without much effort πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for entering the Giveaway.

  • Christine Steiner

    A very Marta-esque mani – i.e. swooped straight to my try-out list. So far that’s the one nail-art effect that I muster -LOL.
    Question: do you have a “weak” hand or handle painting both as easy?
    I follow you via Instagram and Twitter (mausishuffle) and through Bloglovin (Polished Marvels)
    My e-Mail:

    • Aside from the swatches that I have recently been showing on my blog, the manicures that I show are ones that I paint on both hands and then enjoy as I go about my day. I have never gone out of the house with one hand painted and the other not πŸ˜‰ I would say that my dominant hand (painted by my left hand) looks just like my left hand quality wise. (The only two manicures where that was NOT the case is the Grinch manicure and the “Little Critter” manicure that were both freehanded…

      Thank you for entering the Giveaway.

  • Giovanna

    I love this manicure, it’s so subtle and elegant!

    1. Giovanna I. Croccia:

    2. What’s your favorite kind of art?

    3. Following your blog via blogger and instagram @EdC_Nails

    • Wow.

      In terms of art and nail-art I really like abstract and geometric shapes. Most of the decor in our home consists of earth toned geometric shaped paintings and nick-knacks. I am smitten with any kind of art though really. I think it is incredibly awesome the talent that people on this planet posses- I’m just wowed!

      Thank you for entering the Giveaway.

  • Stacy Plowman-Pennock

    Gah!! OMG, SPLATS!! I love those stickers because they immediately made me think of your KBS Oh, Splat! manicure which I still LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
    1. Stacy Pennock,
    2. If you could only paint your nails one color (Gasp, the horror!!) for the REST OF ETERNITY, what color (read: color family, i.e. pinks or reds, etc) would you choose and (2 questions in 1!) does your all time favoritest polish ever fall in that color family?
    3. I follow you all the ways! πŸ™‚

    • (I’m so glad you remembered my Oh Splat! manicure) … these stickers made me think of that manicure also πŸ˜€

      hmmm… assuming that I could only paint my nails ONE color for the rest of my life, I would make it beige…. I’m getting older πŸ˜‰ and while my current favourite shade is baby-blue I can’t see myself in my 60s with blue nails πŸ˜‰ So beige it is.

      My all time favourite polish is China Glaze “Below Deck”… gosh, I relax when I see that color and it is chic IMO. Yup, huge fan of that taupe

      Thank you for entering the Giveaway.

  • Irena

    1. Irena PoΕΎin
    2.Which celebrity would you love to do a fabulous manicure and what would you do? 2in1 question πŸ™‚
    3. I follow you via Bloglovin
    Thank you for this great giveaway and todays manicure looks great as always πŸ˜‰

    • What a COOL question!

      I looove watching the Ellen DeGeneres show. I would totally love to paint her nails!!!! She has such a neat fashion sense and I could see myself painting an accent nail that matches her scarf, or her socks πŸ˜‰ Plus, while I was painting I am sure I would enjoy chatting to her- she has a great fun spirit πŸ˜€

      Thank you for entering the Giveaway.

      • Irena

        I guess it would be very hard to paint her nails while laughing πŸ˜€

  • Esther

    Esther Clayton
    2. How old do you think is too young to be avidly involved with nails?
    3. I get emails when you post, I guess gmail?
    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

    • ooooh, that is a neat question.

      I have two daughters (three and five) and I paint their nails as a special treat. I have been painting their nails ever since they stopped putting their hands in their mouth πŸ˜‰ (on occasion).

      I think as long as nail polish and nail painting stays a hobby (rather than an all-encompassing obsession) it is okay at any age. I think the blogging/nail painting community is a fun one, and it can teach you many skills and help you socialize with people that have a common interest. Family, school and responsibilities first, then painting πŸ˜‰ … I may have taken this question too far πŸ˜‰ In short, no age is too early, as long as it is done in moderation and with ‘age appropriateness’ πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for entering the Giveaway.

      • Esther

        thanks for answering Marta! I love doing nails and pretty much anything to do with nail art, including reading your blog! Keep doing what you love!

  • Zara SarΓ©n

    These looks so cute!

    1. I’m Zara and can be reached at

    2. I’m always curious to find out what nail polish bloggers do outside the nail polish world (if there is one). Do you work, if so what kind of job do you have?

    3. I follow via bloglovin and instagram!

    • Good Question πŸ˜€

      I went to school to study Psychology and Social Work. I even worked in the field for just over one year (with young offenders and first time adult offenders). But then my husband and I decided to start a family and I now work part time as a porter at the hospital and tend to our three children. When they are all in school, I would love to refresh my studies just a little and work in Human Resources or do some Social Work again.
      (that was a bit of a winded answer- sorry πŸ˜‰ )

      Thank you for entering the Giveaway.

      • Zara SarΓ©n

        That was a great answer! Thanks πŸ™‚

  • rn t

    WOW the splats are so cute!!

    2. What’s your favourite food? πŸ™‚

    3. I follow via GFC

    • oh that is a tough one!

      I will interpret food as something that means meal (rather than my must-eat-at-least-once-a-day chocolate obsession) πŸ˜‰ I LOVE pizza! Any kind!!! The options/toppings on pizza are limitless and I love any combo πŸ˜‰ Plus, the kids like pizza too so it is a nice way to cook together and eat together πŸ˜€

      Thank you for entering the Giveaway.

  • Cibele Arruda

    1: Cibele A. my email is

    2: What would you rather do 30 days without buy any polishes or 30 days without paint your nails?

    3: I follow you via GFC πŸ™‚

    • Neat Question,

      I would definitely go on a No-Buy πŸ˜€ I have a giant collection of polish, and a lot of shades that I wouldn’t mind revisiting (even over and over) so that would be much easier on me. And while I like to be on top of what is trending nail-polish wise, I rarely see a shade that I MUST jump on right away… so yeah, I’d last the 30 days on a no-buy πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for entering the Giveaway.

  • This is beautiful Marta! Love the whole look πŸ™‚

    The splats for the giveaway stickers are adorable! Love them!


    Would you rather give up coffee for a month or give up painting your nails?

    • LOL, tricky question BUT JAVA trumps polish… it really does!

      With three little kids chatting off my ear, and dropping everything that is not perma-mounted πŸ˜‰ I need my Java to keep up. While I love painting my nails, I’m not bothered by them being nekkid (I’m on day three of nekkid nails…) πŸ˜€ After the month was up I would most likely pour polish into the java just to get my fill though πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for entering the Giveaway.

  • Ana Santos

    I just love your nails and the stickers! I want them so bad!
    Name: Ana Santos
    Question: Do you have any tip to make your nail polish dry faster?

    • When I first learned to paint my nails (as a young girls πŸ˜‰ ) I was taught to apply thin coats (if that means doing two coats over one then that is what I do). So I apply my polish in thin coats (which helps the polish itself settle faster). I then reach for my TOP favourite topcoat “Seche Vite”. This topcoat leaves my nails glossy and they are literally fully dry in 5 minutes. I could crawl into bed and wake up with no sheetmarks. I have three little children, so this topcoat is my must-have lifesaver πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for entering the Giveaway.

  • Another gorgeous mani ! Wow these stickers look so versitile !
    Lynette Strydom my email –
    Any special tips on how you keep your nails and cuticles so stunning ? Any special base coats / oils or lotions ?
    I follow you on Twitter β™₯

    • Thank you for entering the Giveaway.

      My cuticles have improved sooo much since using Lemony Flutter once/day before bedtime. I used to ‘cut’ my cuticles *gasp, I know* , but now I use a cuticle remover (Sally Hansen).

      For my basecoat, I recently switched from OPI Nail Envy to Essie Grow Fast and I loooove the Essie much more. Less chipping, stronger nails. No staining.

      I did a post on my nail/cuticle routine here:

  • Jamie Willett

    1. Jamie Willett –
    2. What was the first polish you fell in love with, or which polish started the obsession?
    3. I follow via Bloglovin!

    • Hmmmm…

      The very first polish that I ever owned was a sheer/shiny blue shade that was a special gift because I was “old” enough to wear polish with ‘color’… I loved it for the reason that it showed my ‘passage into young-lady’ πŸ˜‰ lol

      But if I were to really reflect on what shade started the obsession I would say that it was a black Wet n’ Wild shade. When I was able to see black as chic and trendy (rather than Gothic- I really had a very sheltered upbringing πŸ˜‰ ) THAT IS WHEN the doors to nail-color options opened up to me. Browns, blues and greens followed shortly after πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for entering the Giveaway.

      • Jamie Willett

        The first polish that hooked me in was light blue creme!

  • Kayla Angus

    1..Kayla Angus –
    2..For my quesstion to you I would like to know how long do you typically wear a manicure for until changing polish. And how much time do you spendapprox doing a new manicure?
    3..I follow via Bloglovin and Pinterest

    • Thought it might be hard to believe, the manicures that I do wear and enjoy I try to keep on for at least 4 days. My daily routine usually results in tipwear an minor chips after 3-4 days. I do NOT like chipping manicures (in fact, I feel tense and itchy when I see chipped polish – an OCD like reaction). So, I aim to wear a loved manicure for 4 days but if it chips before that I either touch it up OR remove it. I am able to post so often because I swatch my product reviews and only wear a selection of what you see out… I usually will mention if it is a look that I am wearing or just swatching πŸ˜€ Thank you for your sweet question.

      New manicures take me about 30 minutes (that includes stamping and any additional accent stuff). I usually spend my ‘dull’ moments pondering up a new manicure so when it is time to paint I have the idea and I just execute it πŸ˜‰

  • This mani is sooooo lovely ! πŸ˜€

  • Rebecca Hill

    Hi there! I’m Rebecca and I follow via BlogLovin’ as well as via email. My email address is rn_hill(at)hotmail(dot)com

    My question for you is… when you put your pants on in the morning, do you put your right leg, or your left leg, in first? LOL!

    On a polish related note, how many lovely little bottles are now in your collection?

    • LOL love your sense of humour… I snorted out loud when I read your question πŸ˜€ Thank you for that.

      I believe my LEFT leg always goes in first (creature of habit)… I haven’t counted my stash in a while but it was 350 last time… I am afraid I am approaching 400 these days! GASP

  • Guest

    Hi Hunni , I follow you on all platforms (stalker much!) lol anyways , I would like to know How long does it take for you to create your materpieces? (just the manicure) Hope your well xx

    • LOL, you are so sweet to call it a MasterPiece.
      I will admit that I spend ‘dull’ moments of my day “thinking up” a manicure idea so that when it comes to painting I have all of my shades picked out etc. From basecoat to topcoat I would say 30 minutes… especially when I do stamping the drying-time is what takes up the most time. I am fortunate enough to be able to paint my nails without much ‘cleanup’ needed… I usual only touch up 3-4 nails with acetone (honestly)… so that helps a LOT too πŸ˜€

  • Dont know what happened then but the post below is moi!

  • If you were stranded on an island, what polish would you prefer to have on your nails that you didn’t think you would get tired of looking at for weeks/months on end?!

    I always love your posts!


    • Oh gosh! That would have to be PERIDOT by Chanel. While Below Deck is my all time favorite it is a cream but pretty standard. Peridot is duochrome and shimmery and quite high-class for me so it would help me feel like a princess stranded on a secluded island πŸ˜‰ lol

  • Sara Thornton

    Sara Thornton –

    As someone just starting out it’s really hard to get a grasp on what these professional nail artists are doing to get their mani’s so perfect. I get using pure acetone with a brush, don’t push polish to the cuticle, practice, etc. But why don’t my brushes work the trick? What stiffness do I even need the bristles to be because any small nail art angled brush I have seems to be too soft. Where exactly/what name of brush do you use to clean up your cutes?

    • How sweet are you to put me in the ‘professional nail artist’ group. I’m so flattered.

      I am probably the worst to ask that question to because my brush was purchased at the local dollar store (it doesn’t have a number/bristle code or anything). I would be happy to send you a photo / short video of it via email if you would like.
      My bristles are quite stiff as it is a white bristle art (as in painting) brush. I have heard of a lot of ladies using eyebrow brushes. The trick is to leave a natural line by the cuticles (because if the cuticle line is flooded with polish it will be touch to remove the polish from the cuticle area)… So I leave a 1-2mm line while I paint, and then just use the brush to make that line rounder. I also use the brush-acetone method BEFORE I apply topcoat which helps with the removal of unwanted polish (In fact, the removal is easiest while the polish is still fairly wet)… so you might find that working one nail at a time is best: Paint, and work the acetone brush while polish is still wet.

      I am so sorry I couldn’t be of more help

  • Love the decals. I am so inspired by you to do saran wrap mani (I tried my hands on it and believe me I am in love with it :))

    b/w my question: My nails are very weak and they chip a lot during winters. What should I do to avoid chipping?

    • I’m soooo glad you tried the saran-wrap manicure! I am itching to do another one soon myself πŸ˜€ They are so fun and relatively easy right!? πŸ˜€

      I have found that two things help (though the winter months are horrible on my nails also).
      I am using Essie Grow Faster to keep my nails strong AND I use Lemony Flutter nightly to moisturize the nail and cuticle area… I hope this helps πŸ˜€
      ps. It is also key to keep your nails at a length/shape that is manageable for YOU and your lifestyle

      • Yeah Saran Wrap is total fun! Thanks for the suggestions Marta πŸ™‚

  • Γ…sa Larsson

    Γ…sa Larsson
    Your favourite nail polish ever?
    I follow you on my blog.

    • My favourite nail polish to WEAR is “Below Deck” by China Glaze
      My favourite nail polish in my STASH is “Peridot” Chanel because it was a gift from my hubby, my first Chanel anything AND the most expensive varnish I own… it is also symbolic of how far my ‘taste’ in polish has gone for a girl who used to only wear pinks and nudes πŸ˜‰

  • Raquel Mason

    I really enjoy your blog, your nails are stunning. I so enjoy reading your blog. My nails are peeling beyond the free edge, any suggestions?

    • I have read somewhere that basecoats/nail treatments are a great way to cure that problem BUT that each person may respond well to different brands/kinds of basecoats so you have to shop around/test a few before you find the one that works for you. I used to use OPI “Nail Envy” which is raved about by many… it worked for a while to keep my nails from peeling (and I too have this issue- bad). Then Nail Envy seemed to stop working. I now use Essie Grow Faster and it really seems to work/help… It seems to have a thicker consistency so it feels like it is penetrating the nail to help (this could also all be in my head πŸ˜‰ ).

      I ALSO use a nail buffing block… once my nails peel I buff the nail to give it one smooth edge (that way there are no visible ridges under the varnish). I featured my buffing block in this blogpost:

      I hope this helps πŸ˜‰

  • Louanne Fredericks

    I really love how your nails are still stain-free even though you paint them all the time! Whats your secret to it?

    My email address is louanne(dot)f86(at)gmail(dot)com and I follow you via WordPress.

    • I have two things that have helped me with that. I ALWAYS always use a basecoat. Secondly, I use a nail-buffer maybe once/week once/two weeks and buff-out the stains. The buffer is a simple buffing block… I featured it a long time ago in this post:

      I hope this helps πŸ˜€

  • Sonal

    Hello Marta!! This is Sonal and I follow you on instagram, I am nails_ junkie and my email id is

    My question to you is, how did Peter propose you? Did he woo you by gifting you your fav.polish collection?

    • What a sweet question.
      Peter is my highschool sweetheart. My first real boyfriend turned into my husband. We dated since we were 15. When I was 22 (yes, 7 years later) we were up at a cottage that we rented annually with our siblings… He was away on business and missed the first few days of the cottage. He arrived late in the evening mid-week of our vacation… but he brought a little gift for me (I was clueless). He was actually so nervous that he locked his keys in his car (his parents had to drive down 2 hours to help us unlock it LOL). BUT, he took me out on the beach (private beach so there was no one there). It was pitch black and we sat on a giant log that drifted up onto the beach. It was so dark that it took me a moment to realize that he was on one knee and proposing. I was elated to say the least. We had to walk back to the cottage for me to actually see the ring he chose for me πŸ˜€ BUT, it was a lovely time to propose as we still had 4 days of relaxation with our siblings to enjoy the moment before we got back to school and work… πŸ˜€ We still rent the cottage (once/year) so each time we step foot on that beautiful beach I remember our special moment.

      • Sonal

        Thanks so much for getting back Marta! Awww this is so cute, I have always adored you guys. Hence thought of asking you. Seriously I like you guys even more after reading this. Hugs*:-) it’s very important for a spouse to be a friend first and you folks are classic example, cheers to you!! And hats off to Peter, brave boy he must have been πŸ™‚ God bless you and kisses for your little ones. To tell you a secret, I want my babies to be just like them, sweethearts they’re πŸ™‚ hope I meet them some day. Till then take care and have a good day!

  • My name is Janelle Monique and my email is I have two questions so here goes: How do you keep your nails so nice? I simply adore your nail shape and length. And how do you come up with nail art ideas? I’m trying to be more creative than just copying another design from other bloggers.

    • To answer your question, I am still growing in learning about nail maintenance… I am currently trying to keep a square shape and I use a glass nail file from CultNails to shape them straight (this is a tough shape to maintain as my corners keep chipping and I have to file my nails down πŸ˜‰ ). I also use a cuticle remover to help with the base of my nails… I posted a nail care post a while back with full details of all the products that have (to date) helped me:

      As per ideas for Manicures… I have found that using shades and patterns that make “ME” happy always yield the best results… I also look to fashion (clothing in stores) and decoration (cards, home decor) for color combination idea or patterns… those are always great starting points… Just have fun with it. I started out by copying other designs also… then I started copying the design but using my own color palate… I still copy designs these days – and I think that is all part of the fun πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks for answering! I use cuticle remover every so often and I have the Cult Nails file too! And I’ll try to think more of color combos that make me happy!

  • gfc blublu
    I’m Natasha
    What is your fav nail polish?

    • My favourite nail polish in my collection is “Peridot” … while I don’t wear it often it is the most special/expensive shade in my stash. My favourite shade to WEAR is Below Deck by China Glaze