Shimmer Saturdays – Part 3

Hello Lovely Ladies,

We had a LOT of snow come down on us yesterday; in fact, all elementary schools had their very first Snow Day in this school-year.  Olivia was thrilled to have the day off (thought she loves school).  She kept saying “this is sooo exciting”.  We made the best of if: pjs and pancakes, we read some books, shoveled the driveway (twice) and followed it up with some hot cocoa 😀  My dad texted me a photo of himself after unsnowing his driveway, and I made it into a little collage and posted it on Instagram (if you haven’t seen it, click HERE… it will give you a little giggle and an idea of how much snow we really have, lol).

Today’s post however is nothing but hot glitter and beaming rays of holo sparkle 😀

I hope you are ready for the third installment of Shimmer Polish Saturdays:

* Shimmer Brooklyn *

* Shimmer Tracy *

Shimmer Polish Brooklyn is described as a: “Green Blue with Gold Mixed Glitter Polish! (Celadon Green)”

(two coats over essence Let’s Get Lost)

Brooklyn is a predominantly turquoise blue glitter with some smaller green, teal and purple glitter… but what makes this one special in my books is the larger gold bits within it.  In fact, I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards such a bright blue glitter as a full manicure BUT the gold bits manage to tone it downs a little, add a bit of interest and make this a lovely accent nail shade.  For today’s swatches however, I really wanted to focus on the gold bits and decided to do a little bit of gold sponging at the tips 😉

To create this gradient, I first dabbed on a little China Glaze Passion (an opaque gold metallic shade) and then added some Shimmer Irene (swatches of Irene can be seen HERE).

As with many Shimmer shades, the glitter, sparkle and holographic elements literally dance on the surface of your nail.

Anyone who loves the now-discontinued OPI Absolutely Alice would really enjoy this shade; though not a dupe, it really plays well with the blue and gold elements.

* * * *

Shimmer Polish Tracy is described as a “Tarnished Gold Holo Glitter Polish!”

(two coats over China Glaze Passion)

At first I was tempted to dismiss Tracy as ‘another chunky gold holo glitter’ I am now happy to report that it is a gorgeous and unique addition to my collection.  Tracy does in fact have that ‘tarnished gold’ quality to it.  Amongst the medium toned gold bits, there are red and black (and I want to say green) glitter bits that add depth and dimension to this shade.  There are also some silver bar glitters that tone the shade down from getting too dark.  Truly an innovative mixture of different shapes, sizes and colors of glitter.

I chose to keep the ‘nail-art’ simple with this one, and added some black dots with a dotting tool.

* * *

I have seen this technique used by a number of people on Instagram and I really like it.  I chose to do cream dots over glitter, but you could try this in reverse (glitter dots over cream) or play around with it in accent nail form.

* * * *

In case you are saying: “but Marta, don’t you normally show THREE Shimmer shades on Saturdays, not two!!!”, have no fear 😉

I had a very special request asking for a Chinese New Year inspired manicure (you asked for it, I try to deliver).  Soooo, tomorrow I will have a very special Chinese New Year Shimmer Polish Sunday post 😉

I hope you take a moment to tune in tomorrow.

Shimmer Polish can be purchased on Etsy HERE.

Have you tried any of these techniques?

Which of these three shades do YOU like most?


* products sent for honest review consideration *
  • Brooklyn!!!! That is a knockout!

    • 😉 Really vibrant pretty blue shade for sure

  • Christine Steiner

    Both Shimmer glitters are again awesome!!! I really like your dotticure, I think this puts on the right edge to make this look avantgarde :-)!! I have a Gold holo glitter from Jade and you inspired me (again) for a mani: I will try French tips with the Gold glitter!!!! And thank you for sharing your fathers picture on Instagram – was quite impressed!!! We only got a dusting over night in the area I live (Switzerland)

    • Thank you so much- it is always a huge compliment when someone feels ‘inspired’ by something that I show- I really appreciate it.

      Yeah, I am still laughing at my daddy… it was an out of the blue text that made my day (those are nice to receive 😀 ). He is excited when I told him that people on instagram liked it- lol

      Waves to Switzerland… maybe gently throws a snowball your way 😉

  • WOW, I haven’t been this blown away/enchanted by a polish I think ever since Toxic Seaweed. Though I’d normally choose blue over gold ANY time, I can’t help but looove this ‘rusty’ gold. Seriously gorgeous shades!

    • Thank you! It took me by surprise also- I have a few gold glitters and though “oh, another one”… but the addition of different bits of colored glitter really makes this one interesting close up and far away

  • I love all these looks, but the last one with the black dots is so perfect and classy even though it is a glitter ♥.

    • Thank you!!!! I’m glad you like it. The dots take a bit of the sparkle down a notch- 😀