Cult Nails 2nd Anniversary Swatches

Hello Lovely Ladies,

While this may be one of the smallest Cult Nails collection releases (only three bottles), it is one that I have been MOST hyped about for a while!!!  As some of you know, I had a chance to ‘test drive/sample’ the Cult Nails wax finish black, now officially named Fetish and part of this trio release.  In the few months that I have had it, I kept reaching for it in my manicures.  I ADORE this shade to bits: formula wise, longevity of wear wise, and look wise and I was anxiously waiting for it to be available for everyone!!!  It is definitely one of ALL-TIME FAVORITE SHADES EVER.

Today I am ‘officially’ swatching Fetish, as well as Tempest and Blaze from the Cult Nails 2nd Anniversary Collection:

(caution, post is SUPER picture heavy) 😉

Cult Nails Tempest is your average white cream polish BUT with a stellar formula.  While it may not be a perfect one coater, it applies with ease and dries super quick.  Fully opaque in 1 1/2 coats 😉

While I don’t particularly like the full white manicure, I will admit that it is growing on me and I’m not as averse to it as I was before.  In addition, white creates a great starting base for applying neon shades, adding colorful accents etc.  Having a workable go-to white that is both easy to apply and fast drying is key.

I loooove white with gold accents on the nail, and I really wanted to try out my new gold foils from

* * *

I really liked the innocence and purity of Tempest against the super reflective and vibrant gold.  I added one last step with a splatter design from Konad m70:

* * *

* * * *

Cult Nails Fetish is not just your regular black polish.  It is a WAX finish polish; it dries to a gorgeous, edgy matte black.  Unlike layering a matte polish over black (which can create a charcoal grey effect), Fetish remains BLACK, edgy and sexey!  NO topcoat required.

I.  Cannot.  Get.  Enough!

(two thin coats)

Wear it on its own, it creates a super chic vampy look.  I decided to add a a white accent nail using Cult Nails Tempest for a super easy and trendy look:

And while Fetish screams edgy and leathery, it CAN also be worn as an elegant look (I added a couple of BornPrettyStore pearls)

* * *

* * * *

Cult Nails Blaze is a mixture of gold and copper glitter.  It can be layered over other shades (as it has a clear jelly base) or worn on its own.  I used three coats for full opacity.

I have to say that Cult Nails always manages to add class and a level of sophistication to their shades.  Blaze is a super glittery concoction (without the presence of holo glitter).

While I love me some holo glitter, I was happy to see a holo-free but ultra sparkly glitter polish 😉

I added some Cult Nails copper rhinestones as well as a Fetish accent nail for my final look:

* * *

* * * *

EDIT: Pre-sale prices have been extended to February 2, 2013!  Pre-purchase your trio 2nd Anniversary Collection set

While the special-price pre-sale for this collection is now done, you can pick up Tempest, Fetish and Blaze individually or all together at full price on the Cult Nails website, HERE.

What do you think of this Cult Nails 2nd Anniversary Collection?

Have you snatched up any of these already? Plan to?


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  • Lou is Perfectly Polished

    Great swatches. The white is an interesting one as like you I wouldn’t necessary wear it as a full on manicure it does make the perfect underwear for neons, nail art and stamping. Three great polishes 🙂 xx

    • Thank you! It is often the case that white shades have a crummy formula- either really milky OR thick and long-curing. In an upcoming post I will play with Temptress again, and by the time I painted my other nails, the white was ALL dry and ready for stamping- I find that to be a bonus too. But color wise, yes- it is a PLAIN white 😀

  • Christine Steiner

    Hi Marta, I like those three-some sets. What I like particularly with Cult Nails that each color represents a base color that belongs to any stash. They look lovely on you and I love what you have done with them. Still I will give them a pass since I own the wax finish black from Illamasqua, Mr Big White from Ozotic and copper and my skin tone will never become friends 😉

    • I agree with you, there are many shades in the cult nails collection that can help a new-to-nail polish person build a good color foundation. The white is pretty and good on the formula but if you have a white, you might be better off passing on it. I have not tried any Illamasqua shades, but I did see many of their gorgeous swatches 😀

      Blaze is actually friendly against my skintone- which i was surprised about- I thought it would be ‘off’. 😀
      Thank you for your kind comment

  • All three are such gorgeous shades ! I love Fetish (since you’ve been rocking the shade ) so will def pick it up ♥

    • I really really REALLY hope you DO pick it up. I am so smitten with it, and even if you love it even half-as-much as I do- you will be pleased with it 😉

  • Really gorgeous! I love how you made something even more special out of them.

    • Thank you SO much. There are some blogposts that I am more happy with/proud of than others – this one was a pleasure to work on and I really like how it came out 😀

  • I ordered the whole set as I don’t have a wax finish black or a good white polish. And I was also curious on Blaze even if it might not be the perfect colour for my skintone. Again you gave me inspiration what I could do with them! And I am just impatiently waiting for my order to arrive (I know it takes time until it gets through the customs…) 🙂

    • I think you will be VERY pleasantly surprised with Blaze. I too did not expect it to look good against my pale skintone but it worked because of the lighter (almost silver) glitter. You could always layer it over a black (or brown or any other shade) or wear it as an accent nail.

      I think mine arrived early as I was given the opportunity to review it (so it goes out a week or so earlier). Worth the wait- I will anxiously await your thoughts on this one 😀

  • coraline humbert

    I could die for the glittery one <3<3

    • I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did actually! 😀 The lack of holo make it very mature but pretty IMO

  • MariJo Nails

    Blaze is so beautiful!!!! And I love what you did with the white one. That mani is awesome!

    • Thank you SO much. I really enjoy working with Cult Nails shades and I’m glad that it shows 😀

  • I love what you did with each of these manicures, but the polish that I’ve been lusting after since you first showed its waxy finish a while back is Fetish. It does sound as though it should have been released with Behind Closed Doors though.

    • Thank you, I genuinely would say that this black Fetish is my all -time favourite shade. The black was created by Maria’s husband a LOOOOONG time ago and it kept getting postponed in release due to costs and collection sizes… I totally agree that Fetish would fit right into the Behind Closed Doors collection 😉

  • the white-gold-black konad looks georgeous 🙂

    • Tiffany Faulk

      OMG Isn’t it? I was thinking the same thing! I want to do that exact manicure! Brilliant.

      • Thank you! I was soo happy with that look 😀 I am glad it is being so well received 😀 VERY easy to achieve with the nail foils

    • Thank you! I was soo happy with that look 😀 I am glad it is being so well received 😀

  • meero

    preview pricing has been extended through Feb 2 per Maria’s facebook post. i received my package yesterday. i love that each polish requires very few coats. and the wax finish is great!!

    • I saw that! Thank you for sharing! 😀 I will have to update my post 😀

      I was certain that Fetish would get a lot of love – the finish on it is awesome!

  • I want Fetish–and that white and gold looked STUNNING! I’ve been tossing around the idea of getting the foils from dollarnailart, and you have pretty much convinced me 😮

    • Thank you AMANDA 😉
      I am always happy to be an enabler 😉

      The foils are VERY easy to manipulate BUT I think they need to be worn without a topcoat- a topcoat causes them to crinkle and loose the ‘mirror-like’ finish

  • Amazing! Where can we buy them in Australia?

    • Christina

      I live in Aus & mine came in the mail yesterday! 🙂 just order them off the cult nails website.

  • can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait… mine should be in the mail any day now… I’m most excite to pair blaze with baker!! 😀

  • Jamie Willett

    WOW…I just adore the amazing nail art you did with these polishes! They seem so different at first, but they really come together wonderfully!

  • I love every single picture in this post!