Triangle Stud Skittlette

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a sneak peek of my weekend manicure (I often share my NOTD photos on IG because I’m just too excited to keep it all to myself until the official post goes up, lol).

This manicure is definitely one I’m really happy to share.


(triangle studs available from KKCenterHk HERE;

use coupon code “CHITCHAT” for 10% off of your entire purchase.)


I was recently sent these 5mm triangular silver studs from KKCenterHk for review 😀DSC_4350_d7d1

(N.NAIL Studs Regular Triangle Silver 5mm Nail Art Decorations [NNAIL-DRN637]  )

A package of approximately 50 of these studs retails for $5.29

I used nail-art glue to attach these and would strongly encourage glue over just top-coat to keep these in place.  These are on the larger side, which makes me happy, but if you have small nail beds these might be too big for your liking.

As per wearablility, these triangle studs lie straight (they do not have a curve to them like your nail does); as a result the two bottom edges do lift off of the nail a little.  I found that placing the studs right ON your cuticle line allows the cuticles themselves to make the ‘lifting’ less noticeable and less prone to catching on something.

  I’m not bothered by having studs/gemstones on my nails and didn’t find these cumbersome at all; I did have to be conscious of them not to get the studs to snagg on anything.

I was able to get a day and a half wear out of them before one of the triangle studs lost its battle to a laundry basket ‘ incident’ 😉


* * *DSC_4325_d7d1

To create this look I used two coats of OPI Tickle My France-y on all of my nails but for the pinky, which is two coats of SueSa S02.DSC_4337_d7d1

You can get a package of these from KKCenterHk HERE; remember to use coupon code “CHITCHAT” for 10% off of your entire purchase.

I personally really enjoy the super metallic, reflective and cold to the touch, look and feel of studs.  I am even okay with the little extra care that such studs require during wear- I think the look is worth it (yup, that was my moment of vanity 😉 ).

Do you enjoy nail-art accessories on your nails?

Could you see yourself sporting these? (maybe on a special occasion?)


* product sent for honest review consideration *
  • Oooo I loved this look when you posted in on Instagram ! Gorgeous studs ! Would def sport something like these studs for a special occasion or even a weekend look ( I dont think it will survive on my nails on a weekday.. lol ! ) And the colours works so well together ♥

    • Thank you!

      This IS a very special occasion/evening out look for sure. I did one shift with these and was happy to see that I didn’t loose any studs, but a little-sock-bag won the battle when I was loading the washing mashine (you know those mesh baggies to keep the washing-machine-monster from eating the little kids socks) 😉

      The color was a last minute switch- I was originally going to go for a black and silver look- 😀

  • it looks great Marta. I’m following you on Instagram (nailartaddictions) but haven’t been on instagram this weekend. hihi

    • Thank you 😀 I hope you were off doing exciting things this weekend 😉
      Glad you cought this look on the blog then 😉 *hugs*

  • Christine Steiner

    Punk in Pink – how awesome is this??? Absolutely beautiful on you :-)!!! I love the look of studs and want to get some soon, I will wait though until the temperatures improve to glove-less milder grades ;-).

    • I like how you coined it “punk in pink” It was a delicate but edgy look for sure- and the metallic feel of the studs really does amp up the ‘edge’.
      You are very wise- these would most likely get caught in the gloves 😉

  • coraline humbert

    such a beautiful manicure ! im obsessed by studs at the moment, so I love your nails! and the combo of colors is just perfect!

    • Thank you! I was originally thinking of pairing these triangle studs with a black (my typical pairing) but this was a last minute switch and I am happy to hear such positive comments.
      I enjoyed this triangle stud shape- more than I actually expected 😀

  • I like the look of these but I am a picker.. wouldn’t work for me I guess!

    • Yes, you are right, these would be a “pickers” dream… the bottom corners to stick out a little so they would be an easy target lol

  • love the studs… but they won’t work for me. I will pick them 😀

    • I appreciate your honesty. It is true, some people don’t do well with raised surfaces on their nails- and this is definitely one that would ‘welcome’ picking 😉