OPI What Wizardry is This?

Hello Lovely Ladies!

It was a FREEZING weekend here in London Ontario- honestly, so cold that you could feel it in your bones.  We didn’t do anything revolutionary this weekend, but as Sunday came to a close I realized that I didn’t have ANY blog-posts written up *gasp*.  I had photos, but none of them were cropped and the posts were not written… but have no fear, with a cup of tea in hand I managed to get a few posts queued up for this week 😉

Starting with OPI’s newest Liquid Sand What Wizardry is This from the Oz The Great and Powerful collection (out this March 2013):

“The new Liquid Sand nail lacquer – What Wizardry is This? – features OPI’s groundbreaking technology for a textured, matte finish infused with reflective sparkle,” adds Weiss-Fischmann.  “This rich taupe hue was designed for James Franco’s character, the great Wizard of Oz, and is sure to make a bold statement this spring.”

What Wizardry is This? is described as a taupe, but it looks more like an olive green/antique gold against my skintone.  While it still has the enchanted Liquid Sand formula where the surface is gritty – on purpose – , and quite pleasant to the touch… (yes, I’m guilty of petting my own nails), the ‘sand granules’ are actually much finer than those in the Mariah Carey Liquid Sand collection.

What Wizardry is This? applies easily and is fully opaque in two coats.  It will dry to a matte finish with some shimmer/glitter; because you are not advised to use a topcoat with this polish (topcoat would eliminate the sandy texture), you should give this polish at least ten minutes to dry/settle- you will know when it is ready because it will turn matte 😉

I generally do not like textured polish, but I am a HUGE fan of the gritty-while-still-being-pleasant-to-the-touch (aka, fun to pet 😉 ) finish.  I do admit that I miss the larger bits of glitter that we saw in Stay The Night. This slight change in ‘formula’ gives What Wizardry is This? more of an overall textured tarnished gold/antique gold finish rather than a pure matte finish with gold-bits (I hope that makes sense?).  As a payoff though, this shade is both durable to wear AND quite easy to remove (no stubborn large glitter bits to make removal a challenge).

I am also not too certain that this olive green/gold/taupe really suits my pink-skin tone as a full manicure BUT, I knew that What Wizardry is This? would ROCK as an accent nail feature 😉

As an accent nail, What Wizardry is This? is sure to wow regardless of what it is put against and regardless of your skintone 😉

* * *

Ring Finger: two coats Cult Nails wax finish Fetish (now available for pre-purchase HERE) with a gold Cult Nails stud.

Middle Finger: one coat Essie Good As Gold and Gals plate GA08

* * * *

So, have you been sold on the Liquid Sand formula?  Are you as wowed by it as I am? (trend/fad or not, I adore the textured polish that OPI created and will certainly wear it again and again)


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  • Thanks for sharing! I would LOVE to see it with a topcoat…! *wink wink, nudge nudge* 😉 Your final manicure looks fab, by the way.

  • Another gorgeous mani !! I love the overall look ! May I ask what you use to keep the studs on your nail ? Just the polish or did you use some nail glue too ? Just curious, I always use mine on the polish . The wax finish Fetish is gorgeous too, def ordering a bottle !

    • Hi Lynette,

      When I hope to wear my studs for longer than a day I use nail glue. I got a bottle from Julie through Belissimo Nails Tumblr. She sells it for $1.00 and it is THE best, THE strongest glue… have yet to lose a gem- big or small. If I only intend to wear the manicure for a day I apply a drop of clear topcoat and then work the topcoat around the gem as well.

      I have noticed that the matte finish on Fetish is not as stud friendly, so glue is necessary- a drop of topcoat is NOT enough to keep the stud in place for longer. Something about the matte/wax finish

  • NailsbyCarol

    Haha, you and your gorgeous manicures all the time… Very pretty!

    • 😀 Awh, thank you very much 😀

  • Gorgeous, at least your final mani. I am a bit scarry of gritty polishes. Some how it irritates me. But hey the final result makes me smile again. 😉

    • I hope that you get a chance to “pet” a Liquid Sand swatch at a local store… because I too don’t like gritty polish- but LOVE the Liquid Sand feel- I do. Guilty of it. This one is much smoother because it is lacking the bigger glitter bits

  • coraline humbert

    don’t like the polish on its own, but your mani compliments it very well, above all your perfect stamped accent nail!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you like the way I paired this look -this would be a natural way that I would wear it and feel very comfortable with this shade 😀

  • Laure

    I’m not sure about the polish on it’s own, but I really like it in a mani. Alone, it’s a bit overpowering…

    • Glad you agree. I bet it would look gorgeous against olive skintones… not so much against my pale/pink skin. But accent wise it fights to be noticed 😉

  • Bliss

    Very nice! I like the such polishes so much!

    • Thank you- it is definitely a unique and fun shade

  • This is gorgeous! I love the antique texture and shade, and you’re right–it makes a fabulous accent too!

    • Thank you. Yes, for me this will stay an accent nail polish- I don’t feel comfortable (color wise) with this shade on all of my nails.
      But it definitely adds a really unique quality to any manicure

  • such a stunning mani! Love the unique texture of this polish..

    • Thank you. I’m very glad you like this combo

  • MariJo Nails

    I absolutely love this on you!! The nail art is awesome as always!!

    • Why thank you my dear! 😀

  • Jamie Willett

    LOVE that skittlette mani!!

  • I’m not a fan of texture on my nails-probably why I don’t like glitter so much! I just love your manis!

    • Thank you. I hope that you at least find swatches of this at a local store and get to ‘pet’ the liquid sands… the sandy feeling is actually VERY pleasant (I too do NOT like gritty glitter)

  • Julie Rivard

    I just don’t understand how you DO it! Your manicures are always just so beautiful. You must be a little bit more on the artistic side 🙂 I love the liquid sand polishes!

    • You don’t know how great of an ego boost your comment is for me 😉
      I have a younger sister who is incredibly skilled and artistic (though she will not admit it herself)… it is nice to hear that I have a little of that also (even if it is limited to some manicures) 😉 Thank you *gloating*

  • emlangille

    I already have 3 plates with houndstooth print..and yet, I want this GALS plate print too…I think I have an addiction…

    • LOL… this definitely has that “houndstooth feel” but is different enough… I say the no-buy can wait?! 😉

  • I am intrigued by these polishes I do love this one though the colour is lovely and I bought the Cult Nails pre sale pack can’t wait for my bottle of fetish, Peter and Juan wore it well 😀 I knew you would come up with plenty of posts, I love what you have done with the mani another one for the to buy list 😀

    • 🙂
      Oh you will LOVE Fetish… even Peter was open to giving it a whirl and stared as it dried to matte/wax finish 😉

      I hope you get at least one liquid sand shade from the OPI collection. They are really neat

  • Wooooow ! This color is so greaaat ! 🙂 This texture is kind of weird… ^^ But I really want to tru it ! lol

    Your skittlette is really cool ! 🙂

    • The texture would surprise you. I don’t like gritty glitter- but this is very pleasant to the touch. Very innovative

  • Stacy Plowman-Pennock

    None of the earlier sands grabbed me but this is GORGEOUS and I MUST own it now!!

    • This one is quite pretty and more of a ‘subtle’ liquid sand (no giant glitter bits)

  • Great manicure! and yes, I’m with you on this one – texture nails are fantastic!
    Hmm… reminds me to do some textured mani too.

    • Wow, thank you so much for your comment.
      I am really into this textured polish stuff- Stay the Night by OPI is still my favourite but I will accept this finish in any combo 😀

  • It looks very good, I think I love this color version the best of the 5 released so far.. thought the black one is also secretly calling my name!

    • The black leather one by Nails Inc? or the OPI “Stay the Night”?
      I have two bottles of stay the night because I love it that much- the nails in pure black has me drooling too 😉

      • No OPI Stay the Night :). Okay so I am going to order it now somewhere haha!

  • carolingq

    Stunning manicure Marta!

  • Christine Steiner

    As always über-cool!!! I got the liquid sand minis from the Mariah Carey Collection. I have to try them yet as the bottles are rather macro than mini and I don’t want to spoil any :-S. I do love textured glitters though ever since Deborah Lippmann released Mermaids Dream :-). I cannot wait to get the Wizzard of Oz Collection though 🙂

  • I love your finished manicure! I think I am going to pass on the liquid sand bc its not really my ball of yarn, but I DO wish the shade (bottle colour) came in a non-liquid sand formula! I would buy that in a second.

  • Elyse Koyen

    I have What Wizardry is this and i absolutely love how chique and trendy it is 🙂 and you make it rock in your full mani 😀

    • Thank you! I appreciate your comment 😀

  • unintended

    I found your blog when I search any informations about gals plate. I must say that I’m addicted. Your descriptions are comprehensive and photos inspiring…. perfect.

    • Awh, thank you SO much. It is always sweet to hear about how people found my little nail-polish corner 😀 Welcome and thank you for the kind words 😀