Scratch – Evil Eye

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Today I have a review of the new Scratch Nail Wraps for you- the design that I was sent is called “Evil Eye”:

(the packaging and presentation of the product is really hip and trendy)

Scratch is a new and trendy line of nail wraps on the market.  They have three designs available for purchase right now, with many more in the works.  They approached me for a review and I was soooo eager to jump on board because of the Press Release they sent out and the cute and catchy video they created:

I am really into accent nails and geometric shaped designs, and this brand seemed right up my alley!

Having now tried the Scratch Nail Wraps I can attest to their GREAT quality and superbly easy application!

These apply flawlessly!!!

* Each decal peels easily from the backing,

* Is pre-cut to fit your cuticles perfectly (for the perfect/crips/clean manicure)

* Is very pliable/thin to help you apply it to your nail without bumps, bubbles, rips etc.

* Is dry as soon as it is applied to your nail.  Perfect for the on-the-go manicure!

Truly well designed!  That all being said, if I have to be honest, this design itself was not really my cup of tea.  I am not into the ‘evil eye’ and the cultural beliefs behind it.  I kind of thought that, on the nail, it looked like the googly-eyes of a cartoon monster of some sort.  I was really hoping to love this, but the designs is just not right for me.

(nail wraps come in various sizes to allow for the perfect fit for each nail)

(pinky is Color Club Take Me to Your Chateau, pointer finger is Cult Nails Time Traveler)

The Scratch Nail Wraps can be purchased through

Each set retails for $12.00  I have tried a number of professional high-end nail wraps and some department store brands and have nothing but good things to say about the quality of these Scratch nail wraps.

I am personally looking forward to seeing the  designs featured in the little video- those will be a great way to spruce up any manicure!

* * * *

What do YOU think of this Scratch nail wrap design?

Do you believe in the ‘evil eye’ and all that is associated with it?

What do YOU look for in nail wraps?


  • Christine Steiner

    Patterned nail patches are as close to perfect nailart as I will ever get, so I am always interested to find a good quality brand!!! I am with you regarding the name of these though. Looking at the photos when having just opened your post I immediately thought Dart Boards, not all that much better though. Regardless of the name, I find the circles a bit bland, what can I say? I also agree with you regarding the design ;-)!!!! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    • Dart Board, Evil Eye… Potatoe, Po-ta-to 😉
      You are right, nail wraps are definitely a great way to add a little something extra to any manicures (whether you are in a hurry, or just starting out with nailart). Definitely, the quality and application of these was so super easy and very good- I will try another one of their designs (they offered to send me another sample) and hopefully I will be more smiles then 😉

  • Lou is Perfectly Polished

    Great review Marta. I completely agree with you in the design though. Not my cup of tea xx

    • 😉 I will try another one of their designs (Scratch offered to send me another pattern to try out 😉 ). I am certain I will love it a little more 😀

  • coraline humbert

    That’s juste AWESOME !

    • Glad you like it… and I think that is why I enjoy sharing designs/ patterns that aren’t always MY personal favourites (because we each like different things and that is what makes us all great ) 😀 Thank you 😀

  • That is soooooo fuuny !! lol And a little creepy… ^^
    But I am not interested in the designs they have on their website… I prefere floral or geometric designs… But it seems to be a very good quality brand ! Because where you stuck nail wrap, we can believe that it is a nail art ! 😮

    And Time traveler is wonderful ! 🙂

    • I think that is what makes nail wraps so awesome- anyone can achieve nail art with a simple application- while these nail wraps are very ‘simple’ in appearance- there are other brands/designs that can create quite lovely looks. 😀
      I will have to try their blue and gold design- I think I will love that one 😉

  • Too bad you didn’t enjoy the design, but I like the manicure you did with these!

    • Thank you Deborah. I always feel bad saying something less positive about an item that was sent my way- buuut, I realize that while this isn’t MY cup of tea- there are a LOT of Ladies who really LOVED this design- and that is all part of the fun of nailart, right!? 😀

      • Indeed, and better say something negative that is taste related rather than it being a bad product right?

  • PolishMad

    Oh, I saw these on you instagram, and I did not want to comment, because I thought the pattern was way to easy to use stickers … But this is why I love you .., honest reviews !

    • PolishMad

      But I am looking forward on more complicated ones… I think you posted the video few months ago already?

      • Thank you for your comments,
        Yes, you do remember the right video- and I personally expected to get one of those designs (those designs had me all excited). This is a start up brand and they are in the works of getting word out and financing to produce these decals at the best quality. Having tried these, the quality is definitely there- now I’m waiting on the fun designs 😉 Upon reading my review, Scratch is offering to send me another sample to try (I am excited to try a different more-up-my-alley pattern). I always feel a little bad sharing my opposing opinion when something is given to me for review (looking gift horse in the mouth)… but at the same time, you Ladies deserve to hear the honest truth- and the quality of these is worth it for sure 😉

  • I like the evil eye manicure. But I am personally not into it as well..

    • Thank you for sharing your opinion. I think the key is to spot nail wraps that work well- and then it is a matter of finding a pattern that makes you happy 😉

  • Anya_WackyLaki

    I agree with you, the design of the nail wraps is a bit odd. Maybe if they weren’t starring right at you 😉
    Are these made of polish or more of a foil?

    P.S. Totally off topic, but did you try the foils from the dollar nail art store? I’d love to know what you think of them. Maybe I just missed your post…

    • These Scratch Nail Wraps are made of polish… they apply and stretch over you nail perfectly, and smell a little bit of nail polish upon REMOVAL (not when applying- when applying they are odor less). In fact, it is recommended to add a layer of topcoat over these as well.

      As per the dollar nail art nail-foils (the ones in the plastic containers on a roll?)… I did buy a LOT of them, but have yet to work up the nerve to use them… they are patiently awaiting the day that I get ‘adventurous’ 😀

      • Anya_WackyLaki

        I like that these are real nail polish. Some of their other designs are really pretty!

        Yes, those roll ones. I was looking at buying them too, but holding out to hear your verdict. lol. I thought I saw you say somewhere shipping was free over $25? They list shipping charges on the site so I’m a bit confused. Maybe you were just talking about the $25 dollar minimum..