White Owl Lacquers – PART 2

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I went to my monthly book club meeting this past Wednesday and we discussed “State of Wonder” by Ann Patchett.  If any of you are avid readers, I truly recommend this book (you can read my review of this novel, via Goodreads here).  But I know you didn’t tune in to read about what I read 😉

Today I have two more lovely White Owl Lacquers to show you: Dwelling on Dreams and Pumpkin Pasties

* Dwelling on Dreams *

* Pumpkin Pasties *

* * * *

Dwelling on Dreams:

Mara says: “We don’t have to forget to live… but our dreams are also a beautiful place to be…”

Dwelling on Dreams is described as a: Teal, aqua and gold glitter in a milky white jelly base. Can be used alone for a softer look or layered over white. A mix of matte and metallic, hexagonal and square.

(one coat over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls)

This mixture combines some of my favorite things into one fun and flirty polish (I think this shade also proves that Mara and I are, in fact, nail polish twins 😉 ): an off white/grey base with the perfect amount of GOLD and turquoise and baby blue sprinkled within.

If you love white nail polish you will LOVE the extra sparkle… if you do not like white nail polish, the sparkle might just be enough to convince you to give white a whirl 😉  This dreamy mixture does dry a little matte so you may want to add a layer of topcoat 😀

I played around with this polish just a little bit more and added OPI Golden Eye (one of my prizes from www.NailPolishCanada.com) to the pinky, and essence Let’s Get Lost to my ring and pointer finger.  A few gold BornPretty Store studs complete this look.

(posed with a Suzy Shier bracelet that my sister bought me)

* * * * *

Pumpkin Pasties is described by Mara as: “Sweet and spicy, with a touch of Fall and adventures to come!

Red, orange, yellow and brown glitter in a milky orange/peachy jelly base.

(one coat of Pumpkin Pasties over two coats of OPI Malaysian Mist)

If you follow my blog long enough, you will surely know of my weakness for pastel peach shades, therefore it should come as no surprise that I absolutely LOVE this mixture of warm-toned glitters and a jelly pastel-peach base.

I didn’t want to take too much away from Pumpkin Pasties by covering it with stamping etc., so I decided on an accent nail.  For this one I applied two coats of Barry M Peach Melba (please note just how close in color Peach Melba is with Pumpkin Pasties).  I stamped using white and Mash-39.  I then stamped the floral design with Konad m21 and Revlon Espresso.  I covered the entire nail with one thin coat of the peach-jelly OPI Malaysian Mist, and added a BornPretty Store rhinestone.

You may purchase these, as well as four more White Owl Lacquers online HERE.

To see my swatches of Basilisk Venom and Moony, click HERE.


  • Lacqueerisa Says

    Wow! Really in love with Dwelling on Dreams! Though it didn’t come off as dreamy to me, it sure is new and refreshing combo! Love the colour combinations and the mixture of hex and square glitters! Very unique! Love it!

    • I thought “clouds”… “trendy clouds” with this one- big fluffy ones 😉
      They are really pretty creations for sure

  • Wow, such gorgeous glitters. I’m a big fan of any white based glitter polishes, and the gold and turquoise really makes this beauty pop !

    • I really like Dwelling on Dreams too- the glitters against the white background is very sophisticated and trendy. Easy on the application too 😉

  • Wow so gorgeous! And so great how you managed to make again such a great skitlet with them.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed this review 😀

  • Dwelling on Dreams is so so gorgeous, I am happy I got it too!

    • 😉 Yes, definitely a beautiful shade! One of my faves from this collection

  • Lou is Perfectly Polished

    Absolutely gorgeous. I would definitely buy both these glitters. I love the gold and turquoise combination in particular. Really great review Marta xx

    • Thank you- I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Those glitters, on the white base, really are quite special

  • coraline humbert

    i love them both, the first one is so sweet, and your skittlette mani is so succesful -as usual- and love the peach one, I WANT SPRING TO COME !!! lol

    • Me too- I’m so ready for spring. It is sooooo cold in London ON!
      Glad you like the skittlette 😉

  • They are sooooo beautiful !! 😀 Your skittlette mani with the firts one is gorgeous ! 🙂 And the second one has (one more time, I say it) fall aspects… ^^ I love them !

    • 😉 Thank you! Adding some full nails of color brings out the colorful bits in the glitter, I thought 😉

  • love dwelling on dreams(love love the golden glitter in white)… such beautiful shades 🙂

    • Doesn’t gold and white just work sooo well together!? I agree 😉

  • MaraPolishland

    Thank you Marta, such beautiful pictures and nail art!!!! And White Owl Lacquers made its way to one of Chit Chat Nails signature Skitlette!!!! Yayyyy!!!! Dwelling on Dreams is happy dancing hahahah

    • 😉 I may have another skittlette in the works 😉
      The reviews are a pleasure- thank YOU!

  • i love the pumpkin spice!! but i love you first nail art combination,,

    • Thank you! 😀 It is neat to turn glitter shades into accent nails – then the manicure becomes something different/special. Glad you like it.

  • Jamie Willett

    Ok, I am officially obsessed with Dwelling on Dream! It’s everything I love in a polish!! I have to get my hands on it…I also have Goldeneye, so now I know what to pair it with when I get it!

    • 😉 Those two really do seem to be made for one another. Dwelling on Dreams is delicate enough with that beautiful pop of color. I think it might be one of my favourites from this collection.

  • Both look so beautiful!

    • Agreed, they are both very pretty creations. Mara did well 😉

  • Gorgeous! Both of those are stunning!

  • Christine Steiner

    While I love to look at dramatic, color intense glitters I prefer to see the delicate ones on my nails. My preference with these two is the white based glitter. Mind you, I love the Peach colored but my skin is too strongly pink toned to get away with it 😉 Don’t try to imagine it – it is too gruesome 😉

    • LOL.. too gruesome. I think EACH skintone will have shades that compliment it. You would love this white base one… the color combination is really fun and trendy. 😉 There are some shades that I would love to wear/pull off but I’m just not ‘right’ for them 😉