Chit Chat Nails Update

Hello Lovely Ladies,

My personal life has been fairly slow- the kids are growing… Jackson is starting to talk a little and when Olivia is in school Maya is filling the big-sister role and helping Jackson out.  We have had some sort of bug/virus/cold/flu something-or-other for the past few weeks it seems… but I guess that is expected with the warmer than usual weather.

While my personal life is slow and steady, my blogging life has so many exciting things going on!!! I would like to dedicate today’s post to kind of fill you in and share!

The biggest and most exciting news: my very first in-print feature in a Magazine!!!! A number of weeks back now, I was contacted by both the Editor and the Art Director of MODERN HAIR+BEAUTY magazine.  I was asked to share a few of my manicures with them, and was informed this week that at least one of them made it into the February 2013 issue of MODERN HAIR+BEAUTY yearbook!!!!

This surpasses my wildest dreams!  I started blogging to have an outlet for my passion for painting nails and my desire to meet new people (while on maternity leave).  That was two years ago.  I have now made some true friends, I communicate with Ladies from around the world, and now this Australian feature!!!! AMAZING.

I was given permission to share this video with you, of one of the incredible photo shoots for this issue of Modern Hair+Beauty!  Please check it out!

* * * * *

I was also sent twenty one (that is right, 21!) bottles of Shimmer Polish

I will be swatching them a few at a time but if there are any that you would like to see first, please let me know (Strength and Kim have already been requested ;) )

* * * * *

And finally, completely NON nail polish related I have a cute little animal-video that still has me laughing big time (and I hope it makes your day also)! ;)


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  • PolishMad

    So happy to hear that everything is going well! 1/2 year ago I would have never thought that I could feel connected with someone just buy reading their blog, but you are the sweetest person, replying all your comments, and sharing your life ;) wish you only the best! Hugs <3

    • PolishMad

      Marta is that you on the homepage top? Asking just because she has brown hair… :) and you have had some awesome photos taken by Peter lately :)

      • Marta

        Thank you SO much. It is challenging to juggle personal life and manicures- I never want to bore anyone with my daily life- but I appreciate that the little bits I do share are always so kindly received. I appreciate each and every comment and if someone takes the time to leave it- I TRY my best to return the kindness and comment back. I too have grown really fond of my followers ;)/readers/friends :D

        As per the header photos- while I appreciate the compliment (and will pass it on to Peter) the photo is NOT ours. I run my blog through WordPress and the free templates that were available looked like boring “essay” ones ;) This was the only template that fit my ‘style’… header was included… *sigh*… though I did used to have brown hair :D

  • Elizabeth

    Wah, that is so exciting! Congratulations!! And oooh, I can’t even imagine staring at that many Shimmers and trying to decide where to start. Can’t wait to see your pics! ;)

    • Marta

      Thank you SO much! The support I get on a daily basis is UNREAL :D
      Yes, I think I will tackle the shimmers a few at a time but all the glittery bottles have me picking them up (over and over again) just to admire the sparkle :D lol

      • Elizabeth

        Haha, no doubt! I’d probably be fondling them and murmuring all Gollum about “my precioussss.” >_<

  • Guest

    That`s so great…congratulations :)

    • Marta

      Thank you!

  • Irena Požin

    That`s so great…congratulations :) Night time, day time :D

    • Marta

      Thank you! Alan?! Alan!? Alan!? ;)
      Your comment made me giggle :D

  • rn t

    OH YAY Congrats!! :) So happy for you! You definitely deserve it!

    • Marta

      Thank you SO much!

  • coraline humbert

    congrats for all, you deserve it Marta !

    • Marta

      Thank you SO much! This feature is definitely one of the major highlights of my blogging life :D

  • Morgane Rauscher-Borne

    Congratulations Marta ! :D That i so cool for you !! You definitely derserve this honor ! ;)

    • Marta

      Thank you! I am definitely grateful for all of the support and great opportunities :D

  • Rachael Robinstein

    Congratulations! :)

    • Marta

      Thank you! :D

  • Raquel Mason

    Contratulations on your acomplishements & all those polishes!

    • Marta

      Thank you!

  • Karen Lenz

    Awesome news all around! :) After scrutinizing the Shimmer picture, I request the gold-ish on the left, 3 up from the bottom.
    LOL at the animal video! Did Peter share that? I only ask bc its like viral at work, me and the other tech friends in my dept were peeing ourselves over it this week too!
    Have a great day Marta!!!

    • Marta

      the GOLD- Done deal :)
      Thank you!
      I saw this video posted by a friend on facebook- Peter wasn’t as smitten with it as I was – so not sure if he too saw it at work or not- either way- it is a fun video that I couldn’t resist but share (despite the fact that it is NOT nail polish related).

  • Petra Specht

    It is so sweet to share all this with us :-) Congratulations for your manicure being in a magazine, you well deserve it!
    I read your blog each day and really appreciate that you take so much time also to answer all the comments. Thank you :-)

    • Marta

      Thank you Petra,
      It means the world that sweet Ladies like you take time out of their day to spend with me here on the blog- :D I really appreciate it.
      It is thanks to all of your comments and support that I keep trying my best and keep experiencing such amazing moments that I can be grateful for.

  • MaraPolishland

    Congratulations!!! your beautiful manis and great pictures totally deserve the honor! :-)

    • Marta

      Thank you! I feel really thankful and excited!

  • Deborah

    Congrats Marta, you totally deserve this!

    • Marta

      Thank you!

  • Jamie Willett

    Congrats, Marta!! That is such exciting news!

    • Marta

      Thank you! Once I get my hands on the magazine I will share the photos ;)

  • preciouspearl

    Congratulations Marta :) You are truly an inspiration to a new nail blogger like me..

    • Marta

      Wow. Thank you.
      In my heart, honestly, I still feel like a new blogger because there is still so much to learn and try. I am happy to read your comment. Thank YOU!

  • carolingq

    Congratulations! You deserve this because you are amazing!