Scratch – Ruby Honeycomb

Hello Lovely Ladies,

You may remember my recent Scratch nail wraps review (if you missed it, check it out here).  I was very pleased with the quality of the previous Evil Eye nail wraps…

… AND today’s post is all high praises for Scratch Ruby Honeycomb nail wraps! 😉

Scratch may be a start-up company, but they have already shown their dedication to their product quality.  They will continue to expand their inventory of designs but they wanted to make sure that their nail-wrap product was top-notch first… and it IS!!!!

Scratch in Ruby Honeycomb

Scratch Ruby Honeycomb is a retro mixture of brownstone brick-red and shimmery gold.

You will get 16 decals (to make sure each pre-cut decal fits your nail precisely).

* Scratch Nail Wraps are made out of nailpolish but are dry to the touch and dry upon application.  No drying time required and no intense nail polish odor

* The base of the Scratch nail wraps is rounded to fit your cuticle base perfectly- creating a clean and polished manicure look

* the Scratch nail wraps are very pliable and will stretch over your nail surface without bubbling, tearing, lifting, folding etc.  If you make an error in placing, they can be lifted gently and rearranged before rubbing into place again

* The tips of the Scratch nail wraps can be filed down with a nail file… but they are so pliable that I was actually able to tear the excess off of the tips without any tools (all the while creating  clean tip lines)

* Perfect for the on-the-go Lady or for going on vacation.

(a clear topcoat CAN be used to seal the nail wraps into place).

Scratch Nail Wraps can be used as a full manicure OR as accent nails 😉

Pinky: China Glaze Passion with one coat of Shimmer Tracy

Middle Finger: Barielle Rusted Vintage Boots and Cult Nails gold studs.

I am one happy camper when it comes to this stylish Scratch nail wrap set.

Did I mention that these nail wraps arrived with a sweet hand written note?  How often do we stumble upon those these days.  I was very touched by the gesture and the ‘attention to detail’… wait… I may have mentioned quality and attention to detail already 😉

Visit the Scratch website at for their current line of nail-wraps… I am waiting in anticipation for the soon-to-come new line 😉

* * * *

How do YOU wear nail wraps: On their own OR in a mix-n-match manicure?


* product sent for honest-review consideration *

  • Julianna Katalin Dörnyei

    Wow. Stunning!

    • Thank you VERY much 😀

  • Lou is Perfectly Polished

    These ones suit you much more than the slightly odd evil eyes :). Beautiful colour and I love how you turned then into a very stylish skittlette. Great review xx

    • Thank you! I definitely like this design better- glad you like the skittlette.
      In the original Scratch promotional video they used the nail wraps as accent nails -and I really think that suits this brand of designs 😀 Glad you like it

  • Stacy Plowman-Pennock

    Oh my gosh, this skittles mani is so So SO gorgeous!! I love the design (way more than the Evil Eye!) and the brick/gold color combo is stunning. I HATE nail strips (I have curvy nail beds so there’s always puckering on the sides *sad*) but your review is really making me want to take a chance on these!

    • Thank you Stacy,
      I’m glad you like this one- I guess when it comes to nail-wraps the designs vary because personal tastes vary- but you are right, this one is much preferred (by me) over the evil eye design.

      If you were to give nail wraps a whirl I would STRONGLY recommend these- the material is VERY pliable and I would bet you would avoid the puckering (I have had puckering with other brands also…. NOT with this one). 😀

  • Miriam Terveer

    Beautiful! Really gorgeous

  • This is absolutely stunning, love it! I actually thought the wraps were just polish + stamp, it looks so natural!

    SOOO I got your package today and I DIED A LITTLE (A LOT).

    I wanted to send you a tweet, but realized 140 characters isn’t even close to enough… But I still wanted to thank you publicly so here I am! 😀
    I opened the package I didn’t even touch anything because everything was so friggin amazing I didn’t know what to admire first. “Yaaaaaay, stamping plates!” “OMG, I got Annalicius!!!!” “A RED China Glaze?!?” “NO. This cannon be – an DS?!?”.
    My mom was looking at me like “Dude, it’s just nails polish”. But she doesn’t get it… I am SO SO SO thankful I really can’t express it enough. You’re the best!!

    And a little something I wanted to share with you quickly… I posted a little ‘blogroll’ post today, featuring my favorite blogs + some newcomers. Naturally, you are listed first and one of the girls I go to school with said she hopped over here on your blog and she was sooo amazed – and she’s not even into nail polish that much! So yay, I got you a new reader, lol 😀

      I am also thrilled that the package FINALLY arrived. I am sorry I tried to save a little on shipping and it took forever. I hope you like what I sent your way- I wish you lived closer and I could just swap polish with you over a cup of tea 😉 lol
      I am looking forward to see how you use the plates/nail colours 😀

      I did see your post and saw that I was listed right at the top (though I know they are in no particular order). I really appreciate that 😀 *HUGS*

  • Woooooow ! It looks so natural !! 😮 It looks like you stamped the the design on a red polish !

    And it is beautiful ! 😀 (I love red AND glitter ! lol PERFECT !! :p)

    • *blush* I was fortunate enough to have found a matching nail polish in my stash (though with so many colours I was bound to find a match 😉 ); the matching shade makes it look like stamping 😉
      I’m glad you like the finished look

  • they look beautiful!

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you like them

  • PolishMadness

    WOW! Super beautiful!)

    • Thank you SO much 😀

  • coraline humbert

    at first I thought it was a stamping, love it, it’s not too plain, love!

    • Thank you! I think it looks like stamping because the Barielle shade matches it so closely- I was quite happy at how close the nail wraps were to the nail polish shade 😀

  • I love this design so much!

    • It is a neat one right- quite ‘mature’ looking- but in a good way


    Honeycomb with a regal look to them

    • Yes, there really is something quite enchanting about this design. The gold is hard to describe too- it isn’t glittery per-se, but it is a bit more than a bland chrome. Really pretty

  • Anya_WackyLaki

    I thought you stamped that! It matches the Barielle perfectly… or is it the Barielle matches it perfectly? Either way, I love the manicure. Everything works so perfectly together 🙂

    • Don’t the two look identical. I was going to use China Glaze brownstone and then remembered you package of Barielles (which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE by the way- the formula on them is fab AND they stamp well!!!!).
      Thank you! *hugs*

      • Anya_WackyLaki

        I’m so glad that you are enjoying the Barielle polishes! I love seeing all your manicures with them so far. Can’t wait to see the stamping 🙂

  • Shimmer Polish

    Wow! gorgeous! 🙂