Christmas Cookie Nails

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Today I am off to the second annual cookie exchange that my sister and I have organized.  It is promising to be a good one as 13 Ladies have confirmed that they will attend.  I have prepared over five dozen cookies for this evening!!! :D I look forward to spending the evening with friends and family (before the busy Christmas food preps start), and bringing 12 different types of treats home for the holidays ;)

But… such a festive event calls for festive nails ;)

If you have not been a part of a cookie exchange, the premise is simple: bake one style of cookie, and make enough to give about 5 to each attending person; in return, each of the attending people (who also each baked a large batch of cookies) will give you their cookies to take home.  Fun AND yummy right!?

I may or may not bring my travel kit of nail polish, stamps and accessories to this evening’s events ;) Why not paint some lovely nails for the Holiday season also right!?  Sip on some wine, catch up and have a fun Ladies’ night! ;)

Pinky and Thumb: Cult Nails (Feb 2013 release) wax finish black

Ring Finger: OPI My Very First Knockwurst and Gals GA27

Middle Finger: OPI My Very First Knockwurst and square glitter from Dollar Nail Art

Pointer Finger: OPI You Glitter Be Good To Me (a Christmas gift from my dear friend Carolina)

* * * *

I know you are dying to know…

What cookies did I bake do you ask?

I got the recipe for these Peanut-Butter-Chocolate-Pretzel treats on PINTEREST ;)

* * * *

What do you think of my NOTD Christmas Cookie-exchange Skittlette look?

Have you ever taken part in a cookie exchange? Did you have a good experience?

How are your holiday preparations going?


  • Tina Shirbroun

    No better Christmas gift than to do a friends nails! Well, maybe diamonds…or diamonds on her nails! Wouldn’t that be nice!

  • Lynette

    That’s such a neat idea !! I love your mani, gorgeous as usaul ! ♥ Thanks for sharing the recipe too, I’m planning on baking Christmas cookies with my little one on Monday, we will def try this one too !! (P.S – OPI You’d Glitter be good to me is the most GORGEOUS Pink Glitter in history ! )

  • maRyya


  • Morgane Rauscher-Borne

    That is sooooo pretty ! :D It is sweet but festive at the same time (with the stamping design ^^) ! And there is glitter so it beautiful ! ^^

    I never heard about any cookie exchange ! :o (Maybe in France, it doesn’t exist… I don’t know… ^^’) But it must be so coooool ! You can taste some cookies you would never taste, maybe. And you can make someone discover a new recipe. ^^ I love this idea. :D

    At least, Holiday can begin ! ^^ We have not done our christmas tree yet… :/ But it will be there for Christmas day ! ^^ And I will make the yule log for Christmas eve so I can’t wet ! (Some days, I really have the impression to be a 5-year-old girl ! lol)

  • Christine Steiner

    Incredibly delicate and pretty!!! I don’t do cookies but this sounds like fun!!! And your cookies look yummie :-)))

    • Marta

      Thank you!

      Oh, I don’t know how long I would survive without cookies… It turned out into a really great day. Thank you!

  • Kripa K

    Your skittles are just as awesome as your skittlettes! Love the combo of pink and black. Soft and yet, edgy!

    • Marta

      Awh, thank you!!!!
      This was actually a skittlette look (as my thumb was identical to the pinky finger) but the thumb never got to see the spotlight in the photos and so it looks like a skittles look :D
      I too really enjoy this pairing of colors

  • Deborah

    Those square glitters, so edgy and fun! And yay for glitter ♥.

    • Marta

      Thank you Deborah,
      They are also nice because they are flat… so if you are a picker, they wouldn’t get in the way ;)

  • coraline humbert

    I’m fed up with repeating myself, but yeah… that’s you, that’s beautiful, that’s perfect!

    • Marta

      LOL… *blush* Thank you soo much :D Your comments always make me blush ;)

  • Raquel Mason

    Your nails are beautiful. I have never taken part in a cookie exchange, but it sounds delicious. I am starting today off by taking my son to see snow at a park, it’s hard to come by in FL.

    • Marta

      Thank you :D
      I hope that one day you take part in one (or organize one)… they are really really neat!
      It is these ‘simple’ moments that can make the season so special. I hope you had a relaxing and memorable stroll through the park with your son :D

  • carolingq

    This skittles manicure is perfect for the occasion, I love how you combined all the elements, glitter, stamping and the rhinestones…. I would love to try those cookies, I bet they are DELICIOUS!!!

    • Marta

      Thank you! I’m so glad you like it. The glitter was my ‘special’ nail :D
      I painted nails at the party and a few girls used these colors together also :D
      I invite you to London- I will save you a box of them ;)

  • lovenailpolish

    I am a cookie fiend, so a cookie exchange sounds great!

    • Marta

      If you have never done one it is soo fun.
      I too have a soft spot for cookies ;)

  • Karen Lenz

    YUuummm on all counts!!! :)

    • Marta

      an especially big yuuuum to your cookies!
      They were so delicious I will have to beg for a recipe

  • Jamie Willett

    I just love this mani! It’s so girly, yet sophisticated! Cookie exchanges are SO fun, I hope you get some tasty treats!

    • Marta

      I love cookie exchanges! :D Great company, tasty treats and some new recipes to try
      Thank you, glad you like the manicure

  • Nailart-Addict

    Oh that sounds jummy a cookie exchange. I love your matching party nails.

    • Marta

      ;) Thank you. I really like this stamp- it was festive without being too ‘tradition’

  • Shea Caithaml

    What stamping plate did you use?