Dandy Nails Beauties

Happy Monday Lovely Ladies,

In today’s post I would like to share a few more Dandy Nails swatches with you.  I got one of the sweetest emails from Sandy a few weeks back; I truly cannot remember such a personable and kind email from an Indie Brand mastermind 😉  Personally, it makes a huge difference to know that gorgeous shades are created by someone with a kind spirit.  But personality aside, Dandy Nails – as a brand- has quickly grabbed a strong hold of my heart because of the GORGEOUS shades and flawless formula!

Today I would like to show you Bory-Alice and Chilled-Down:

* * *

Bory-Alice is a “Blue/Purple and some gold shifting polish in a deep green/black base”:

(two coats)

This is one of the strongest blue-purple duochromes I have EVER seen.  The blue appears almost neon turquoise and it is bright and sparkly and absolutely stunning!

Bory-Alice rivals the likes of Ozotic Sugar 903 and Cult Nails Charlatan.  Whereas the aforementioned shades need a “base”, Bory-Alice creates this effect in two smooth and easy coats.  I am literally rendered speechless with this one.

I wanted to play with a little bit of fun “star” stamping with this one (and for the final touch I mattified the manicure also).

* * *

Even the matte top coat couldn’t tame the duochrome shimmer.  This is so exquisite!

* * * *

Chilled Down is PACKED with “Blue and Gold flakes suspended in an off-white, milky base, for a perfect winter feel”:

(two coats)

I swatched (and wore) this shade “plain” a few weeks back … I couldn’t rationalize covering  the shimmery glass flecks in this one.  The base of this polish is IDENTICAL to OPI Skulls & Glossbones– an off-white beige/grey that I absolutely adore.  Chilled Down is an office appropriate polish with spunk!

Chilled Down is one of my personal ALL TIME FAVOURITE indie shades EVER! That is all I have to say!  Do I recommend you snatch a bottle of this one? Damn right I do! ’nuff said 😉

(I wore this shade AGAIN this past weekend AND stamped it this time- check out tomorrow’s post for more).

* * * * *

Dandy Nails Lacquers can be purchased by US citizens on Etsy HERE.  For international orders, you can snatch these up via Ninja Polish HERE.

* * * * *

Have you tried Dandy Nails Lacquers yet? Do you have a favourite in these?

What is your all-time-favourite indie polish?


* product sent for an honest review *
  • Christine Steiner

    I love both of them – I am a blue-holic and an addict to milky based glitters 🙂

    • This milky based glitter is so pretty because the glitter is so soft and subtle- you get the bling without “large” chunks… honestly, a stunner

  • Wow !!! Haven’t tried Dandy Nails Laquers yet, but this post will change that. I LOVE the look of Bory -Alice ! And as always, a fantastic way to dress it up too !

    • I am certain that if you give this brand a whirl you will NOT be disappointed. The formula is AMAZING- and the shades genuinely unique. 😉

  • Wow Bory-Alice is a beauty! And I love how you dressed it up with the stars.

    • Thank you! It is even more stunning in person- the duochrome shimmer glows such a vibrant shade of turquoise/teal in real life. Truly beautiful!

  • coraline humbert

    it’s suprising (cause I’m a huge fan of blue) but I prefer Chilled Down, so unique, soft and sophisticated at the same time !

    • I agree with you completely. Chilled Down is a stunner- and it has elements of two tones of blue 😉

  • Stacy Plowman-Pennock

    That’s so funny. I just got Chilled Down in the mail about a week ago and finally put it on yesterday (LOVE). All day I kept going to my nail art supplies because I never just wear plain polished nails, I always have to do something to spice it up but I couldn’t come up with anything because I don’t want to mess with perfection! I ended up doing an accent nail with NOPI Kissed at Midnight the mattified just those nails. I cannot believe how much a love Chilled Down and I’m so happy for Sandy that she’s getting so much well deserved attention for her polish!

    • Yup, I agree with you- this one is soft but also demands the spotlight- adding gold was definitely a good way to go (I actually debated on a gold pinky) 😉
      Sandy is a sweetheart- I wish her much well deserved success

  • MariJo Nails

    They are both beautiful in their own way!!! Love them!

    • Yes, Sandy really did a great job with them

  • beautiful ..

    • they really are 😀

  • Jamie Willett

    Two gorgeous polishes! I love that you mattefied and stamped Bory-Alice.

    • Thank you- I have seen a few glass fleck duochrome shades mattified and really wanted to try that with this shade

  • trachelle

    Just ordered both but I am really looking forward to chilled down. So pretty!

    • YES! You will love Chilled Down- I hope- as much as I do!

  • Both of these shade are amazing!!!

    • They really are 😀