Peacock from the vault

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Today I have a from-the-vault manicure for you.  I wore this look for 4 days and shared it on Instagram a while back but I am sooo excited to finally have time to show it here, on the blog!

Yes, it is another Skittlette manicure 😉

To create this look I painted three of my fingers with the soon-to-be-released (February 2013) Cult Nails wax-finish polish (yet to be named).  I have shown it once here already, but I sooo wanted to play with it again.  I know that some of you have asked how this wax-finish wears (because many matte finish shades chip and scuff easily).  I am happy to report that both times that I wore this shade it lasted to day 4 with only minimal tipwear (the other two shades had chips in them by then already).

I added the Swarovski rhinestone (purchased eons ago on eBay) to the Cult Nails wax-finish black.

The glittery nail is OPI Number One Nemesis.  The ring-finger is  OPI Steady as She Rose with Nailz Craze  NC-01 peacock feather stamp.  I really like how these two OPI shades played together to create a peacock-ish look/feel to this manicure against the matte/wax finish black.

* * *

So what do you think of this Skittlette manicure?

Do you like playing with different finishes together in one manicure/look?


  • katzekratz

    Ahhhhhh…. I didn’t know how can I use this peacock design. That’s a great inspiration! Thank you 🙂

  • Shelby’s Swatches

    I love this!!! Gorgeous accents 🙂

  • Christine Steiner

    Very elegant, I absolutely adore this combination of colors. I always use different finishes in my skittlettes , to me this is key for this look. I used Mermaids’ Dream in my last and left it with its bumpy uneven finish 😉

  • I think by now you know I love the skittlettes mani’s. Always great to see the shades you use together with stamping ect. It’s ALWAYS gorgeous ! The Cult Nails waxy finish polish looks SOOOOO cool too !

  • Nailz Craze

    Fabulous! I love this 🙂

  • coraline humbert

    this stamping design is so pretty <3 These nailzcare stamping plates are amazing! I want them^^ Im sorry if I sound redondant but once again I love your mani, just screams your name!

  • oooo the wax finish looks really cool! I really like it!

  • Gorgeous as usual, I love all your Skittlette manis, they’re always so creative and unique.

  • emlangille

    gorgeous! I have been mattifying my black polishes every time I wear them to emulate this look 😉

  • Jamie Willett

    This is soooo gorgeous!! I am such a fan of your skittlette manis!!

  • I love the color combinations! The softness of the pink with the grit of the other two is fabulous!

  • Wow neat mani! One of my faves! You basicly cemented my need for the Nail Craze plates with this look. I love how this peacock feater looks like an amazing primitive cave drawing (if that makes sense?) Really cool!!!

  • Kayla Angus

    Great look…. I am a huge fan of your skittlette manis!

  • Maria Zaytseva

    Amazing combination of colors and stamping!

  • This is stunning, love the stamp, love the colors together!

  • carolingq

    I love how you combined the colors, the stamping is just perfect!!

  • twokittensbeauty.blogspot

    I love this manicure. Can you tell me where you purchase the Nailz Craze plates? I have not been able to locate them.

    • Hello, sorry about the delayed reply (sometimes I miss comments from my “older” posts.
      You can purchase NailzCraze plates on Etsy (link below):
      I know that the plates are currently out of stock, but will return mid March. They are well worth the wait- I really enjoy them.

      Hope this helps