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Hello Lovely Ladies,

Today’s blog title describes not only my manicure BUT my middle child: Maya.  It is her fourth birthday today.

Maya is a ball of energy!!!  She is always on the go, always smiling and always full of mischief… and yet her busyness still leaves room for one of the biggest and most caring hearts.  The other day she made my bed, crawling back and fourth on it to get the sheets just right just because “I didn’t want you to feel tired today mommy”.

Well, today is HER special day and I cannot believe she has been a bright part of our lives for FOUR years now!

For this look I started out with this neon fuchsia (for color accuracy look at the bottle rather than the nail- don’t know why the bottle cooperated and the nail swatch didn’t) by Cynthia Rowley.  Neither the packaging nor the bottle had a name/number?  I bought this polish in a pack of two: this one and a blue & fuschia small square glitter polish duo at Winners.

* if you know the name of this shade, please let me know in the comment section – much thanks! *

Though it didn’t come with any identifying factors, isn’t the bottle sooo pretty? 😀

Thumb, pinky and ring finger: two coats of Cult Nails Blackout

Middle Finger: OPI MBSW and Gals plate GA11 and China Glaze Awaken

And before I let you all off the hook, here is a photo of the birthday girl taken by Peter 😀

Hope you all have a wonderful day today 😀

Don’t forget to smile 😀


  • bronandben1

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Christine Steiner

    Happy Birthday to sweet Maya!!! I hope she spent a ravishing day :-)!!! And what a happy and quirky skittlette you choose!!! Love it. You might guess that my first thought was Nails Inc when I laie eyes on the bottle of Cynthia Rowley nailpolish!!!. Maybe the color looks “softer” because of the pigments? Maybe when layered over white it might turn more neonish? However I like its appearance on its own a lot!!!!

  • Lou is Perfectly Polished

    I hope Maya has a fantastic birthday :). I love the look of that bottle! Shame it doesn’t have a name but it makes up for it with bling factor :). Another great skittlette xx

  • Awww happy birthday Maya, hope you have a fantastic birthday today ! My little guy turns 3 on Friday, amazing to see how time flies with them in your life. I LOVE the bottle ! It looks so pretty and girly ♥ Another fantastic mani, wow !

  • coraline humbert

    awww she’s so sweet, happy birthday to you lovely girl ! She seems to be so happy, I hope she is enjoying her day, and I hope she has had a lot of giftttts lol^^
    This nail polish bottle reminds me a little of Nails Inc bottles, I don’t know this brand. Anhyway, your mani rocks ! It’s perfect with this touch of pop color!

  • Raquel Mason

    Happy Birthday Maya! I hope the birthday girl has a fab day. The bottle is wow with all those rhinestones.

  • Lani Maverick

    Lovely mani and a very beautiful photo of Maya! I love the bottle too

  • Icequeen81

    awaken is a the dark blue? pretty all of them and also your child pic 🙂

  • MariJo Nails

    Awwww… She’s so precious!!! Happy birthday to Maya! Your nails look awesome as usual! Love the bottle cap.

  • Wishing your daughter a very happy birthday! 🙂

  • Ooooooh ! She is so cuuuuute ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYA ! 😀

    Your mani mani is sooooooo pretty !!! I love the fact there is just one nail painted pink ! And the rest is very smart and classy. 🙂

  • Cute manicure! And gorgeous daughter… 4 is such a fun age!! Tell her happy birthday from her “newfie” admirer! 🙂

  • Awww Maya is adorable! Such a sweetheart! Congrats with your little sunshine. I love your maya mani. 😉

  • Saima’s Salon

    Happy birthday Maya x

  • emlangille

    I love this manicure and obviously you know how much I love your cute kids 😉 Hope she got some bunny stamped nails tonight!

  • 4yrs old!! what a big girl!! 😀 Happy birthday to Maya from everyone here 🙂 Super cute picture (& of course mani)

  • love the manicure 🙂 Maya is so cute.. Happy birthday to her..

  • I love that mani–and the bottle! That rhinestone-studded cap is so cute.
    Also, aww. Her making your bed like that, that’s adorable. Happy birthday miss Maya!

  • Happy belated birthday to your lovely little girl! She seems great ♥.