Cult Nails Afterglow- photo spread

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I hope you all had a relaxing weekend.  I would like to start off the blogging week with a Chit Chat Nails photo spread of Cult Nails Afterglow.

Afterglowis part of the newest Cult Nails collection called “Behind Closed Doors”.  It is a gorgeous “copper infused polish with a subtle pink shimmer”.

(three coats)

I really wanted to play off of the collection name “Behind Closed Doors” and make the photos just a little bit more edgy/playful… I hope you read on 😀

* * *

So here is the deal.  I consider myself pale/fair skinned and as a result I don’t tend to wear orange/bronze shades… but this one … I WILL make an exception for.  It is a bronze/copper but it is dark enough to compliment my brown jewelry pieces AND the shimmer in it has me glowing with excitement 😀

It really is a very elegant shade that has a duochrome shift from copper to almost a brown/cherry.  In sum, it is a very sophisticated shade:

* * *

I had Peter helping me out with these photos, as usual ;), and he also snapped this photo… while it doesn’t show off the lovely Afterglow (the polish 😉 ) it is inspired by the collection title (as well as a vision/idea that Maria, founder of Cult Nails, shared with me) 😉

I  have also had the chance to wear one coat of Afterglow over a deep brown shade and the effect was soooo pretty! All the duochrome shimmer stayed but the base of the polish was more brown rather than copper.

* * *

This collection of five fall/winter appropriate Cult Nails shades is now available for individual sale HERE.

* * * *

I hope to show you the rest of the shades from this collection in photo-spread format as well… soon.

Do you wear copper shades?

How would YOU accessorize this color? Any nail-art you would do with it?


  • katzekratz

    beautiful polish… beautiful pictures

    • Thank you very much. I’m glad you like it

  • Such a stunning photo spread as usaul, I really like these kind of photo spreads ! And it’s such a stunning colour ! WOW !

    • Thank you 😀
      I was a little nervous about this one… I wanted to aim for the intimate feel of this collection but didn’t want to push the envelope too much. I’m glad it is being so well received

  • Beautiful pictures! I can’t wait to see this colour in person 🙂 But I have to wait, takes some time until my order arrives in Germany…

    • I KNOW you will like this!!! It will look great on its own or layered over brown/black shades (to create a deeper look). 😀 I am anxiously waiting with you

  • coraline humbert

    your pics … You seem to be in heaven :p
    Lovely, love it!

    • 😀 Thank you! I’m so glad you like them…these were quite fun to do 😀

  • PolishMad

    I was missing your photo spreads, but I though that there is also autum in Canada, less sunny days, you are not doing them because of that?
    This is soo nice 🙂 So intimate , but tasteful. 🙂 like like like 🙂

    • Thank you. I know that a lot of Ladies like yourself like the photo spreads and I will admit that they are SO much fun to do… BUT, in order for them to take place I need Peter’s help and he has been so busy with work and his photography that we were having a hard time scheduling time to take the photos. Things are slowing down, but you are right, it is not cold in Canada AND it gets dark at 5 pm (and Peter doesn’t get home until 5:30)… Buut I will continue to do my best to schedule indoor shoots and have them here and there in my blogging schedule.

      Thank you so much. I am glad that you reassure me that they are still ‘tasteful’… That is what I was hoping would come across 😀 Thank you!

      • PolishMad

        Oh, but that is actually great news that Peter has a lot work 🙂 you need the money to go to Florida for the Ellen show with Maria! 🙂 Wish i could also go, We love Ellen! (Btw your tattoo reminds me of her. )
        But I am not sad, we are going now, Miami and Orlando in a few weeks, no Ellen, but still fun 🙂
        I live now in Finland, so it is even worse here… I am not sure I even remember how the sun looks like. 😀

  • lovenailpolish

    Really lovely, I love everything about this post : )

    • Thank you SO much 😀 I’m very glad you like it

  • Manases Andrea

    Wow, you and the pictures are stunning. It is an exceptional way to highlight such a beautiful nail polish!

    • Thank you very much 😀 Your comment is very sweet 😀

  • What beautiful photos you have! So much better than the usual bottle in hand shots, very artistic!

    • 😀 thank you. When Peter has the time, I ask him for help with these and while they are time consuming (and require some pre-planning) they are sooo fun, and it is a treat to see such positive responses to the photo-spreads 😀 Thank you

  • MariJo Nails

    Oh my!! This polish is absolutely stunning!!! I can’t wait for mine to come!!!

    • Yaaay! Oh MariJo, this shade will look sooooo stunning on you! You just wait and see! I can picture it already! 😀

  • Raquel Mason

    Oh my you have such pretty jewelry & nails!

    • Thank you. The costume jewelry is another obsession of mine. I love stacking bracelets and try to buy them while they are on sale at some of my fave stores (H&M and Suzy Shier)… then I can create multiple different looks 😀 Thank you 😀

  • Nailz Craze

    Gorgeous! Really pretty and sexy <3

    • Thank you 😀 *blush*

  • El

    Such a pretty shade and the pictures are amazing!

    • This truly is a lovely shade. I’m glad you like the photos.

  • Wooooooow ! it is a really beautiful shade ! I love this kind of colour but it iis so hard to find one perfect ! ^^ This one looks so greaaaaaat ! 😀

    • This is a lovely shade for sure… three coater but great for layering… and the darker the base shade you layer over the different the effect

  • Christine Steiner

    How awesome your photo spread as well as the polish. I also hardly wear copper colored polishes – my skintone is not right for ist as well!!! But I ordered the whole collection and am very curious to get to try it ;-)))). I would apply an oriental waterdecal in gold on part of the nail 🙂

    • Thank you 😀 I’m so glad you like the photo spread – It sure helps to have a husband who is handy with the camera 😉
      Oh you will be surprised at how wearable this shade is… You might wasn’t to layer it over a brown to make it darker… the oriental style decal/stamp sounds like a perfect choice 😀

  • Christine Steiner

    Sorry for the “ist” that’s the often tiresome German autocorrect – grrrr. Should read “it”!!! Oh and I might add matte gold stamping but also either only on part of the nail

    • You are sooo cute. Autocorrect has had me in gramatical trouble a lot lately also 😉
      You are full of great ideas for this shade 😀 Hope you get it at your door soon 😀

  • Gorgeous , stunning , beautiful and that’s just you 😀 I love the pics and the polish is yummy just my shade for the autumn months. This suits you complexion well !

    • AWWWW… you make me *blush* 😀
      It truly is pretty for the fall/winter months AND it is so versatile because it can be worn on its own or made darker by layering over black/brown.
      Thank you 😀

  • Jamie Willett

    Wow, what a gorgeous photo spread! Well done! I loooove this collection, and this color looks great on you!!!

    • Thank you SO much. It helps when Peter has a hand in the photo taking 😀

  • So pretty 🙂

  • Love the photospread!

    • Thank you VERY much

  • Ulmiel

    Your photos are stunning. I love the theme and general idea, it suits the theme of polish collection so well. Incredible post.

    • Thank you. I was hoping to keep it tasteful. I’m glad you like it

  • Tina Shirbroun

    I saw this color recently at Cult and was intrigued, but these pictures have me salivating for nail mail! To bad Christmas is just around the corner. Maybe Santa will put it in my stocking…cause you know who stuffs those stockings?…ME!

    • LOL… You have such spunk in your comment 😀 I love it! CUUUUTE! (pssst, I do my share of stocking stuffing too 😉 )

  • These photos are so gorgeous and classy! 🙂 I’m so jealous you have a live in photographer. I also can’t wait to get my hands on this new cult nails collection.. a little birdie told me I might be getting them for xmas 🙂

    • LOL… He is quite handy with the camera (one of his assets 😉 ).
      OOOH, Santa is now using little birdies? Are the elves too busy in the workshop 🙂 (hope it is true! 😀 )

  • GosiaB

    what an awesome photo shoot!!! gorgeous polish =)

  • You, the polish, the photos, and your relationship with Peter are all very beautiful!

  • You are so sexy! And the polish is stunning too ;).

  • carolingq

    You already know my thoughts about this post! 😉
    Gorgeous and sexy lady!