White Owl Lacquers- Heightened Emotion

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Today I would like to share with you my swatches of White Owl Lacquers Heightened Emotion collection which came out for Valentines day, but can be worn year round 😀

Here is how I wore them 😉

( Never Let Me Go AND A Little Danger)

 (Come To Me)

note: due to unforeseeable circumstances my bottle was one of the few that had an altered base color, YOUR bottle of Come to Me should/will look like THIS

(A Little Danger)

I have individual swatches in this post as well, so be forewarned- this is a picture heavy post 🙂

Never Let Me Go is described as a mix of pink, fuchsia and red dots, iridescent blue/purple glitters in a white jelly base.

(two coats)

I really like the soft white jelly base of Never Let Me Go – it creates a gorgeous clean looking manicure with fun round colored glitters as well as iridescent square glitters.  The round glitters are SO FUN!

The overall look is very feminine.  As I painted my nails with this shade all I could think of is flower petals falling onto the church aisle on a wedding day 😀

To create my final look, I first sponged my tips with OPI You Only Live Twice

And then added a little bit of White Owl Lacquers A Little Danger down the side of my nail and over the tips.

* * * *

Come to Me is described as different size and shapes of matte blue glitter and pink dots in a jelly milky base.

*NOTE: White Owl Lacquers recently noticed that a select few bottles of Come to Me had minor bleeding inssues, which turned the base from milky white to blue-toned.  They posted a notice of this HERE.  It appears as though my bottle was one of the ‘flawed’ ones BUT I still love it- as is- so I chose to post photos of MY special bottle.  YOUR bottle should look like THIS.

(three coats)

For my final look I used the saran wrap technique to add Essie Buttler Please AND China Glaze Admire.

I then applied ONE MORE coat of Come To Me for a little saran-wrap-sandwich 😉

* * * *

A Little Danger is described as: A mix of pink, fuchsia and red dots with iridescent orange/green squares in a clear base.

(one coat over China Glaze Recycle)

I really like the clear base glitters because they can be layered over light and dark shades for a different look.  I especially like this shade paired with the White Owl Lacquers Never Let Me Go.

I opted for a jelly-sanwich again and applied one coat of OPI My Pointe Exactly:


All three of these shades applied smoothly and dried relatively fast.  Though a bit of the glitter appears to be stuck to the sides of the bottle you still get good glitter distribution with each brushstroke.

I would recommend storing these bottles upside down to prevent all the glitter from sinking to the bottom of the bottle (I do that with all of my indie brands).

White Owl Lacquers can be purchased online HERE.

(again, please note that YOUR bottle of Come to Me will have the same glitter consistency and colors but in a WHITE base.)


* products sent for honest review consideration *

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  • I LOVE the swatches. Actaully I think Come to me looks prettier with the blue-ish base, but then again I’m a big fan of blue polish. Love your looks for each of them too, so pretty !! ♥

    • I like the blue tint also, though I know that Mara had a different vision for it. I will receive the white base polish as well so I can do a comparison.
      Thank you 😀 I’m glad you like it 😀

  • carolingq

    I love Mara’s polishes, she did a great job. Your swatches are more than pretty Marta!

    • Thank you dear talented friend 😉

  • Love all the manicures! I have a full size bottle of Never Let Me Go and mini’s for the others – they look so cuuute ♥.

    • Never let me go is a cute one 😀 Love the round glitter in it. I agree

  • Jamie Willett

    Wow – gorgeous manis and gorgeous polishes! White Owl Lacquers are really blowing me away!

    • Before Mara made polish 😉 her and I kept connecting on our favourite shades and hues… it is no wonder I enjoy her shades and have coined her my “nail polish twin” 😉

      She really is quite talented