Colores de Carol – Part 2

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I hope you all had a good weekend.  We survived in Winter Wonderland 😉 and we celebrated the girls’ birthdays amongst close friends and family- it was a busy but pleasant weekend.

Today I would like to share with you three more Colores de Carol lacquers 😀

Colores de Carol I Smell Spring is described as  “a yellowish nude jelly base with multicolored glitter in different sizes and shapes”

(3 coats)

I don’t generally wear yellow well, but I Smell Spring is nude/beige enough to be super flattering and very fun to wear.  Though it is not a scented polish, the glitters within definitely remind me of the gorgeous tulips and other flowers that blossom in the spring.  I also started to think of my favourite spring/summer fruits: strawberries and watermelons 😉

(little strawberry gems are from Belissimo Nails)

* * * *

Colores de Carol Hero in Disguise is described as “A light gray jelly base with a subtle shimmer, packed with small yellow glitter, hot pink glitter and small black stars”

(one coat over China Glaze Pelican Grey)

Hero in Disguise came as a pleasant surprise.  The mixture of larger glitters and soft turquoise shimmer really work well together!!! I didn’t expect to like this one as much as I did 😀  The glitter is really bright and fun against the timid grey-jelly background.

When I applied this polish I felt an urge for adventure, a sense of bravery 😉 to try a new technique: some abstract-ish freehand 😉

* * *

To create this look I dabbed on some spots with OPI The Spy Who Loved me and a gold striper polish.  I then used a thin nail-art brush and white and black acrylic paint to draw on a few random lines and zig-zags.

* * * *

Colores de Carol It’s Raining Hearts is described as “A clear base with fine glitter, round and hex glitter and pink, red and white heart shape glitter”

pinky: China Glaze IV

middle finger: China Glaze Fifth Avenue

pointer finger: OPI California Raspberry

ring finger: stripes of all three shades and white striper polish

I really wanted to layer It’s Raining Hearts over a couple of shades of pink/red.  The clear jelly base really lends itself to layering.  The soft red glitter bits add a bit of interest while the larger hearts are bold and playful.  I did have to dab the hearts rather than paint them on, but that allowed me to pick and choose the placement of the hearts 😀

* * * *

I hope you liked these three  Colores de Carol shades.  These are hand mixed/created by my dearest friend and very talented fellow blogger, Carolina from  I have the utmost respect for Carolina, who is a creative and talented blogger and who is now expanding her talent into making polish.

My friend was also super sweet to include a coupon code for me to share with YOU!  Use coupon code: CHITCHAT at checkout for 10% off ;)

Do YOU have a favorite out of these three?


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  • Lacqueerisa Says

    I’ve been wondering for awhile. How do you do it?! Love your skittle manicures! I’ve tried a few times to come out with skittlettes mani but failed. Non were as nice as yours. I especially love the abstract skittlettes you did in this post! So beautiful and fitting!

    • Awh, thank you- your comment is very sweet.
      Allow me to tell you a true story 😉

      When I was a beginner blogger, and first made contact with Carolina I would admire her artwork (and still do) and ask how she always find the perfect match for each shade. She says the polish speaks to her… I then added a little joke (I was born in Poland) that my polish bottles speak Polish and I still can’t come up with great combos. I think the key is to look at a bottle of nail polish and see how it makes you feel- is it a sexey shade, a soft shade, a bright and playful one? I use the ’emotion’ that I feel to lead the manicure in a way (now I sound a bit corny but it is true) lol. I also look to my environment for inspiration- wether it is a cup of coffee, a tshirt pattern, advertisements etc- see what colours/ prints I like together…

      • Lacqueerisa Says

        Hahaha! Your joke totally cracked me. 😀 Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I guess it sort of like putting together an ‘outfit’ to make them look like they are a set? Oh, I do get the part about having “polish speaking to you” hehe. I’m pretty sure colours are speaking, but not the patterns – yet. You’re right about the “feel and emotion”. I’m not feeling it yet, which is why they all turn out weird or not harmonized or not unified. Ah, I hope Skittlette won’t stay a stranger to me for far too long! I wish to be best friends with it already! =P

        And thank you so much again for the great advices!

  • Lou is Perfectly Polished

    I love all of carolina’s polishes. I recently reviewed hero in disguise which I loved :). Your manicures are all beautiful and really showcase this collection xx

    • I think Hero in Disguise is a genious creation- a lot of Ladies seem to really love it 😀

  • Christine Steiner

    What a lovely range of glitters, each totally unique and special. I also love the individual labels – so cute and considerate!!! I like all of your interpretations, too hard to pick a favorite this time -LOL. If I would have to pick one of the polishes it would be Hero in Disguise for its uniqueness and week-around wearability 🙂

    • I agree, this collection has something for everyone; you and I both pay attention to the packaging- it is quite charming right!? 😀
      Hero in Disguise took me by surprise; I loved it more than I expected I would 😀 very versatile for sure

  • Oh I really adore Carolina’s lacquers the are so sweet.

    ps; in case you would like to see some skittlettes… I finally did one. 😉

    • The shades really are pretty- I agree.
      THANK YOU for sharing your manicure 😀 Your gradient is magical! So pretty!

      • Thanks Maria! I didn’t mean to spam your blog by the way. But I needed to share it with you 😉

  • Icequeen81

    love it but my fab rainy hearts 🙂

    • it is definitely a fun one 😀 pretty little heart bits

  • carolingq

    What a lovely review Marta, thank you very much for taking your time and create a stunning design which each polish. Hugs!

    • The pleasure is all mine Amiga- you have created such lovely and unique shades 😀

  • PolishAmor

    love your swatches! your nail art is always so great and unique`

    • Thank you SO much- I’m glad you like this

  • O my goodness I LOVE your mani’s ! Love the strawberry accents, it’s too sweet for words ! (And looks good enough to eat .. lol ) the Hero in Disquise freehanded art really has a superman feel too it , and the it’s raining hearts mani is sooooo adorable ! (And how cool name for a polish too btw ? )

    • The strawberries are really quite cute and because I love candy they reminded me of sweets (very tempted to eat them)… they are also not all that large so they are comfortable to wear as a nail accent.
      The hearts polish seems to be a favourite for many 😀

  • becacine

    Super sweet heart mani ☼

    • Thank you = the hearts in that polish are really pretty 😀