My Bitz ‘n Pieces Swatches

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I had a chance to spend Saturday with some really great friends.  This upcoming week is also filled with exciting things as my daughter Maya will turn four years old.  We are also going on a mini two-day family getaway to Niagara Falls on Thursday and Friday.  I enjoy having things on the horizon to look forward to.  It adds a spark to the passing days.

Speaking of spark and glitter… 😉

China Glaze has released their Bitz ‘n Pieces collection filled with SIX amazing glitters!!!! Truly, for a mainstream brand these glitter lacquers are edgy, trendy and really fun!

Application was SUPER easy and each brushstroke is PACKED with glitter.  The swatches are all of ONE coat!

(read on for more photos AND glitter ‘ideas’)

All of the six glitters from the collection are a mixture of black glitters of various shapes and sizes (bar glitter, small medium and extra-large hexagonal glitter) mixed in with a colored hexagonal glitter (small, medium, and large in size).  

I hope to show you a few different ways to wear these glitter shades 😉

* * *

Graffiti Glitter is a mixture of black and GREEN glitter:

(one coat over China Glaze Duplicity)

The most basic and easiest way to wear this collection of glitters is to layer it over an opaque polish.  The glitter is suspended in a clear base so you will see the base polish underneath leaving room for endless layering options.

* * *

Razzle Me, Dazzle is a mixture of black and SOFT ROSE/COPPER glitter:

(one and a half 😉 coats over OPI My Very First Knockwurst)

I applied Razzle Me, Dazzle over the top half of my nail for an edgy looking glitter tip manicure.  You could also apply the glitter to the bottom half of your nail for a pretty look.

I added an accent nail, Cult Nails Fetish, to add an additional bit of interest.  If you aren’t very into glitter, you could just paint ONE of your nails with the glitter polish and keep all of the others a basic cream.

* * *

Glitz ‘n Pieces is a mixture of black and SILVER glitter:

(one coat over China Glaze Recycle and Flip Flop Fantasy DOTS)

You can layer these clear base glitter shades over dotted and striped manicures to add another color to your manicure.

To create this look I painted my grey base, and then used a dotting tool to add the neon dots.  Once dry, I added one coat of Glitz ‘n Pieces.

* * *

Scattered & Tattered is a mixture of black glitter with SOFT RED glitter:

(one coat over OPI Goldeneye)

Layering these glitters over duochrome/metallic shades creates a uniform ‘glowing’ look and really makes the black glitter POP.

You could also add a layer of matte topcoat for a neat effect:

* * *

I decided to show you Bling it On and Mosaic Madness together/side-by-side.  While they are different glitters (the first a purple the latter a blue), they are similar enough where if you are looking to save a tiny bit of money, you could get away with purchasing just ONE of them 😉

Bling It On is a mixture of black glitter with ROYAL PURPLE glitter.

Mosaic Madness is a mixture of black glitter with DEEP BLUE glitter.

Close enough right?

(one coat over Sally Hansen Whirlwind White)

You could also opt to use these glitters in a glitter/jelly sandwich, as I did below, with one coat of OPI Funny Bunny:

* * *

I am genuinely impressed with this collection and LOVE the shades much more than I thought I would after seeing the Press Release.

They have excellent coverage in one coat and the mixture of glitters is incredibly pretty.  If you are new to the ‘glitter polish’ thing, the only word of caution I would give is to apply a thin coat of glitter and to push back any bar glitter (the hair like black glitters) that might be sticking out past your nail’s free edge (do this while the polish is still wet 😉 ).  The glitter will create a bit of texture on your nail as well, so you will want to add a thick coat of topcoat to even things out.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

My personal favourites would definitely be Razzle Me, Dazzle and Glitz n’ Pieces 😉

* * *

I have shown you a few ways to wear this China Glaze collection… how would YOU wear it?

Which one of these glitters is YOUR favourite?

Will you be picking up any/all of this collection?


* * product sent for honest-review consideration * *
  • Hi Marta, congrats with your little girls fourth birthday. I love the combo with golden eye. It’s just breath taking.

    • Thank you! I keep seeing glitter being layered over duo chromes and this was my chance to try it. Glad you like it also.
      Thank you for the personal bit in your comment 😀 It means a lot

  • Gorgeous ! My favourite one (and the mani you did with it of course ) is Razzle me Dazzle . It looks so antique and pretty ! I also loive the look of Glitz and Pieces, with the pink neon dots underneath . Makes it pop !

    • Thank you. Yes, Razzle me Dazzle is the showstopper in this collection IMO

  • Love Razzle me Dazzle me, but the one with the neon dots is genius! It looks as if you’ve got a polish with neon round matte glitter!

    • Thank you! It is a fun way to add an extra ‘color’ to the mix

  • Zara Sarén

    I thought I didn’t need this collection but you’re making me reconsider! Loving what you did with Glitz and Pieces and the bright dots and also Razzle me Dazzle with the texture of the black! Great variety of styles you pulled off!

    • 😉 I don’t mind being a cause of temptation when it comes to polish 😉
      Thank you- I’m glad you enjoyed this post

  • Razzle me, dazzle and glitz ‘n pieces are my absolute favourites! Such a lovely collection 🙂

    • It really is a neat collection for a mainstream Brand 😀 I’m quite impressed with how much glitter is packed into each bottle

  • carolingq

    Bling It On is the only one that really caught my eyes.
    I love the jelly sandwich you did!

    • Thank you 🙂 (I don’t do these often enough)

  • coraline humbert

    OMG I HATE YOU. At first I wasn’t intersted in this collection. And now, you’re showing us THESE perfect swatches, with some details, like adding dots with Flip Flop Fantasy. I have to look at your pics again, to see what are my fav, and to know which oneS will be on my wishlist :p Have a nice day Marta 🙂

    • Your comment made me smile 😉
      I say pick up at least ONE from this collection to get a feel for this fun glitter 😉

  • Ooooooh ! What a wonderful post !! :p You must know why… 😉

    Razzle me, dazzle is is definitly my favorite ! 🙂 But they are all BEAUTIFUL !

  • Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now but this is my first time leaving a comment. I just want to say that you are really talented and I’m always looking forward to reading your posts.:) Your passion for nail polishes really comes across. You definitely have one of the best nail polish blogs around!

    • Hi Regina,

      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sweet comment. It means a lot that you take time of your day to check out my little blog.
      I really do enjoy playing with polish and I am glad that my genuine hobby comes out in my posts. THANK YOU SO KINDLY!

  • Christine Steiner

    Hi Marta, I could not agree more with you that ChG really got its finger on the pulse of trends and for any newcomer to the nailpolish world I would recommend taking a head start with them. Your swatches are beautiful and it was not easy to name a favorite. I would go for Razzle me, Dazzle. I did not buy any though because I am not really into bar glitter but that does not mean I would not like it on others!!! Hope you will enjoy your mini break 🙂

  • Jamie Willett

    Wow, these look great! I can’t believe they’re all one-coaters!

  • wow love the glitters. China Glaze has nailed it again..

  • Thank you