Elixir Roller Derby Ruckus Collection

Hello Lovely Ladies,

You may remember the Elixir Lacquers swatches that I did for my friend Nicole a while back.

Well, Nicole is happy to announce the release of her brand new Roller Derby Ruckus collection expected to be available February 1, 2013!!!  She has sent me two shades from this collection, and I am pleased to give you a sneak-peek (you may want to dig up the left over change that Santa dropped in your stocking for these 😉 ):

Elixir: Betty Brutality and Sugar Slayer

Elixir Betty Brutality is definitely MY favourite of these two 😉

Betty Brutality “is a clear coat loaded with holographic micros, multi-sized iridescents, and squares of satin.  This lux combo of brilliant burgundy, blue, and purple packs a punch!”

(one coat layered of Color Club Take Me to Your Chateau)

Where do I even start describing the Glitter Bomb that is Betty Brutality?

There are small INTENSE metallic fuchsia glitters, slightly larger metallic bright turquoise glitters.  There are gorgeous matte lavender squares and large translucent/holographic hexagons… all this suspended in a clear base for limitless layering options.

This glitter applies smoothly and the clear-jelly base is a breeze to work with.  This is one thin coat packed with AWESOME 😀

* * * *

Elixir Sugar Slayer is sweeter than sugar 😉

Sugar Slayer is a clear coat loaded with mirror shining hexes and squares, and brilliant iridescent.  This sweet but deadly combo of pink, rose, and teal is cute and calculating!

(one coat layered over OPI I Think in Pink)

Sugar Slayer is made up of matte white/silver tiny glitter, tiny translucent glitter, tiny deep blue glitter.  The larger glitter is a mixture of metallic sweet pink, and matte pastel pink.  Oh, and did I mention the metallic teal square glitter bits!?  Again, all of these are suspended in a clear base (ready for your layering ideas).

Most of the glitter in Sugar Slayer is larger so this bottle will need a good shake before application, which is otherwise trouble-free.

Also, because the OPI sheer/jelly pink base is a new-to-me polish, here is a quick swatch of three coats of OPI I Think in Pink:

* * * *

Elixir Lacquers can be purchased online HERE.

These two lovely shades, Betty Brutality and Sugar Slayer will be available on February 1, 2013!  You can see the entire Roller Derby Ruckus collection on Nicole’s Blog HERE.

Do you have a favorite from these two?

What would you layer these glitters over?


  • O wow ! I will have to get Betty Brutality ! My friend does roller derby and that’s her stage name… Hee hee hee. So will be the perfect gift for a dear friend ! ♥ I personally love your layering combination of Sugar Slayer over the OPI , REALLY gorgous !

    • OH the name sounds perfect for your friend 😀 That would be such an awesome treat! 😉 (with endless layering options)

  • They are AWESOOOOOME !! 😀 *glitterglitterglitterglitter* I prefere Betty Brutality too ! ^^ And the combinaition with a light blue is nice. 😉 Maybe it can be layered on a light pink or a lilac… I can’t wait February !! 😮 lol

    • (In the collection, I love Double D-struction too ! ^^)

      • Yes, the collection definitely has some lovely GLITTER!
        There will be limited edition (only 75 bottles) of an anniversary shade (I will have swatches very soon) that is SUPER SUPER SUPER PRETTY

  • MariJo Nails

    Such pretty glitters!! Especially Sugar Slayer.

    • They are quite lovely!

  • Oh, Marta, I really like Betty Brutality. It is packed with glitter without completely covering the base color. They are both quite pretty.

    • That is a lovely quality isn’t it? When the glitter is noticeable but also allows the base to show and take the spotlight a little

  • That first combo ♥ so dreamy!

    • It is quite ‘dreamy’ isn’t it- despite that the fact that it has some larger glitter it is quite airy 😀

  • carolingq

    Sugar Slayer is my favorite! Beautiful combos!

    • Thank you 😀 I always get a little nervous with layering glitter to pick the perfect “underwear” for it 😉

  • Jamie Willett

    These are FUN! I love the inspiration behind them…the names are fantastic!

    • It is always nice to relate to the collection and shade names 😀

  • Brookee

    A request. Photos including your thumb too, to see the full effect. Love your work!