piCture pOlish – electric blue

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I’ve had a few days off of work, but am now working my way through a long string of shifts in a row… *sigh*

Work aside though, boy do I have a lovely shade to show you today!!!!

piCture pOlishElectric Blue

Electric Blue is a deep navy/midnigh-blue polish with elements of sparkly shimmer that bring sophisticated lightness and depth to this shade.

(two coats)

If you haven’t tried any piCture pOlish shades, it is worth giving this one a whirl (even if you have a shade similar to it) for the formula alone.  I have now tried a few shades from this brand and the application is smooth like butter.  The formula glides onto the nail effortlessly.  This could have been a one coater, but I applied two for the photos.

I had an idea of adding stamped ‘sparks’ to this polish, but couldn’t find a stamp that would help me create my ‘vision’ 😉

So I came up with something I thought was a little bit ‘edgier’.  I stamped the ring finger using Shany plate SH15 and Sally Hansen Whirlwind White.  I then added a square rhinestone from BornPrettyStore.com (direct link HERE, and MARTAK31 will get you 10% off)

Now that I look at the finished product, I will admit that Peter’s and my marathon of watching the Sons of Anarchy  TV series may have had a small (who am I kidding), BIG part in this more rocker-ish look. *blush*

* * * *

piCture pOlish is an Australian brand and can be purchased online HERE (pssst, they ship internationally).  OR check out their International Network page for possible online resellers in YOUR country (for a direct link click HERE… did I mention that Harlow & Co carries loads of piCture pOlish shades?)

You can also find piCture pOlish on:



Instagram (@piCturepOlish)


* * * *

Thoughts on this gorgeous shade?  How would YOU wear it?

Have you tried piCture pOlish shades before?


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  • Lou is Perfectly Polished

    Gorgeous. An absolutely stunning shade if blue and the perfect accent nail to enhance the colour 🙂 xx

    • Thank you! I really appreciate your comment 😀

  • This shade is so pretty! I can imagine myself piling on silver glitter for a really bling look hehe. Nope I’ve never tried piCture pOlish shades before but I really like Honey Dew after you did an awesome mani with that shade!

    • Oh, silver glitter would look sooo pretty!

      Thank you. How sweet of you to remember the Honey Dew look (I am loving that shade sooo much). The formula and wear on these polishes is really quite something special- worth looking into in the future (truly)

  • Such a gorgeous shade !!! I love the edgy accent nail ! (And Sons of Anarchy too ! My secret alone mommy tv time ♥

    • Thank you! Glad you like this look 😀
      Ah yes, I can see how this can be a pleasant indulgence 😉 In an attempt to get my good friend to watch, I googled Jacks photos … uhm, *blush* 😀 (who said that? 😉 )

  • What a gorgeous shade! Yep! Your stamp matches Son’s of Anarchy just perfect. I saw the whole episode here on tv. Ow now it stopped and I miss it! 😉

    • 😉 I literally heard the little voice in my head beg for this cross stamp- and then realized that the little voice was highly under the influence of our recent SOA marathon watching 😉 We are only into season 4… but at the rate we are going… we will catch up very soon 😉 lol

  • I just ordered the polish two days ago, but I haven’t thought about how to wear it yet. I really love the way you’re wearing it!

    • Yaay, happy that it made it into your collection as well. Glad you like the look I put together. Thank you

  • Christine Steiner

    Gorgeous as ever!!!! I love this polish and me and my wallet can happily report that it is already mine (and dearly loved). I am so with you with everything about this polish and this brand. It excells in every way!!! And I love your accent nail – Mark and I are ADDICTED to Sons of Anarchy and anxiously wait for the new season to air!!! A little note aside: thank you so much to ALWAYS take the time to reply to my ramblings – I am so touched by your consideration and that you reply so individually and personally – it means a world to me xxx

    • I genuinely feel that your “ramblings” (which I would call super kind comments) are a privilege for me to get. This blog would not be the same without my readers/followers and friends! If someone takes the time out of their day to share/comment, it makes me so happy and thankful. Replying is just an added bonus 😉
      Peter and I just finished season three (we got into it after hearing about how great it is from a few friends)… we are devouring the episodes like mad 😉 We will catch up soon to be able to watch them ‘live’.

  • Wow !! This blue is so gorgeous !! Mt favorite color is red but I looooooove blue polishes !! ^^

    • I don’t wear blue shades very often (especially these dark blues) but it was a nice change 😀

  • Caroline nailsapART

    Love this colour – must rush out and buy some piCture pOlish (any excuse for more polish). Love the stamp as well!

    • Truly, I have tried around 5 piCture pOlish shades, and I love both the formula and the longevity of wear- well worth hunting these down 😉

  • Carmina U.

    you always make the most elegant manis! LOVE it! *

    • Awh, thank you! I really appreciate your kind comment