OPI – Pink Yet Lavender

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Today I would like to show you my swatches of Pink Yet Lavender from the upcoming OPI Mariah Carey collection:

OPI describes Pink Yet Lavender as a pink glitter with lavender shimmer that has superstar shine!

(ONE coat over two coats of OPI Funny Bunny)

I really enjoy glitter lacquers suspended in a clear base because you can layer them over ANY base and create countless combinations.  Pink Yet Lavender is one of the softest and most feminine glitters in my collection.  The larger pink glitters are delicate, super pastel, and metallic.  The smaller lavender glitter is mixed in with holographic glitter bits that add a diamond-dust like feel to this polish.  This truly is a stunning, soft, layering polish!

(outdoor photo in semi-sun… my hope was to show the holographic glitter bits… you can spot some, there are more IRL).

A few people have asked me how this polish compares to Essie A Cut Above.  While I do not have a swatch comparison photo for you, I do own both shades and I can say that OPI Pink Yet Lavender is a much paler glitter with small holographic bits, while the Essie shade is more copper-pink and more densely packed with the larger glitter.

The OPI Mariah Carey collection will be available in January 2013. 

* * *

Do you like Mariah Carey’s songs?  Is that, will that be, a determining factor in your choice to buy these shades?

Thoughts on this super-soft glitter?


  • Christine Steiner

    What a delicate and pretty glitter, I love it!!!

  • Lou is Perfectly Polished

    It’s really pretty and looks super soft layered over that pretty dusty pink 🙂 xx

    • Thank you 😀 I’m very happy that you like this look (and glitter 😉 )

  • katzekratz

    I love it. That’s a must have!

    • 😉 It is a very pretty soft glitter… and the glitter is not TOO packed which adds to the lady-like softness

  • PolishMadness

    Its very gently and maiden mani, like it

    • “maiden” I like it. For some reason I kept thinking butterflies… almost stamped a few… and refrained last minute… but it does have that soft and airy feel

  • Elsa Pio

    Aww this is so pretty, I really like the combo you chose 🙂

    • Thank you 😀 I’m very happy that you like this

  • Much better than what i thought it would be.

    • 😉 And in real life the color from the holo pops up ever so playfully. It is one worth looking it

  • love it layered over a light pink! I put it over a deep purple. I’m going to have to try this look 😀

    • I think it lends itself well for dark and light layering 😀

      Thanks, glad you like it

  • Not a big fan of Mariah’s music (except All I want for Christmas is you), but I love all the swatches I’ve seen from this collection. I love what a delicate glitter this is; I think it would look beautiful under a a sheer creme polish too.

    • YOU and ME both! I find myself humming that song throught the entire season, but that is mostly where my fascination with her stops 😉
      Agreed, it would be great for a sheer/nude jelly sandwich

  • coraline humbert

    ohhh i really like this look, PINK GLITTERS are my fav, even if pink is not my fav nail polish color!

    • Then you would really like this one… it is such a soft/pale glittery pink 😀

  • So lovely! It’d be perfect for jelly sandwiches! ;D

    • VERY true… I am almost ‘scared’ to layer glitter because I don’t want to cover the sparkle, but this would be fab for the sandwich 😀

  • That is so sweet ! But at the same times, it is … I don’t find the word… lol I’ll find..! Anyway ! Glitter make it… twinkle ! (I think it is twinkle ! ^^)

    I like it ! 😀

    • LOL! 😀 I’m glad you like my twinkling manicure 😀
      It is soft and even work appropriate with a some “twinkle” for sure

  • Jamie Willett

    Wow, this is just so lovely!!

  • Is this the same as Pirouette My whistle but in pink? I like that one-not a huge pink fan-but you make everything look FAB

    • Pirouette My Whistle is a light silver/white glitter mix… but the consistency /size of glitter is the same. I don’t think PMW had holo glitter in there (and this one does… the micro fine glitters are holo). But layering this over a jelly white definitely gives it a similar feel.
      stop it you with all of your sweet compliments 😉

  • Oh… that is so soft and feminine and dreamy <3

    • Perfectly described… it is all three 😉

  • Its absolutely gorgeous !!! I’m a huge pink nail polish fan, and this in a glitter makes it SOOOOO much nicer ♥

    • 😀 Thank you 😀 I’m glad you like this one also… it is the softest pink glitter that I own 😀

  • Feminine and delicate, looks lovely Marta!