OPI San Francisco Collection

Hello Lovely Ladies,

You have all been patiently waiting for close up shots of this gorgeous OPI San Francisco Fall/Winter 2013 collection… and HERE is the post 😀

I have the distinct pleasure to share the Press Release as well as bottle shots of this collection with you.  Please keep in mind that these shades will be available in August 2013, so these will be the deep, rich fall tones that we can look forward to after pastels and brights of spring and summer 😀

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Urban-Inspired Nails!

OPI Launches the San Francisco Collection

For Fall/Winter 2013

San Francisco by OPI brings street chic style with West Coast flair to nails and toes for Fall/Winter 2013. This new collection features a palette ranging from sky and sea-colored hues of blues and gray to reds, burgundies and browns inspired by some of the city’s most iconic elements – Chinatown, the Golden Gate bridge and the Embarcadero. This fall mélange is mixed with texture, seen in three new Liquid Sand™ nail lacquers in earthy hues of taupe, blue and gray: It’s All San Andreas’s Fault, Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! and Alcatraz…Rocks. Liquid Sand lacquers dry to a textured, matte finish, infused with reflective sparkle.

“To me, the women of San Francisco and the city itself really epitomize today’s multifaceted beauty consumer,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director. “San Francisco offers a European flair with distinct West Coat attributes. These elements inspired a collection of urban chic nail lacquer shades, thanks to the sophisticated combination of high fashion and eclectic street style.”

“With twelve colors ranging from moody grays and blues to garnet and ruby jewel tones, these lacquers are designed to accessorize fall’s hottest looks, from miltary details to winter whites,” continues Weiss-Fischmann. “On fall runways, models were seen wearing luxurious textures from head to toe. The three new Liquid Sand nail lacquers incorporate the texture trend through nails, with rich matte finishes in colors to complement the season’s fashion.”

San Francisco by OPI includes the following shades:

A-Piers to Be Tan

I shore do like this chocolaty tan.

Dining al Frisco

Just feast your eyes on this fresh-air blue!

Haven’t the Foggiest

Can’t tell you why I love this misty gray…I just do!

Peace & Love & OPI

This holographic sage and eggplant is far out!

Keeping Suzi at Bay

There’s no holding back this assertive navy blue.

Incognito in Sausalito

You better keep this almost-black blue under wraps.

Lost on Lombard

Oh garn-et! I’m all turned around!

I Knead Sour-Dough

Are you bready to wear this toasty warm brown?

Muir Muir on the Wall

This trailblazing plum is the fairest of all.

In the Cable Car-Pool Lane

Good golly, Miss Trolley, this rich burgundy takes me away!

Embarca-Dare Ya!

Betcha can’t pass up this marvelous magenta.

First Date at the Golden Gate

You and me and this shimmery ruby make three.

And the three Liquid Sand Shades from this collection:

* * *

It’s All San Andreas’s Fault

I’d move mountains to get this textured earthy taupe!

Wharf! Wharf! Wharf!

Dog-gone it…fetch me that textured matte blue!



There’s no escaping this arresting textured gray.

San Francisco nail lacquer shades each feature OPI‘s exclusive ProWide™ Brush for the ultimate in application. Liquid Sand nail lacquers should always be worn without top coat. San Francisco by OPI will be available August 7, 2013, at Professional Salons and Spas for $10.95 CAN suggested retail for each nail lacquer.

For more information, please call 800-341-9999 or visit www.opi.com. Follow OPI on Twitter @OPI_PRODUCTS and become a Facebook fan!


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Most of these shades are reds/blues/browns, but that is also what I associate with Fall colours.  I DO love how the San Francisco shades all vibe together, creating endless accent nail possibilities 😉

I keep looking at these shades and cooing in my head 😉

I have a few 😉 to work though, so if there are any you would like to see first, please let me know in the comment section.

* * * *

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann spoke a bit about what inspired this San Francisco collection during the official unveiling on Monday.  She was going for an urban chic look; she wanted this collection to be representative of the ‘unstoppable woman’.  This collection was inspired by the cafe-girl and the melange of colors you would see throughout San Francisco.  As with other collections, this one is in part inspired by food, with the warm chocolate browns and caramels.  Blues continue to be hot for the Fall/Winter season in different tonalities.


What do YOU think about this collection (for Fall/Winter 2013)?

Any shades you would like to see first?


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  • Erin Ortiz

    I would love to see Peace & Love & OPI.

    • That will be the first I swatch from this collection. Promise 😀

  • Carissa

    Ooh fall collections always seem to be my favorite OPIs! I think Muir Muir on the Wall, Haven’t the Foggiest and Alcatraz…Rocks are the ones I’d like to see please.

    • It is odd to see Fall shades when Spring is just commencing, but I too love the fall inspired shades 😀

  • Vicky Standage

    So excited for this collection! I want them all!

    • They look lovely don’t they 😀 ?

  • I can’t wait to see your swatches, they are always so beautiful and accurate. I think Wharf Wharf Wharf is the one I’m the most curious about, since I can’t decide if I need it or not. 🙂

    • 😉 I will put Wharf Wharf Wharf at the top of my swatch list. It is a liquid sand finish without glitter- so you get the shade with the texture but no sparkle 😀

      *blushing from your kind comment*

  • I’d love to see Peace & love & OPI

    • That seems to be a top favourite for many. Coming up soon

  • Lacqueerisa Says

    Trying to catch my breath as I see all these wonderful colours in your post today! I love the inspiration and I dare say Suzi and the team has successfully carry out the interpretation of unstoppable women well! (or I could be bias I just love fall/winter colours) 😉 haha! Either way, there is so much love for this collection, and I can’t believe I’m loving all of them! Also, I can’t quite decide which I’d like to see first, but the beautiful blue shade of Wharf! Wharf! Wharf! had me curious, so I’d love to see that! Do love the posters visuals they did for this collection. So darn beautiful!

    • I sooo enjoyed your lovely comment.
      Thank you for reading about the inspiration, and taking the time to enjoy this post. That truly means a LOT to me. Your enthusiasm has me even more excited now- for that I thank YOU!

  • NailsbyCarol

    I love SF and I love this collection already 🙂 I will keep an eye on my local beauty supply because they sell OPI really cheap 😀

    • I have never been to San Francisco… but this collection is overall very pretty and definitely chic 😀

  • michaela jacobson

    I am SO SO SO excited for this collection!!! I’m going to have to start saving up now!

    • 😉 It is good to be forewarned of some lovely shades coming up. Get the pastels and neons fill now, and save up for lovely Fall shades 😉

  • Can’t wait to see your swatches, Marta! 🙂

    • I hope to show them here and there… 😀 thanks

  • Christine Steiner

    What a wonderful sneak peak you gave us – thank you Marta!!! I truly like Opi’s consideration of all tastes and preferences in their Seasonal Collections!!! Not to mention my exitement to see that Opi continues with their Liquid Sand polishes!!! I will stay tuned for your seatches 🙂

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this post.

      I too was ELATED to see more liquid sand. OPI was the first textured polish experience I had and now I keep wanting more and more 😀
      Thank you! *hugs*

  • Mina

    ‘Are you bready …?’ – hahahaha – super!
    Dining Al Frisco & It’s All San Andreas’s Fault got stuck in my mind :))
    Maybe the rest of the colours will look more appealing to me once Fall comes again, but right now I want Spring so (SO) much, all I’m longing for are either pastels or bright neon colourful shades 😉

    • I was hoping the the fact that it is Spring wouldn’t overshadow how lovely these Fall shades are 😉 We can get our pastels and neons in, and know that this is what we can look forward to when Fall comes 😉

      • Mina

        You’re absolutely right! I think my grumpy mode must have been on while I wrote the comment (shame on me) – it must be all this rain blocking away happy thoughts! haha
        but rest assured: I can’t wait for you to show us these lovelies! 😉

        • Oh your comment didn’t sound grumpy at all. You are too sweet. 😀 I feel/felt your enthusiasm in both comments. *Hugs*

  • I have a confession…I am already sick of seeing pastels and all the “pretty shades” of spring coming out right now. This collection has my heart pumpin! I can’t wait to see all of them, but I would expecially like to see San Andrea’s Fault and I Knead Sourdough. Maybe together?

    • I think there is something really charming about this collection. When I first spotted all the bottles and the displays at the unveiling I thought “wow, I could see myself wearing each one of these shades on a coffee date with a girlfriend to a local quaint coffee shop”… and then Suzi spoke of being inspired by the metro chic girl, the coffee shop fashion styles and female who enjoy their java 😀 yaay! This definitely is a lovely collection. I will see what I can do with those swatches for you 😉

  • Elizabeth

    $10.95 CAN??? increase in price? cause right now its 9 something CAN at the salons for opi

    • Not sure? I just went back to previous posts and the OZ collection was listed at 10.95 as well… so maybe that is a salon price?

  • was there any mention of a SF mini set?

    • There was no mention or sighting of a small SF set, BUT OPI always puts out a mini set- maybe they are still deciding what shades to put in it? (sorry I can’t be more helpful)

  • I love your blog. Do you know if they said if any of these shades will be GelColor shades, if so I hope they choose the vibrant metallic shimmery ones. GelColor needs more variety. So far it doesn’t seem like they put asterisks near the names so is there maybe a holiday collection for gelcolor?;( please let me know if you know!

  • Cait

    Your photos are gorgeous, and I cannot wait for this collection to become available. Fall colors are the best! Love your blog! 🙂

  • Amy Dietz

    They are all amaze-balls! All I can say is Shut up and take my money OPI!

    • lol, your reaction made me smile 😀

  • Collette Ojeda

    How do you get the polishes ahead of time? And the matching necklace?