Colores de Carol Lacquers- PART 1

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Last week Maya celebrated her fourth birthday.  Today belongs to my oldest, Olivia who turns six!  Olivia is bright and very serious.   She has an incredible memory, pays attention to the littlest details, and has a gift for being innovative with paper and scissors and can draw much better than I can (this isn’t just an exaggeration from a proud parent- she really is quite gifted when it comes to drawing).  While the joined-birthday party will take place this weekend, today is Olivia’s day and I hope to make it a special one for her.

There is however even more reason to celebrate today 😉 !

I would like to show you three  Colores de Carol shades.  These are hand mixed/created by my dearest friend and very talented fellow blogger, Carolina from  I have the utmost respect for Carolina, who is a creative and talented blogger, and I am so proud and happy that she has found a way to expand her love for nail polish- by creating her very own nail polish line.

(coupon code CHITCHAT for 10% off of your Colores de Carol purchase)

Best Polish Friend Forever is “a slightly shimmery sky blue jelly base with small white hex glitter, large purple squares, small blue squares, teal and dark blue hex glitter and pink round glitter“.

While it builds up on its own, I chose to layer it over a brighter pastel blue base: Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau

(one coat over a blue base)

There may have been mention that this polish is dedicated to Carolina’s nail polish friends… I know that I am one of them (in fact, I am a Polish polish friend 😉 lol), so in a way, this nail polish is dedicated to me 😀  To be very honest though, it is a stunning mixture of glitter in a subtle baby-blue base- you will want one for yourself AND one for YOUR best friend. 😉

Remember GITA and the Revlon dupe?  Well, Best Polish Friend Forever is MUCH better than those two- because of the slightly more opaque base and the prettier / denser grouping of glitter.

* * *

Accent nail: two coats of Color Club Take me to Your Chateau with two white stripes using a striper polish.  I added a BornPrettyStore bow stamp with plate m59 (and a square gem from BPS also).

* * * *

Wet Paint is a “clear base with small black glitter and multicolored micro glitter, square large glitter in pink, blue and white.

(one coat)

I loooooooove these types of glitters- colorful glitter mixed in with black specks.  Because the base of this polish is clear the layering options are limitless.  Wet Paint is sooo fun to wear!

* * *

(layered here over Revlon Sassy and Wet n Wild On A Trip)

* * * *

Cupcake Fantasy is probably my favorite from this collection.  It is a “light lavender jelly base packed with glitter in different sizes, colors and shapes

(two coats over Color Club Who are you Wearing)

I really like the mix of glitter in this one: turquoise and red and black… it all works so well together to create one yummy polish.

I took inspiration from the polish name 😉 and added some water decals that I got from Carolina a whiiiile back.  I believe she got them on eBay.  The images are cute (but I am not too certain about the quality… the decals lifted quite a bit… but I hope you can look past that and see the ‘idea’ I was going for 😉 ).

Cupcake anyone?

Before I let you go, here is a photo that Peter took of the Birthday girl (something tells me she will request some cupcakes for her birthday 😉 ).

Colores de Carol lacquers can be purchased online HERE.  All lacquers are 15mL and 3 free.

(I hope to show you the other three early next week).

Carolina hopes to continue international shipping (she is in the USA).

My friend was also super sweet to include a coupon code for me to share with YOU!  Use coupon code: CHITCHAT at checkout for 10% off 😉

Do YOU have a favorite out of these three?


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  • Christine Steiner

    Happy Birthday to Olivia and a perfect day for her :-)! All of Carolina’s colors are stunning. I am with you, the milky white glitter is my favorite too, but the other two are beautiful too xxx

    • Thank you for the bday wishes.
      Each indie shade has its own personality, but I continue to be a sucker for white-base shades.

  • Lou is Perfectly Polished

    I cannot wait to use the two I have: Hero in Disguise and Cupcake Fantasy. I hope international postage can continue as I will definitely be back to buy more from the collection. BPFF is calling to me after seeing your post 🙂

    • I know Carolina will continue with international postage- but prices are going up everywhere and shipping is unavoidably one of the things on the rise. I will have a Hero in Disguise post coming up soon 😀
      BPFF is a much softer blue if you wear it on its own- I think I may have used too bright of a base- but the glitter speaks volumes in that one

  • carolingq

    Happy Birthday to Olivia!!
    Marta, thank you very much for all your kind words, thank you for all your support. Your swatches are really awesome… thank you!

    • Thank you Amiga.
      It was MY personal pleasure 😀

  • MariJo Nails

    I love Carolina’s polishes!!! I can’t wait to try some more. Great pics as always ;0)

    • Yes, Carolina certainly did a great job with these 😀 looking forward to seeing your swatches

  • Ooooooh HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLIVIA ! 🙂 (She’s so cute ! )

    ooooh so many glitter for this special day ! 😀

    All thosepolishes look so stunning !! 😀 But my favorite one tend to be BPFF ! :p

    • Thank you 😀
      I agree, BPFF is a sweet colour- it is much paler when worn on its own 😀

  • I love Carolina’s blog, and her new polishes too!
    Also Happy Birthday to miss Olivia, she’s gorgeous and looks so much like her mother! 🙂

    • Thank you Amanda 😀 Your comment is very sweet.

      When I first started blogging Carolina was my blogging-idol – she set herself apart for me because she started to respond to my tweets, comments etc. I thought, how neat that she makes herself so approachable- and we have become good friends since then- I may have a softspot for her polishes 😉 (but they are backed by a good quality formula 😉 and lovely shades) .

  • Love Carolina’s blog and her swatches are good 🙂 Never tried her polishes though (I guess its time now!) Olivia looks cute 🙂

    • I agree with you. Carolina has been an inspiration to me personally since I was a baby blogger 😉 She was so approachable even as a “big” blogger- she is now a dear friend of mine and I truly wish her all the best of success in this journey. I will have the upcoming three shades up on the blog on Monday 😉

  • OOoh that Cupcake Fantasy is cuteness!

    • Right!? Glad you like it

  • Sam Elbourne-Binns

    So sad she can’t do international shipping anymore-I love “wet paint” and the hearts one! 🙁

    • Awh, I know that both US and Canadian shipping charges have gone up quite significantly. I think there is a worry that listing the shipping charges will scare potential buyers away (but Canadian shipping is still in effect AND you could always try to contact Carolina to see if something could be arranged 😉 ).

  • Great swatches :).

    • Thank you 😀 (I have the other three queued up for Monday)