Skittlette onto my Private Jet

Hello Lovely Ladies,

The 2013 blogging year has started off with a BANG for me.  Not only did I win a GIANT prize from Nail Polish Canada (with so many new bottles to play with) but I have been approached by a number of incredible Indie brands to do a few reviews.  In addition, I keep trying my hand at the skittlette manicures… I have soo many photos queued up for you, so many posts fighting to be scheduled next 😉

Today I have a skittlette manicure for you that has been waiting patiently (since 2012 😉 ) to be given its moment in the spotlight:

Waaaay back when, before my nail polish obsession really took flight 😉 , OPI My Private Jet was the first ‘vampy/dark’ shade that caught my eye; I have been blogging for almost two years now, and I don’t think I have shown it on a ‘full nail’ yet (I stamped with it eons ago, you can check that post out HERE).

So, I painted my thumb and pinky with OPI My Private Jet.  My pointer finger is Hot Look Button Moon.  The other two nails are two coats of OPI MBSW stamped with Gals plate GA06.

In a skittlette manicure each nail competes for attention, but while wearing this look for a few days I allowed myself a few moments of nostalgia and admired the charcoal grey base, the bronze shimmer, and scattered holographic bits of OPI My Private Jet.  Definitely an oldie but goodie 😉

Do you have a nail polish in your collection that was one of the first shades you were really fond of?

Can you pinpoint a polish that started your nail-polish obsession?


  • Wow ! I love this mani, OPI my private jet is a stunning colour. My nail polish obsession began with a proudly South African polish 0 Tip Top Fairy Dust, a light lilacy purple, and to day it’s still one of my favourites. 🙂

    • Wow, thank you for sharing! I googled the polish you mentioned (out of curiosity) and it IS lovely… lavender and dusty (reminiscent of OPI Steady as she rose)… a shade that I am recently really drawn to also 😀

  • Wow this is gorgeous! Oh yeah my first nail-polish with wich my obsession started is Koh Black Stars. A black base with mannyyyy flakes and glitters. 😉

    • Thank you.
      Thank you for sharing 😀 I was curious so I googled swatches of the Koh shade… sooo pretty!

  • coraline humbert

    yep, I think that it’s thanks to Atlantis (China Glaze) that my obsession really started. I mean, I became obsessed by polish a little before, but Alantis gathers all that I didn’t dare to wear before (and all what I idn’t like, really): holo + glitter + flashy color. Now, Atlantis is still my fav polish, and this bottle is really significant for me !

    your mani is perfect as usual !

    • Ah yes, I have heard soo much praise for Atlantis by CG (I do not own it but I can imagine how lovely it is IRL).
      Thank you so much for sharing… It is neat how some colors grasp our attention and broaden our horizons 😉

  • I’m looking forward to your indie polish reviews! My private jet is so pretty.

    My grandmother was a discount polish hunter, so she created a large collection of polishes for me during my teenage years. One of the first polishes I remember feeling really enamoured with after already having a large number from Grandma, was Revlon Khaki-Zing. I keep meaning to wear it, b/c I still love it so much.

    • I’m glad to hear – there will be a few more posts with Indie shades- my to-try/swatch drawer is growing 😉
      I had to google the Revlon you mentioned. Your Grandma sounds soo sweet (mine likes to paint her nails with soft shades- but also shares a passion for painted nails and does so to this day). A duochrome! How cool!!!!

  • Jamie Willett

    I love this!!

  • missadelinne

    Love the OPI color and how it matches with the design!

  • Lou is Perfectly Polished

    Beautiful :). You really do come up with such great skittlettes. Love the addition of the pale blue nail xx

    • Thank you! I still have a weakness for pale blues and enjoy working them into a manicure 😀 I would do it more often, but I don’t want to be too redundant 😉

  • Christine Steiner

    Immaculate!!!! I am awed :-)!!! I am in my second obsession with nailpolish in my life and I remeber both polishes that got me started: the first one was Estee Lauder Geranium and this is more than 20 years ago and my obsession resurrected with Opi Red My Fortune Cookie. Oddly both are vivid corals ;-). And your skittlettes remain incredibly inspiring for me 🙂

    • I had to google the Estee Lauder shade 😉 soo pretty!
      Thank you for sharing your first polishes. There is nothing like a vivid coral to raise your spirits.

      Thank you very kindly for your sweet comment

      • Although I was loved polishes, my huge obsession began with MAC Blue India. Still love, love it, and it was so hard to get!! And I totally agree with Christine, your Skittletes are my inspiration, and your make one better than the lst one 🙂

  • carolingq

    I added spectra flair to My Private Jet to make the holo version lol
    This manicure looks so nice, I love all these colors together.

    • Oh that is very clever amiga! 😀

      Glad you like this pairing

  • My real obsession started with the OPI Burlesque collection I think.. it is the first collection I ordered completely! This manicure is as great as all the others :).