OPI Disney’s OZ -Soft Shade Swatches

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Today I would like to show you the ‘soft-shades’ from the OPI Disney’s Oz The Great and Powerful LE collection (March 2013 release).

I am a HUGE fan of soft shades!!!! While I love spunky and dark manicures every now and then I just want to give my eyes a rest (but I rarely leave my nails nekkid)… so soft shades are great palate cleansers 😉

Let’s jump right in shall we?

(OPI I Theodora You and OPI Lights of Emerald City)

(OPI Glints of Glinda and OPI When Monkeys Fly)

(OPI Don’t Burst My Bubble with OPI Which is Witch?)

Please read on for full post and LOTS of photos 😉

OPI I Theodora You is a perfect soft-pink semi sheer shade that applies smoothly in two coats.  Many of my very first OPI shades were pinks, and OPI continues to impress me.  I would reach for I Theodora You if I wanted to feel girly but still age appropriate.   This is one of those mature but bright pinks- fresh with just the right level of bright:

(two coats, no topcoat)

I decided to layer OPI Lights of Emerald City over this one 😉

(one coat of OPI Lights of Emerald City over the pink AND over one black accent nail)

Where do I even start with this OPI glitter?

Chunky glitter, especially square glitter, is quite trendy in the Indie polish world and it is quite refreshing to see OPI give this trend a whirl.  LOVE this white glitter!!!!  For a first shot at a ‘different’ glitter, OPI get two thumbs up from me!

OPI Lights of Emerald City has a split personality…it is like getting two shades in one 😉 .  Layered over soft shades, the white glittes bits add spunk and the iridescent glitter is the charming soft glow.  However, when layered over black, the white squares act as a pretty contrast point of interest and the iridescent glitter gives off a gold/green glow:

(pinky Nailz Craze plate NC01).

I adore both of these shades to bits.  The Lights of Emerald City will be sure to please glitter fans new and old.  Application wise, I painted this polish onto my nail with ease.  The iridescent bits cover the nail evenly.  I did go fishing for two white glitters to cover a few (bold spots) and placed them onto the nail by dabbing the glitter directly off of the brush onto the spot that I wanted it in.  Overall, the clear jelly base is VERY easy to work with and I did not experience glitter clumping.

* * * *

OPI Glints of Glinda is a chic beige/caramel shade.  This one is quite sheer and required three generous coats to achieve this opacity.  I enjoy edgy caramel shades, but I am not too certain that this one was made for my skin tone.  I bet however, that it would be lovely in a copper/gold glitter sandwich or on people with a warmer/darker complexion than mine.

(three generous coats, no topcoat)

I layered OPI When Monkeys Fly over this one 🙂

(one coat of OPI When Monkeys Fly)

OPI When Monkeys Fly is a mixture of various sizes of silver holographic glitter with large metallic/foil gold glitter.  I really like the mix of silver and gold tones in this one.

(I tried the framed nail on the ring finger with BornPrettyStore lose gold glitter).

* * * *

I saved my two favorites for last.  I am STILL wearing this manicure! I LOVE IT!

OPI Don’t Burst My Bubble is a milky white/pink shade: think OPI Funny Bunny with the slightest hint of pastel pink!  One coat of Don’t Burst My Bubble gives your nail a soft clean look that would be perfect for french manicures etc.  Two coats however, creates such a fresh and chic polished look!

I.  Can’t. Express. How. Much. I.  Love.  This.  Shade!

(two coats, no topcoat)

Gorgeous Right!?

I couldn’t resist creating a glitter-tip manicure by adding OPI Which is Witch?

OPI Which is Witch? (which I am petrified to misspell by the way 😉 ), is a GENIUS mixture of silver holographic glitter.  At first glance I thought this would be a close dupe to OPI Servin’ Up Sprakle– but it is NOT even close upon further inspection!!!! 

Which is Witch? is composed of the finest barely-there holographic glitter, specs of holographic glitter, and small holographic glitter.  In addition (now I generally do NOT like bar glitter) it is filled with these tiny pieces of barglitter… like little glitter shavings.  The overall mixture is GENIOUS!  This polish is better than diamonds when applied to the tips.  For this look I painted two thin coats of this glitter polish right onto the top 1/3 portion of my nail (no sponge required)

(added some BornPrettyStore rhinestones and lose glitter to the accent nail)

I have done my share of glitter tips (am really like the bling at the tips of the nail), but have yet to see a glitter create such a holographic and lovely crushed-diamond look.  If you have to pick only ONE shade from the Oz soft shade collection- I would urge you to make it this one! 😉

This glitter is so micro-fine, with so much holographic sparkle!!! It creates the look of sparkly dust on your nails- absolutely breathtaking!

* * * *

I hope to show you the Liquid Sand polish from this collection on Monday 😉 *fingers crossed*

What shades would I recommend? (in this very order) 😉

* Which is Witch?

* Don’t Burst my Bubble

* Lights of Emerald City


* I Theodora You

* * * *

What do YOU think of this collection?


* products sent for honest review consideration *
  • I was pretty meh about this collection until swatches started popping up and I realized that the glitters were much more than regular glitters! Now I just want to get my hands on all of them! Which is Witch? was the one I was least excited for after seeing shots of the bottles, but seeing it now it’s my must have! I’m usually a big bar glitter hater, but in this polish it looks less like a bar glitter and more like what you said, CRUSHED DIAMONDS! Can’t wait to get my hands on it! 😀

    Also, the glitters in When Monkeys Fly look REALLY curled. Is that just reflective curling or are they actually curled?

    • So Which is Witch? is genuinely the best (in my collection) polish to do glitter tips with (hands down). Even seeing the bottle in person didn’t give away how pretty this polish would be ON the nail. please consider when you go shopping 😉 as for When Monkeys Fly:

      Yes, the glitter in When Monkeys Fly IS curling. Not too sure if that
      is just my bottle, but there is definitely some major curling going on
      both in the bottle and on the nail- intentional or not- I would not be able to wear it with the curling- I wasn’t a fan of the effect. (honest opinion)

      • Thanks for letting me know. I know that sometimes it LOOKS like a glitter is curling, but in reality it’s just the light. I guess I’ll just have to skip When Monkeys Fly. D:

        As for Which is Witch?, is it weird that I’m super excited to own it? I’m already thinking of which bases to pair it with! Might just have to buy Don’t Burst My Bubble. They look so natural together!

  • WOW ! I loved when you showed the Which is Whitch mani on twitter, glad to see it on the blog too now ! It’s so gorgeous *swoons* ! Will def need to get it !

    • You will LOVE that one! Even seeing the glitter in the bottle doesn’t do the actually final-look justice. I applied it over the tips and literally said “whoa” out loud 😀 Thank you for your kind comment

  • I’m so excited to see OPI doing something fun like these glitters! The soft sheers don’t excite me as much, but they really do look fabulous the way you’ve paired them. I *love* your combination of Don’t Burst My Bubble and Which is Witch! 😀

    • Yes, OPI really did know what they were doing with this soft collection and fun glitters.
      Don’t Burst My Bubble has the most amazing clean/soft look to it- it instantly knocked some of my previous go-to-sheers off of the pedastool and to their spot 😉

  • The last one is beautiful….love how you added rhinestones to the glitter 🙂

    • Thank you! The rhinestones were to add some dramatic-ness to the dusting of ‘diamonds’ 😀 I am still wearing this look but I removed the rhinestones to help with house chores 😉

  • They look interesting though I am not yet convinced on the sheers. The second glitter seems to be curling but is it, or is it reflective curling?

    • I ADORE Don’t Burst My Bubble- it is the prettiest clean base for any funky-french etc manicure (it vibes really well with my skintone) and offers that clean look.

      Yes, the glitter in When Monkeys Fly IS curling. Not too sure if that
      is just my bottle, but there is definitely some major curling going on
      up in there… 🙁

  • coraline humbert

    Love love love Lights of Emerald City, but I’m not such a fan for the others ! Thanks fot the review!

    • I enjoyed putting this post together, I’m glad you like this post.
      Lights of Emerald City has a really great formula also- very impressed with OPI’s take on this bigger glitter 😀

  • Love them all! And you really did gorgeous manicures with these <3

    • Thank you SO much. I’m flattered you like this review

  • I love this collection! Wow, how to choose..? I need all of the glitters!

    • 😉 You will love the glitter shades for sure! I hope you DO get your hands on them 😀

  • MariJo Nails

    I’m in love with Don’t Burst My Bubble with OPI Which is Witch? such a gorgeous manicure!!!

    • 😀 Thank you! That is my favourite pairing also- still wearing it now (though I took off the bulky rhinestones and just added lose glitter) 😉

  • Julie Rivard

    Holy crow, THOSE GLITTERS! What an amazing collection, and fabulous swatches 🙂

    • The shades are soft and sparkly for sure! 😀
      I’m glad you enjoyed my swatches

  • Even when I only saw bottle shots, I was excited about Which is Witch? It does not disappoint on the nail. Gorgeous! I Theodora you is beautiful too. I would probably be thrilled to wear any of the polishes from this collection though.

    • Which is Witch? is the one I would urge EVERYONE to get- and if I wasn’t already brim full of glitters I would get a backup bottle- that is how special this one is. It sparkles like crazy (even in the shadow) but still looks so fine and mature… 😀

  • I’m pleased to say that the glitter in ‘Lights of Emerald City’ look too big for my taste and nails (I’d still buy it purely to look at it in the bottle, stunning!), but I AM head over heels about ‘Which is Witch?’, which way my second “predicted love”.

    There’s just something about OZ lately, Essence is coming with an OZ inspired limited edition too. Sadly (or luckily?), the polishes in that collection are all crackle, which I’m not a fan of at all. The colors look stunning tho…

    • Lights of Emerald City does have much chunkier glitter (size wise) than is expected from the major brands, but there is a really lovely charm to that- and in the bottle it is prettier than a fancy snowglobe 😉
      And Which is Witch? that is a GORGEOUS one- the frontrunner IMO from this collection.
      All the Oz collections are in anticipation of the movie release- I too am not all to into the “oz” as a theme

  • Scottish Lass

    Great job swatching! But man how could they put out such obviously curling glitters? I don’t buy OPI anymore since I went cruelty-free but sometimes I look at the new collections longingly. Thankfully, even though your swatches are great and your nails are lovely, I’m not missing OPI at ALL right now. what were they thinking?

    • I respect your choice to go cruelty-free- that is a big step.

      Your comment is very sweet. It is true, the glitter in When Monkeys Fly definitely has some curling- and that is visible in the bottle and on the nail 🙁 (but I can overlook that for the other pretties in this collection).

  • Jamie Willett

    Ok…I MUST have Which is Witch? And I think I’ll have to add Don’t Burst My Bubble to my wishlist as well! I like When Monkeys Fly, but it looks like there is major curling in the glitter…or is that a reflection? GORGEOUS swatches and pairings!!

    • Yes, those two would be my TOP for sure!!!! (still wearing them and loving the holo-ness).
      Glad you like this post

      Yes, the glitter in When Monkeys Fly IS curling. Not too sure if that is just my bottle, but there is definitely some major curling going on up in there… 🙁

  • Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God,OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD !! Glitter is sooooooo fantatic !!!!! Especially Which is Witch !! And the others ! lol I am not fan of pale colors but Glitter, YEEEES ! ^^

    • I always like to feel your excitement AND you have also made me look at this collection a little differently. While the base/cream shades are soft- the glitters actually have some spunk-potential 😀

  • GosiaB

    I just love Which is Witch!!!!!! It will be mine!!! :)). I also like Theodora!! Such a soft pretty pink!

    • I hope you do get it! In my opinion it is one of the most memorable glitters out there! 😉

  • Neelie

    Oh dear…it’s time to start crunchin’ numbers on a calculator to figure out how I’m going to be able to own these awesome glitters!!! Will you be doing any swatches of just the glitters alone?

    • Hi Neelie,
      😉 I would strongly reccoment Which is Witch and Lights of Emerald City.
      The gold glitter has a bit of a curl/curve to it so it may not be everyones cup of tea.
      I am not sure I will have time to swatch these on their own. The only glitter that I see being build able to be opaque is Which is Witch and that might take (3-4 coats). I think they are best layered over other shades.

      • Neelie

        Thanks for the recommendations and info! I will TRY to hold back on the gold glitter. Truthfully I’m slightly disappointed in it, seeing as it was the glitter I was looking forward to the most 🙁

  • They’re all so gorgeous!! I need to have all of them!! <3

    • 🙂 I support that decision 😉

  • can you compare Which is Witch? to Save Me (last yrs Nicki Minaj). If they are dupey I will content myself with the mini set, which has the 3 cremes and liquid sand.

    • Thank you for your comment. I wish I still had my mini bottle of “Save Me”… I do NOT like bar glitter and so I passed on my bottle of that polish. While I cannot do a swatch comparison, I will say that Wich is Witch? is MORE holographic, has finer/dantier glitter, does NOT have giant bits of bar glitter. The hair-like/bar glitters in Which is Witch? is MUCH finger (I would say 1/4 the size). I hope this helps?

  • I am not wearing so often soft shades. But I think I need to have the last two, your favorites. They look really great and I love the glitter tips you made. And it is a nice soft color. (And I thought I could pass this collection…)

    • Can you believe that I am still wearing that combo!?

      I took it off and felt sad – I had to swatch a few shades. Once swatching was done I RE-applied the last combo of colors and am still loving it. 😀 Those would be my MUST-Haves for sure

  • i think im gonna grab all the color from this collection! your swatches are killing me!

    • 😀 Glad you like this post . It is often helpful to see the swatches rather than bottle promo shots 😉

  • Emma Lindqvist

    I NEED every single colour from this collection! I’m so in love with them all! The release date is perfect too! My birthday is in March 😀 Can’t wait! Thank you for wonderful swatches 🙂

    • 😀 Happy early Birthday 😉 Your birthday will be sure to include soft and glittery 😉 Perfect

  • Laure

    It’s funny, because judging from the press photos, I was least excited about Which Is Witch? , which (O.o) I really like in swatches. I also really like Don’t Burst My Bubble and I Theodora You.
    I’m not really a fan of square glitter and I’d expected more from When Monkeys Fly. I was mainly really excited about Monkeys and it doesn’t quite live up to what I was hoping it would look like. Sadly… 🙁

    • I agree, When Monkeys Fly is one I was super excited about and it turned out to be my least favourite. Hands down (and I’m STILL wearing this combo) is Which is Witch? and Don’t Burst My Bubble! 😉

      • Laure

        😀 It looks lovely.

  • Glittersnapdragon

    The glitters do look interesting! But do I detect taco-glitters in When
    Monkeys Fly?…..The big golden ones seem to be curved…?!

    The pastels don’t do it for me: I have some New york City Ballet pastels and these don’t look as though they are much different.

    • Yes, yes you do! The gold glitter in When Monkeys Fly is definitely curved and will stick out from the surface of the nail. Intentional or not, I wasn’t a huge fan- unfortunate because I too hoped that OPI would give us an awesome gold glitter.

  • Omg I love your nail art! I wasn’t sold on Which it Witch or When Monkeys Fly, but now I totally see what they’re capable of I’ll have to pick them up

    • I’m glad that my swatches helped. Sometimes it is hard to see the true colors from promo pics 😉

  • Christine Steiner

    You got me hooked!!! I most certainly will indulge in the white square and the holo glitter. Can I ask you – do the golden hex glitters curl? It nearly seems so from looking at the photos? I probably will console myself with the milky white polish, I wear those pale shades to rarely to justify buying more 😉

    • Yes, the golden hex glitters DO curl, a lot. It is quite unfortunate but they are raised from the surface.

      I would strongly urge you to get the milky pink one… It is perfect for jelly sandwiches and I am wearing it for the second week now … that has happened- never! (thankfully I had some backup posts). I LOVE IT. So pure and clean looking

  • I like all of the new polishes with the exception of When Monkeys Fly. I can’t get past the curling glitters. I love your glitter mani…it is really pretty! I’ll have to give that a shot. I’m with you when it comes to bar glitter…not a fan at all. This one has what I have seen called ‘hair glitter’. I like the way you applied it…but I have seen it applied all over and it kind of made the nails look hairy LOL. Thanks for the post!

  • Amber

    Any chance you’ll share how you did the two little hearts?

    • Hello Amber,
      The black little hearts are actually stamps from a NailzCraze plate. I purchased them on etsy (link below). They are currently out of stock, but will be back mid March.

      However, you could also use a toothpick/dotting tool to create hearts (there are youtube tutorials on that). Hope this helps 😀

  • Lindsey Solomon

    I just found these on sale and snagged up each that you recommended. Yep. All four.
    Think I want to give your glittered tips combo a try first! It’s so pretty! <3

    • I saw your IG post- it looks great and reaffirms that this ‘soft’ collection is awesome!

      • Lindsey Solomon

        Thank you!! I had a hard time taking that one off. I got so many compliments and just loved how they looked so elegant and especially how perfect it paired with my engagement ring.
        A definite contender for wedding festivities mani in my books!

  • Marieta García López

    They suit you very well on your nails! OMG!