Dandy Nails Moonglow

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I have already shown you a few of my Dandy Nails swatches (if you missed them, check them out HERE).  Today I would like to show you Moonglow:

Dandy Nails Moonglow is described as a “Charcoal gray, scattered holographic polish“:

(two coats)

Moonglow is in fact a very playful mid-tone metallic grey; it is much warmer than the other metallic greys that I have in my collection.

I absolutely LOVE this polish!!! It responds so well to light (the metallic grey almost glows) AND as an added bonus it has tiny scattered holo bits!

* * *

The holo glitter in Moonglow is designed to be subtle, adding the little element of interest while maintaining an aura of sophistication and elegance.  I think it is a really trendy shade and I wanted to try a new technique that I had seen on Instagram used by @cucumbertini HERE, and by @pshiiit_polish HERE.

I used a neon pink striper polish and free-handed the lines.  I then used a dotting tool to add two dots to the pinky.

I did want to mention another reason why I ADORE Moonglow: it makes the PERFECT base for silver glitter… It adds a bit of a shadowed look to the glitter because Moonglow is  slightly darker than your average silver.  Here it is paired with OPI Crown Me Already!

You can bet your bottom dollar that I will be using Moonglow again (maybe under White Owl Lacquers Moony) and you will see me play with this lined technique very shortly as well.  I really dig the way it looks (yes, I said “dig” 😉 ).

Sandy, the sweet mastermind behind Dandy Nails, sells her trendy shades on Etsy HERE, or if you live outside of the US you can purchase your Dandy Nails Lacquers HERE.

* * * *

What do you think of this striped technique? Have you tried any Dandy Nails shades yet?

Do you have a favourite charcoal grey polish?


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  • O wow ! I REALLY love this look of the mani, will def need to try the stripe technique, looks amazing, subtle yet playfull and fun ! ( I dig the look too ! Hee hee hee ! )

    • This technique was MUCH easier than I expected. I started with just my accent nail (ring-finger) in case I would “mess it up”… but I was happy with how it turned out 😀
      I hope YOU try it

  • Lou is Perfectly Polished

    I love pink and grey together it’s one of my favourite combinations. This looks like a great charcoal base and I love the striping technique 🙂 xx

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you like this look- I was so surprised to fall for this look as well (I am currently wearing something similar with turquoise – blog post coming next week).

  • The pink and the silver really match great! Lovely combo

    • Thank you very much. I like pink and grey, and these two matched quite nicely too. Especially with the way that Moonglow plays in the light

  • pretty and delicate paint 🙂

  • rn t

    I love the pink! It really makes this mani look slightly wild and different!!

    • “wild” is a great way of putting it. I kind of felt like I should stand near a graffiti wall, or put on a futuristic silver outfit of some sort 😉

  • Guest

    love the striping! I may try that soon it looks great especially with those colors(:

    • Thank you!
      Do try it! It is a fairly easy technique and looks pretty fun

  • Jamie Willett

    Oooo that’s one gorgeous polish!!

    • Right!? 😀 I am wearing it again today (I recreated the stripes in turquoise- post coming next week).

  • Very cute design!

  • Wooow ! It is so pretty ! 😀 I love the pink stripes ! x)

    That’s a very discrete look but shiny (moonglow is just the contrary but anyway ! ^^) at the same time. And you are totally right saying it is a good base for silver glitter ! ^^

    And… To answer your question… I would say that my favorite charcoal grey tend to be… Dorian Grey (A England) ! ^^ If it is in the charcoal grey category…! lol

    • A England is the one brand I haven’t yet tried… but I do love discovering new charcoal grey shades.

      Glad you like this combo

  • That pink accents makes the polish pop out amazing!

    • Thank you. I tried this look again with a turquoise and the pink version is a bit nicer (I will show the turquoise one next week)

  • Lani Maverick

    I agree. This looks amazing!

    • Thank you So much

  • that’s such a cool shade!

  • carolingq

    Oh Amiga, I have to do this technique very soon. You did a beautiful job!

  • Christine Steiner

    Beautiful – this polish is a perfect canvas for your adorable nailart :-)! My favorite charcoal is Orly Iron Butterfly. The holo effect in your Diva Darling polish reminds me of the NailNation 3000 polishes I bought recently. In Winter I prefer the scattered holos as they don’t look as flat in dull weather as linear holos sometimes do xxx

  • Christine Steiner

    Stupid me this is Dandy Nails not Diva :-S

  • Sweet mani! I love how its got a futuristic vibe. I have a girl crush on Pshiiit, the french is not a deterrent to me visiting her blog!