White Owl Lacquers PART 1

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Today I would like to share with you the brand new line of White Owl Lacquers created by Mara from Mara in Polishland.

It is always nice to see a nail-polish blogger dive into creating their own line of nail polish because the line is sure to reflect their own ‘style’.  White Owl Lacquers are created by Mara, whom I met within the blogging community; I don’t recall the specifics of how we first started to chat on Twitter… but I do know that we quickly discovered that we are TWINS when it comes to our love for soft pastel shades (soft corals specificlaly) ;).  So when I heard that my nail-polish twin was creating a line of lacquers, I knew that I WOULD LOVE THEM ALL.

The Whit Owl Lacquers “After All This Time” collection is composed of SIX amazing shades!

I love them all so much that I will show them to you two at a time… (I have a hard time limiting my photos, and I really wanted to focus in-depth on each one of these pretties).

Today I have Basilic Venom and Moony to show you:

* Basilisk Venom *

* Moony *

Basilisk Venom is described by Mara as “Dark and mysterious, inspired by the deadliest of creatures. Black glitter with a touch of red, yellow, orange and copper in a clear shimmery base.

(one coat of Basilisk Venom over OPI Berlin There, Done That)

Black glitter really has been quite trendy lately, and here you have a mixture of large and small solid black bits, against some pretty yellow, orange and red glistening bits.  But what kicks this polish up a notch is the copper/gold soft shimmer in the clear jelly base.  So subtle, but soooo pretty!!!!

Both the colors of the glitter in this one, and the OWL in the name of this indie brand had me reaching for Bundle Monster plate BM-309.  I added some Cult Nails rhinestones to accent the accent nail 😉

* * * * *

Moony is described by Mara as “Don’t leave home in a full moon without it!  Silver, gunmetal and black glitter in different sizes and shapes. Subtle in one coat, but buildable to “glitter bomb” category. I love it for an accent nail!

 * * *

(one coat of Moony over essence I Got A Secret and Lex Love Me More)

We have seen our share of silver glitters, but Moony, with the addition of black glitter, takes silver glitter from cool to HOT!!!  This baby sparkles with one thin coat and because of the clear jelly base it can be layered over ANY shade you wish!

My nail-polish twin Mara got this one RIGHT on! I absolutely love it and it will be a pretty accent to my silver jewelry pieces 😉

* * * * *

The White Owl Lacquers apply with great ease and the clear jelly base is VERY easy to spread evenly over the nail without glitter clumps.  You may however want to store the bottles upside-down (which is what I have been doing with all of my indie bottles) to keep the glitter from sinking to the bottom of the bottle 😉

Both Basilisk Venom and Moony (as well as the other four shades in the “After All This Time” collection) can be purchased on the White Owl Lacquers online site HERE!

I will be showing you the other four shades within the next week or so.

* * * * *

Do you like getting to know the person/creator behind indie brands?  Does that influence whether you will buy their polish or not?

Is there one of these two that stands out to you more?


* products sent for an honest review *
  • Tina Shirbroun

    Love the sweet little owl!

    • 😀 I thought it was a good time to pull that stamp out 😉 Glad you like it

  • Emma Clare

    Love these polishes… and then i realized that they’re Harry Potter themed! LOVE EVEN MORE <3

    • 😉 They would look A-MAZING on you 😉

  • Lou is Perfectly Polished

    Gorgeous glitters :). I recently posted a mani using that beautiful owl stamp too. I had been saving it for months xx

    • I had to check out your post (loved your grey and pink combo).

  • coraline humbert

    it’s been a while since I want to try this owl design, and now I see it here, perfect 🙂 love your second mani too, the gradient is soft and sweet, and the glitters made this one even better!

    • I remember seeing the owl design in the Bundle Monster previews and being smitten with it… and I can’t believe that it took me almost a year to try it… it is whimsical but from far away it just looks like a neat little pattern- glad you like it 😀

  • Stacy Plowman-Pennock

    Dang it Marta, I’m really trying to curb my polish buying this year (I became a full blown addict in 2012 and added 350+ bottles to my stash!) and your gorgeous swatches aren’t helping to quell my hoarding instincts!!

    • WOW! That is more than a bottle/day (sorry, not helping right?!)… But I am in NO position to judge 😉 (more like celebrate with you! 😉 ).

  • They really look amazing! Love your both desings.

  • MariJo Nails

    I love Mara’s polishes so much!! I still have two I need to show some love to.

    • MaraPolishland

      Thank you Marisa! I can wait to see your swatches too!!!

    • Thank You! Looking forward to seeing them on you!

  • How funny that you’re featuring White Owl today. Last night, I was on the White Owl website forcing myself not to buy Pumpkin Pasties and Kittens and Teacups. I pretty much end up over there once every two days, having the same argument with myself: “But you just bought a TON of polish last month . . . ” and then, “Awww, but c’mon, look how pretty. I NEED them!”

    I do love the other glitters that you showed today too and I really love that you used the owl stamp. So cute!

    • MaraPolishland

      yes you need them!! LOL!!! thank you! I’m so happy you like them!!

      • Really? Well, ok then. I give in. I can’t wait to get my pretty polish! I think I need more fingers and toes to paint.

        • 😉 I’m glad you found this review helpful (I will show the other shades next week) 😉

  • MaraPolishland

    Thank you Marta!!!! I absolutely love your designs!!! It’s an honor being featured in you blog!!!!!

    • My pleasure nail-polish TWIN

  • I really want Moony, Kittens & Teacups, and Pumpkin Pasties. <3

    • Those three are actually MY personal favourites also 😀

  • Kimber_Bling

    Marta…you are a glitter polish genius! I never thought about storing the bottles upside down ~ duh! This should definitely ease my glitter polish painting woes 🙂

    • Yaay! I’m glad that little tid-bit helps…. this method works really well for full bottles, not too sure how half-empty bottles would fare in upside-down mode (the brush could dry out)? …

      Yes, I store my shades in a Helmer and have a few rows of upright shades- and then in-between I stick the bottles upside down- that way they stay put 😉

  • I love your accent nail with the owl ! 😀

    Between both, I prefer balistik venom : it makes me think of fall period… ^^

    But moony is nice too ! (it is automatically cool : there is GLITTER ! lol)

    • Yes, glitter in both (I thought you’d like).
      The Basilisk Venom definitely has a fall-feel to it 😀

  • Thank you! Welcome to my blog *hugs*