Pink, Brown and Gold

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I have another skittlette for you today.  When I posted my BIG Nail Polish Canada win, I asked you if there were any shades you particularly wanted to see.  Alexis from Mangling my Manicure mentioned Zoya Ziv.

So, Ziv became the foundation for my skittlette.  My goal is to let you into the deep-corners of my mind throughout this post (insert sci-fi spooky/intense music here) and show you the thinking process that goes into creating my skittlette manicures 😉

So, like I said Ziv was my starting point.  I do not know why, but I always think “glitter/sparkle on my pinky” (that has one out of five fingers covered 😉 ).  Ziv, by the way, is a pleasant union between metallic and glitter.  It is a two coater with a general feel of a medium-toned gold metallic polish but when you look closer (for those who like to stop and smell the roses 😉 ) it has warm-toned gold metallic flecks which makes it multi-dimensional and very chic looking.  My friend Carolina also sent me a bottle of this gorgeous shade for Christmas, so I had two bottles (I gave my winning bottle to my sister 😉 ).

Next step 😉 : I always try to work in some studs; every since I was sent a bottle of awesome Nail Glue from Belissimo Nails ($2.00/bottle!!!) They stay on SOLID.  Without the stress of the studs falling off, they become a really pretty/trendy feature to a manicure IMO.  I knew I wanted to use some small gold square studs from the BornPrettyStore.  I like to apply my studs to a solid color which draws attention to them IMO.

It had been a while since I played with a soft pink (and pink sort of plays well with gold).  Essie Van D’Go was my choice for this look.  I thought about using black for the ring finger but that seemed a bit ‘stark’ and I have recently used a LOT of black in my posts… So, brown was the next best choice 😉 (soft pink and dark brown are quite complimentary IMO).  For complimentary colors look to your environment for inspiration (clothing, pinterest, home decor etc).

So, I had the gold and the pastel pink, and I knew that the studs would be placed against a brown (OPI Suzy Loves Cowboys).  Now it was time for a stamp…  I do have a constant itch to use animal print, but the main reason for choosing it this time was to be able to add a bit more Ziv to the manicure (by dotting the cheetah spots with it).  The plate I used is Mash-40 with Revlon Espresso.  My thumb was all brown to complete this look.

Now that you have been inside my thinking-process (weaving past the Dr. appointments, grocery shopping lists, house chore to do list, etc 😉 ) focusing on my how-to-skittlette thoughts, you will have gathered the following:

* start with one must-have shade to include in your manicure

* when in doubt, glitter on the pinky

* studs are cool too 😉 (usually on the ring-finger because that is my favourite nail – yes, everyone has a favourite nail… well, I do at least 😉 ).

* find one or two complimentary shades (contrasting work well also, but I tend to gravitate towards the complimentary).

* pick a stamp and Ta-Da… 😀

Do you have any odd/quirky guidelines/rituals etc that you follow when painting your nails?


  • Kayla Angus

    very cute mani! perfect as always!! thanks for letting us know your thought process when coming up with a skittlette mani

    • I’m glad you found it helpful. There is no wrong way to do a skittlette, this was just one “possibility” 😉

  • Julianna Katalin Dörnyei

    Wow, I would have never thought of this combo, but it is so beautiful! 🙂

    • Thank you 😀 I’m glad you like it

  • Christine Steiner

    Another incredibly beautiful and Marta-esque skittlette. My biggest Inspiration for skittlettes is YOU!!! Since I am crap at nailart I mostly gravitate towards playing with texture. I usually put the glitter or strongest color on my pinkie and work towards index. I decide last on my thumb which is usually either repeating or reversing the stamping I used. For decor I use stamping and appliances or waterdecals and appliances.

    • Thank you so MUCH!

      Nail art takes practice and time but we all have the skill 😀

      I too like the pinky bold or glittery – it is the smallest surface so the ‘spotlight’ isn’t too bright. I always like my thumb plain… I don’t quite know why…

      “appliances?”… was that an auto correct error 😀 ? Did you mean appliques?

  • O wow another fantastic mani ( I don’t think you ever have a bad mani ! Every one is GORGEOUS !! ) Will def follow the tips too . I don’t really have any special or quirky rituals yet, but I’m working on improving my stampings skills now, got some Konad plates for Christmas and REALLY want to get it right ♥

    • Thank you- that is a major compliment.

      Keep in mind these are just guidelines- kind of like a jumping board to get your thinking going 😀
      I too started with konad plates and I think they are of topmost quality. Take it easy with the stamping: patience and practice is key.
      A few quick tips?

      * Working fast between steps helps to prevent the polish from drying and not transferring.
      * PRESS the stamper onto the image once firmly
      * ROLL the stamper over your nail from one edge of the nail to the other in a solid firm motion.

      * Use a pigmented polish (the essie chrome shades are GREAT for stamping)
      Have fun with it 😀

  • Lou is Perfectly Polished

    I love your thinking behind this :). Another great skittlette. Love the animal print 🙂 xx

    • Thank you, I’m glad you liked the bit of my thinking process revealed. Everyone adds their personal touch, this is the skeleton of mine 😀

  • You know how to turn pink in something I even like. 😉

    • Wow, that is a sweet compliment. Thank you. Van D’Go by Essie is actually quite a nice pink to wear- not too bright 😀

  • Glittersnapdragon

    WOW, this looks sooooo good! I would take me forever to make something like this….

    • No way! There is no right or wrong way to create a skittlette 😉 I’m glad you like this one

  • carolingq

    This manicure is so beautiful Marta, ZIv is an amazing shade of gold.

    • Yes, YES it is 😀
      I put it to the front of my to-try shades when you sent it my way. Now I love it, and I got a second bottle from NPCanada that I gave to my younger sister 😀 She will love it too 😀

  • coraline humbert

    wowowwowowo how could I not love it ? With Van d’Go (one of my fav shades, and one of my first, of Essie !) ! your mani are really a source of inspiration. Have to try to combinate van d’go to a brown shade, the result is so … stunning !

    • Thank you!!! I stumbled upon this essie shade when I was searching for the perfect pastel coral… I brought it home and it was a little bit too pink- I’m glad I hung on to it, because I really enjoy this shade now. Essie is really picking up their game and coming out with some really trendy colors 😀 Glad you like it

  • MariJo Nails

    Such a beautiful mani!!! I love Ziv!

    • Thank you! Yes, Ziv is stunning. I fell in love with it when Carolina sent it to me- and when I got a second bottle from NPCanada I shared the love with my younger sister

  • Wow Marta! This post is genius! I have so much trouble coming up with color combos and I’m always amazed by your manicures. Thank you for letting us into that little corner of your mind!

    • Awh, I’m so glad this was in some way helpful.
      I truly enjoy looking at the things around me for color inspirations. In fact, clothing and home decor (even packaging of various products) could help you spot colors that play well together). There is no right or wrong way 😉 EVER 😉

  • PolishMad

    Seriously Skittlette is my favorite type of mani. But I did not master it, hope this post will help! I have now a Skitlette also… But I am not 100% happy with it , after this post, I will remake it, and post before and after picture on Instagram ! 😉

    It was funny, seems you were not confident when you wrote this, as you used a lot of IMO 😉 I use IMHO when I write things at work … But My favorite work ” slang ” , once I got a reminder from an Indian colleague, it said “gentle reminder” , so I use that instead of “do this ASAP” nowadays 😉

    • PolishMad

      Btw, I do have favorite nail 😉

    • You could just “recycle” it 😉 remove a nail or two and start those over 😉
      I will let you in on a secret… behind this blog, I actually am quite shy and not all that self confident (I doubt myself a lot). So, when I put this ‘guideline’ together, I was trying to come across not as a skittlette authority 😉 but more as a personal viewpoint/guideline. IMO was thrown in a few times 😉 only as a sign that there are other talented and valuable OTHER opinions 🙂
      I laughed that the “gentle reminder”. My husband Peter is a supervisor at work and when I sometimes get wind of the emails he sends such ‘lingo’ is quite common to urge his employees to work ‘faster’ lol 😉 Thank you for sharing

  • Jamie Willett

    I love your skittlette thought/planning process! Now I’ll constantly be thinking “glitter on the pinkie,” haha! Also, my ring fingernail is my favorite, too!

    • LOL!!!! 😀 Glitter on the pinky is just a little tip, it is actually a really neat way of just adding some pizzazz to any plain manicure (switch a plain many and add glitter to the pinky 😉 ).
      See, they say when you have more than one child you won’t be able to pick a favourite (I agree)… but this rule does not apply to nails 😉 Yaay to ring fingers 😉 *high five*

  • emlangille


  • I love brown!!!! This is gorgeous as always!

    • 😀 I love brown shades in the fall/winter too- I don’t wear them often enough

  • Julie Rivard

    Soo pretty. It’s girly and edgy all at once!

    • Thank you- I’m glad it came across as such 😉

  • Thank you so much for featuring Ziv. I love this little peek at how your skittlette process works.

    • My pleasure 😀 I’m glad you found this helpful.
      I don’t generally wear gold on all of my nails (I don’t think gold looks as pretty against my pink/blue skintone)… so I tend to wear it as accents OR with black stamping on top 😉

  • Manisbymoore

    I love your tips!! Please do some tips for a skittle mani next!?! I love this color combo. I also like teal/turquoise with brown or olive green with brown. I also like purple and yellow together, orange and blue and pink amd green!!

  • Kimber_Bling

    Such a cute color combo!

  • This is so much fun to read :D!

  • ACslaughter

    I was inspired by this and copied it for my blog 🙂 Don’t worry I will link this page… imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

    • Awh, that is very sweet of you! I will be sure to check your post. I agree, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery- thank you SO much 😀 I’m glad you liked it enough to try a version for yourself 😉 *hugs*
      Could you send me a link- Please include it in the comment. I enjoy related links in my posts 😀