OPI – My Vampire is Buff

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I hope you all had a great weekend?!

I didn’t mention it publicly last week, but Peter was away to California on a business trip for the whole week- and I was holding up the fort with the three munchkins 😉  He returned home safely on Friday and we had a chance to catch up and spend some quality time together this weekend.  We also celebrated my nephew’s third birthday and signed Olivia up for soccer! 😀

Today I would like to shine the spotlight on the shade that I personally crown prettiest-polish-at-the-OPI-Euro-Central-collection ball 😉

Remember when I first showed swatches of a few of the OPI Euro Cenral collection?  My Polish polish-loving-heart swore it would get the rest of the shades once they were available in stores…

… Well, these just popped up at my local store, and I had to take a peek.  It is lent however, and I am limiting my personal indulgences.  I chose to only pick up -for now- OPI My Vampire is Buff (but I will shamefully admit that I picked up two bottles of it *bows head* )

(two coats)

Now all I will say is WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!


From the promo pics I kind of expected My Vampire is Buff to be a yellow-toned soft pastel cream.  It in fact leans a muted milky-peach against my skin tone.  Not too yellow, not too orange, not pink but PERFECT.  I was excited for OPI MBSW, well this is definitely its warmer twin.

Application wise, the first coat is slightly streaky, but a streaky I have come to expect from whites and pastels.  The second coat levels out and is all that you need for full opacity.

Might I also add that the name My Vampire is Buff reminds me of the Twilight series… I was team-wolf all the way, but I will embrace this buff vampire of a hunky polish 😉 lol *blush*

The last photo is a hint for what to expect in tomorrow’s post 😉

This isn’t the last time you will see this shade on ChitChat Nails.


Have you seen the OPI Euro Central Collection near you?  What shades are on your must have list?

How do YOU feel about My Vampire is Buff?


  • Tina Shirbroun

    With limited polish budget when this collection came out, I narrowed it to one polish, and this was it! Looks more cream than peach on me, but I still love it!

    • I think this is the most unique shade in the collection- and it really chameloens against different skin tones (as I am seeing from the swatches). It is soo pretty on everyone though 😀

  • OOOOOO wowi !!!! I love this shade !!! Will def need it, and since I’m also on a limited polish budget, this one will def come home with me. ♥

    • Yes, yes and YES! Save your pennies and pick this one up- so worth it *spoken like a true nail polish hoarder*… sorry 😉

  • Christine Steiner

    Awesome Marta!!! Oh I hope to see it again and again and …. ;-)!! I got myself the mini-set (ordererd), I have not seen this collection locally in the stores yet (Switzerland). But as far as I can tell, I will need to get the one or the other full-sized bottle 😉

    • I know that some countries release later than others… Canada is much behind the US neighbour 😉
      The mini bottles are nice to try the color out and make a better decision on which ones need a larger backup 😉

  • coraline humbert

    so smart ! Love this shade, and im glad to know I’ll see it again on ur blog 🙂 I picked a Kiko polish 2 weeks ago, that looks a little like this OPI, and just like u,

    • coraline humbert

      * I think i’ll buy 1 bottle more of this polish, to be sure I’ll always have a bottle of it !

      • I very rarely get backup bottles- I feel bad getting a second of a shade when I have a helmer full of pretty bottles ready to be played with- but this needed an exception

  • carolingq

    I’m glad Peter went back home safely.
    This is one of my favorites from the collection, right now I’m wearing it on my toes 😉

    • Thank you Amiga-
      I will have to try it on my toes in the summer- when my feet aren’t pale as a “vampire” 😉

  • I love it too! There’s no need to say that it looks absoultely fantastic on your nails <3

    • Thank you so VERY much- I really feel comfortable in this shade- it has a soothing effect on me 😀

  • Wooooow !! What a lovely shaaade !! I remember when you showed the press release about this collection and it was one of my favorite shades ! ^^ I can’t wait to see them in store ! 😀

    Oh ! And I am an official baseball umpire now ! 😀

    • From the press release this shade had me curious- I wanted to see if I could pull it off or if it would be too yellow- well, it is sooo pretty 😀

      CONGRATULATIONS on the Umpire! Thank you for sharing that with me 😀 *hugs*

  • I really need this one, your swatches just proof it!

    • Thank you! I am always happy to enable- especially when it comes to THIS shade!

  • Neelie Zach

    I also LOVE this shade! Actually, I have been waiting for a colour exactly like this for years now (no joke….years!). Considering getting a back-up bottle 😛

    • Awh, I’m glad OPI was able to bring forth the shade that you have been wanting- I don’t know if I lusted for a shade like this before, but I sure am lusting now 😀

  • Manisbymoore

    OMG!! I love this polish!! I bought three from this collection but this is the only one I bought two of as well!! I have been searching and searching for a color like this!

    • I have been dreaming of a shade like this also- I very rarely buy backup bottles- with a helmer full of shades it is hard to justify the need for backups- but this needed an exception 😉

  • Lacqueerisa Says

    this is definitely a shade I’m getting! will be checking out this shade soon!

    • I hope you do- I absolutely am head over heals in love with this one

  • NailsbyCarol

    Beautiful! I love this shade on you and I am jealous of your flawless nail beds… <3

    • Awh, you are sooo sweet! Thank you!
      I have really been working on the health of my nails and cuticles- I battle the cuticles a LOT, so your comment means a lot to me- honestly 😀 HUGS

  • You picked up some good ones.
    Yes, Rachael, this formula is what is typical of a white/light pastel polish. The first coat is a little streaky but it all levels out with two coats. I like this color so much that I’m willing to take my time during application- the result is worth it (biased 😉 ).

  • I think you love nudes like me! I haven’t picked this up, cause I feel like I already have way too many nudes, and I have Zoya Jacqueline which seems to be pretty close to this one. Looks lovely on you!

    • I do not own the Zoya for a comparison (but I did google swatches real quick and they look like close cousins- Jacqueline might be a smidge more yellow-toned)…. but not noticeably enough to warrant the need for both shades 😉

      I am really enjoying this shade- I hope to use it again soon

  • michaela jacobson

    I gave up buying nail polish/beauty products for lent (My wallet is crying tears of joy right now), but all these new spring releases have me itching to get into my car and drive right to Ulta!!! I will definitely have to buy this as soon as lent is over lol