Feeling Fozzie

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I had to see my Grandma off to the Airport yesterday; her month long visit went by so quickly!  Goodbyes are so darn hard- especially when I know it may be another few years since I see her again.  I will say that the visit restored the important sense of family in my heart, and allowed my children to really get to know their great-grandma; I am certain they will now each have special moments stored up to cherish as they grow up.

I wept enough yesterday, but was able to gather myself enough to put together this post…

… It all started with my inner need to wear OPI Warm & Fozzie again:

I remember when Warm & Fozzie first came out.  I didn’t care much for the Muppets growing up (I wasn’t exposed to them all that much), but I knew I had to have this shade in my collection.  I once again felt the urge to wear it 😀

* * *

I chose to put OPI Warm & Fozzie on my pinky, and I added one coat of Shimmer Polish Airrianna.  I paired this with China Glaze Kinetic Candy.

For the ring finger I sponged some Kinetic Candy over OPI My Vampire is Buff.  I then stamped using PUEEN-46.  Finally, I added a little bronze gemstone.

I keep getting excited about a stamped gradient!  I don’t do them often enough!

I intended to wear this look this past weekend but the following day I changed the accent nail (don’t ask me why, lol) to THIS look.

* * * *

Though I know I will see my grandma again (I hope), the fact that she will not be at the house to have coffee with me in the morning and to chat, still has me all sad.

How do YOU cope with tough farewells?

Thoughts on this manicure?


  • PolishMadness

    Love Love Love! It’s SO beautiful!

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you like it 😀

  • Rachael Robinstein

    Absolutely gorgeous! As always. I’m so glad you got to visit with your grandmother. What great memories I’m sure you have made. I’m very close with my family as well. We live on the other side of the world from my family and my hubby’s family. We make sure to have Skype dates weekly if schedules allow. Goodbyes are always hard. Never gets easier. :/ Just take the time together that you can I suppose. 🙂

    • Thank you for the sweet words to cheer me up- I really appreciate it. … SKYPE-DATES… I may have to put something like this in motion!
      You are very kind- thank you!

  • Hahaha! Maybe you were feeling more geometric than organic. I prefer the organic one though. It’s very pretty and warm. Also because of the details you added that accentuates the accent more. Haha!

    Sad she’s left. But I know you have made many wonderful memories of the times you have had together and many more will to come in the future! I don’t like farewells with close relatives especially Grandma or Grandpa. I’d just be sure to call her up for chit chats, or make plans to visit her as soon as possible. Or write letters to her, it’s still undeniably nice to receive snail mails. 🙂

    • I think that was exactly what happened with this look (though I agree, I like THIS look better and was sad once it was off).

      Awh, thank you for the sweet words to cheer me up- I really appreciate it.
      My grandma is very with-the times but she does struggle with the internet- so snail-mail always makes her day- I am old fashioned too- I like getting a letter in the mail

  • Christine Steiner

    Hi Marta, oh my, has this month really already passed? Time flies, and how wonderful that your children could get to know their great-grandma so well now!!! Now of course your Skittlette is to die for and looks so elegant and delicate!!! I have an idea in my mind as well for stamping over not a gradient (sheer luck if I manage that one) but over sort of simply sponged!! I had to smile about the Muppets – with me its visa versa – I grew up with them but when Opi released their collection, I was convinced that cremes are the only finishes I could wear – now guess where this leaves me? Right in polish envy waste land – LOL – have a lovely day

    • Yup- I’m telling you- the older I get the quicker time flies- funny, I don’t remember pushing the fast-forward button 😉
      LOL- sponging/gradients take some practice but I believe a lot depends on the sponge used. I recently found a very porous makeup sponge at the dollar store which lends itself SO well to sponging- I will show a photo soon.
      Oh yes, I still think cream is the cream-of-the-crop… but this one was calling my name so loud I couldn’t block it out. You might be able to find some of these shades still on ebay?

  • Linda

    It’s always sad to say goodbye and when I have to do that, there is only one thing I can do on that moment and that’s crying….but you have the memories of this last month and I hope that when you think of all that special moments, you will get a smile on your face and that the tears are gone. I really love your nails, there are amazing, just as always

    • Oh I did plenty of crying- big crocodile tears …
      Thank you so very much for your heart-felt comment. I truly appreciate it

  • Carissa

    This manicure is gorgeous and every one you post with the PUEEN plates is inching me one step closer to the buy button!

    Family leaving is always sad but thankfully technology has made it a little less so. In the past month I’ve watched my cousin graduate from 4th grade and she and her sister in their dance recital. Hopefully you get to share your family’s big moments with your grandma too. “Just because” pics and phone calls help also! You may not be close physically but you are in your heart and that’s all that matters.

    • I know that PUEEN is now available on BigCartel.com AND I have heard that harlowandco.org will be carrying them as well (she ships internationally!) 😉

      You are right- nowadays with email and imessage I can stay in touch with my family back home on an as-is-happening basis. Thank you for your kind comment

  • oh Marta, it’s absolutely amazing! :)) I love the floral accent!

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you like this look

  • Mina

    Don’t be sad! Just think about the great times you all spent together 🙂
    Actually I think you did just that – which is why this mani came out so fab!
    I’m loving your ring finger – indeed gradients are your forte and they look great as a background for anything, really 😀
    And I love the detailing you did over the stamping! **

    ps. Keep smiling!

    • Awh, thank you for the sweet words to cheer me up- I really appreciate it.
      I have recently discovered a very porous (lots of holes) sponge at the dollar store and will show phots in an upcoming blog post- it works miracles for sponging 😀

      Thank you!

      • Mina

        You’re very welcome and can’t wait to see that awesome sponge!!! 😀

  • I know what you mean, I live far from my family and even if I got used to, the “goodbyes” are still unbearable.

    Regarding the nails, I love them! As usual!

    • Thank you!
      I find it so comforting to hear that everyone has a strong bond to someone far away. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  • My parents came to live with me a month ago and now in a week they are leaving. It’s unbearable for me to say goodbye to them. I don’t know what am I gonna do then 🙁

    Love the manicure… 🙂

    • Your parents are spending their last few days with you- I hope you make the best of it, and hang in there when it is time to say “goodbye, till next time”. Lots of hugs from me. Thank you for your sweet comment.

  • Beautiful mani! I love stamped gradients too! I know what you mean about family. I used to live with my grandparents for a while in India and now every time I talk to them on the phone I always hang up feeling teary eyed. I can’t wait to see them again.

    • Awh, thank you for your heartfelt comment- I keep holding onto hope that I will see my grandparents again- though you never know in life- young or old. Talking on the phone helps a lot though 😀

  • This is absolutely gorgeous!! The added stud and gold details to the stamping really gives it something extra. So beautiful!

    • thank you so much. I’m glad you like it

  • This is beautiful!! I love that accent gradient nail!! So pretty! The way I cope with tough farewells is to try and stay as busy as possible with my kids and housework. I still feel the sadness but it helps to be a bit distracted.

    • Thank you for your advice- I did just do that… we spent the whole day on the floor … playing. Thank you 😀

  • Smashing!!!!!

  • This made me realize I really want the PUEEN stamping plates, but shipping is ridiculously high :(.

    • Shipping IS high BUT did you hear that Harlowandco.org will be carrying them too soon!?!

      • Yeah I just learned about the news yesterday! I am very happy now ^^

  • craftynail

    I love this one! I thought that you maybe did the leaf design by hand since it looks so artistic!

    • AWH, thank you. I have to admit that my freehand skills are NOT good at all 😉 I fall back on stamping 😉