Tattooed Skittlette

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Another gorgeous start to the week.  Today I want to show you a manicure that I wore to pick up my Grandma from the airport at the end of April… honestly, it feels like just yesterday that she came to visit, and already -in one week’s time- we will have to say our farewells.

(I will also be announcing the two winners from the Fake Tattoo giveaway at the end of this post)

You may not believe this, but I have been such a good girl when it comes to  refraining from purchasing polish; I have been re-visiting some of my favourite shades instead.

In fact, aside from Lush Lacquer’s Clowning Around (still in the mail) and today’s feature polish, I have NOT purchased any other polish this year!!!! *gasp, I know!*

After looong hhhhming and hummmming I finally bit the bullet and bought a bottle of Essie Mint Candy Apple 😀

Mint Candy Apple is a pastel turquoise shade… a tiny bit of minty green, but against my skin-tone it leans more turquoise/baby blue.

This new-to-me Essie polish was the starting point for this skittlette manicure.  My pointer finger and thumb were two coats of Barielle One Shade of Gray. I stamped the middle finger with Konad-s6.

I used a Fake Tattoo from the Hearts & Bows design set to create the heart on the ring finger.


I layered two shades on my pinky… the layering was actually a last minute experiment that turned out so well that I will NEED to revisit this pairing again.

This is two coats of NOPI Luke of the Draw and Cirque XX… honestly, EVERYONE and their neighbour needs to own a bottle of XX (everyone!!!) 😉


Now, without further ado, here are the two lucky winners in the Fake Tattoos contest (winners were randomly chosen by a WordPress plugin):

Congratulations Jennifer A and Precious Pearl!!!  Thank you to everyone who took part in this mini-giveaway.

The winners have already been notified via email.

* * * *

I hope you liked today’s skittlette manicure?

Do you layer glitter often?  What is your favourite glitter layering combo?


  • Juliana

    I love layering glitter, but it doesnt always look as awesome as this! As always, great manicure!

    • Thank you- this layering really was a fluke 😀 Sometimes it is worth taking a little risk- experimenting just to see what happens

  • Whohoooo I love your tatooed skittlette! Congrats to Jennifer and Precious Pearl… I must admit … a am a bit sad. LOL

    • I wish everyone could be a winner 😀 but… one of the winners still has not claimed their prize… they have 24 hours and then I will random draw a replacement.

  • Oh, I don’t just like it Marta! I love it!! Love the colour combo! You always make great choices! ♥ So sad how time flies! One week’s just not enough these days. Ask her for 1 month stay next time around ~.^

    • lol- You had me scared for a little 😉
      yup, one week left (she has been here for three already)… but even one month is not enough 😀
      So glad you like this manicure 😀 *hugs*

  • Kayla Angus

    I have to agree with Lacqueerisa you always have the best color combinations. Time does have a way of running extra fast lately. Glad you have been enjoying your time with your grandma.

    • Thank you so much Kayla 😀
      Yes, oddly enough I truly enjoy the company of my grandma- we chat and chat and chat and my grandma is neither boring nor judgmental- truly blessed to have her 😀

      So glad you like this pairing 😀

  • Awesome mani! I love skittle manis, and I really love the colors you used here. I’ve been drooling over Cirque – XX for a really long time, and was finally going to purchase it the other day, but it was sold out! 🙁

    • That is a shade worth hunting down- keep your eyes peeled for it- it truly is exquisite 😉

  • I have never tried to layer glitter but I am glad you introduce this idea. I have few glitter I don’t particularly like and that would help me use them more. The main on is OPi Save Me. I thought I would love it but th bar glitter drive me nuts. Especially at the ends of my nails.

    • Glad that the glitter layering gave you some food for thought- I really liked how the silver glitter underneath accented the colorful glitter above 😀
      You’re right, adding some bolder/brighter round / hex glitter over the OPI shade would “hide/mask” the barglitter but still let the holo glitter shine through. When I work with bar-glitter (rare but I sometimes do) I paint a nail at a time and push the glitter back a little from the tips of my nails while the polish is still wet. Alternately, you could wait for the polish to dry and file very gently down your tips 😀 (hope this helps?)

  • Wow, I really love today’s skittlette manicure!! I love how the blue and grey shades compliment each other as well as the stamped design, glitter and heart! Your manicure’s are always so creative 🙂

    • Thank you Rachael- your comment is such a sweet compliment- I am very thankful for it. 😀

  • Perfectly Polished

    I’m in love with this color combo and the nail art! So great!

    • Thank you so much *hugs*

  • So beautiful 😀 I love these colours together. I must do more of this type of mani!

    • So glad you like it- I hope you DO! 😀

  • Christine Steiner

    Hi Marta, what a typical Marta Skittlette – I just plain love it. This Essie has been lurking in my mind also but I have read not too exited reviews about its formula and my ridged nails won’t help, so I will stay strong and admire from afar ;-)!!! Is it really already that long ago since I saw this photo on IG from you and your sister??? I am floored!!!! And I join the chorus for Cirque XX – this IS a must-have, have a lovely day

    • I’m so glad you like it- I was happy to wear it to pick up my grandma as I thought it really represented my “style”- though I knew she wouldn’t notice due to the long trip and the fact that there were other more pressing things to chat about lol.
      Yeah, the formula on Essie does require 2-3 coats but I’ve played with worse and this really wasn’t all that bad of a formula.

      Thank you for your super sweet comment

  • Mina

    envy is a bad thing *tsk, tsk*…
    but… I DO envy YOU! How is it possible you have only bought two polishes this year? I can’t even say that for this month! 😉 *sad* lol
    Anyway, sorry I’ve been absent for so long but here I am! And you’re mani is gorgeous – I don’t think I’d be able to layer my glitter as beautifully as you’ve done it but I will surely try. And I love the contrast between the ‘roughness’ of the glitters (if you know what I mean) with the soft and tenderness of the wee lil’ heart 😀

    • I know right!!!? I have had the distinct pleasure to do a number of reviews – so new shades have been arriving at my door,.. but the temptation was too much this time and I had to buy this polish- plus, I don’t know how Peter would feel if MORE polish came home with me in grocery bags lol.

      I have missed your comments and chatting with you through them 😀 I’m glad you’re back and I hope your absence meant that you were off doing great things 😀

      I do like to play with soft and playful 😀 (contrast of busy glitter and smooth heart) 😀

  • Such an amazing mani 🙂 I love how you can turn the simplest desings into something spectacular <3

    • Awh thank you. That is a very sweet compliment

  • Melanie

    This is lovely. I absolutely adore that shade of grey. Such a nice neutral. I may have to look for something similar on my next polish purchase. (But whenever I look at polish right now, I’m always enamoured with the Selena Gomez collection. I have yet to buy from that collection because they’re all so pretty I can’t decide and buying them all just may break the bank 😉

  • That stamp is such a lovely design! And the combo you created is stunning as usual.

    • Thank you! Now with all of the lovely “sets” of stamps, it is hard for me to justify spending $7.00 on a single plate (konad from BUT… that is how I started, and I am happy to own this stamp (I wish I could freehand this design- but my hands are way too shaky)