OPI Pink of Hearts SWATCHES

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Today I would like to show you swatches of the two shades in OPI’s seventh annual Breast Cancer Pink of Hearts 2013 polish-duo release:


More Than a Glimmer

Pink-ing of You

The OPI Pink of Hearts 2013 duo includes:

* One full size bottle of More than a Glimmer

* One full size bottle of Pink-ing of You

* Pink Ribbon & Crystal Decals

I have to contain my excitement for the glitter polish in this duo…*inhale, exhale*

More than a Glimmer IS the ULTIMATE matte-glitter-sandwich in a bottle!  That pretty much sums it up.  The base is MATTE sheer (slightly pink tone) and the glitter varies in size and color (with pastel rainbow bits).  Honestly, this polish floored me when I applied it (I will shamefully admit that I missed the fact that this would be a matte finish, and I swear when this polish was drying my eyes bulged out all cartoon-like).

More than a Glimmer is light and airy, so so soft and flattering.  AND MATTE!

Something tells me that this is the exact color of the pillows that Angels sleep on 😉

Plus, the name of this LIMITED EDITION shade, instills more than a glimmer of hope in all of us that one day Breast Cancer will stop claiming so many lives.

(two coats… even after one coat it looked so lovely!)

Pink-ing of You is a soft pink cream polish.  A while back OPI had a lighter version of Pink-ing of You out… this one is definitely more opaque and more “pink” rather than milky.

(great coverage for two coats) 

I wanted to try out the decals as well (how great to have this special nail-art treat included in the set).

I pulled the thin decals off of the paper backing with tweezers and placed them onto the nail.  I applied topcoat over the entire nail.

May I just say I love love love the glistening delicate gemstones from this set!  They lay fairly flat and are so shiny and dainty.

(More than a Glimmer with topcoat)

Pink of Hearts 2013 will be available September and October 2013 at professional salons and spas across Canada, for $19.95 CAN suggested retail per set.

There is a lot of pretty in this OPI set (and all for a great cause)!  I think that More than a Glimmer is a must have for any OPI enthusiast.  I still can’t believe how pretty this polish is… and how, with two coats, you get such a lovely matte glitter sandwich. *can you hear the quickening pitter-patter of my heart?* 😉

Side Note: at firs I thought that More than a Glimmer would be a dupe for China Glaze It’s a Trap-Eze… but it is NOT.  The CG shade is far more opaqu and the base is white-blue on that one.  Needless to say, OPI blows the CG shade out of the water IMO- softer, matte, and more universally wearable. 

What do YOU think of this duo?


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  • Kelly B

    omg its gorgeous *.* does money go to the foundation when buying this?

    • it is sooo gorgeous. So, from what I have understood, OPI will be donating money to the Breast Cancer cause regardless of the sales of this set… this set is designs to bring awareness 😉

      From OPI:
      This duo pack is designed to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research and support. In 2013, OPI will donate $25,000 in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) to Susan G. Komen®. OPI will also donate $5,000 to Rethink Breast Cancer in Canada.

      • Kelly B

        oh kwl thanks!

  • Elin/Nailmanic

    Wow, that glitter looks AMAZING!

    • It is 😀 And it really glistens (despite being matte) IRL

  • Stacy Plowman-Pennock

    OMG, I will surely die if I don’t get my mits on this set!! Glimmer is perfection in a bottle and Pinking looks so soft and delicate, MUST OWN! 🙂

    • Well, if you don’t get these I sure will miss your comments 😉 for this reason alone you MUST get this glitter 😉 *hugs*

  • Nailmattic

    love that glitter!!

    • right!? It is sooo pretty

  • Nina Malik

    Marta….you are absolutely right…OPI does blow CG out of the water. I have It’s a Trap-Eze and have only used it once. I don’t care for the white milky base…but this OPI is breath taking! I’m hoping Winners or Marshall’s will carry the duo…..
    Always love your posts…thanks for making your fans happy <3

    • Nina, you took the words right out of my mouth. The white milky base of CG makes the polish feel heavy and look ‘goopy’… this OPI one has this airy angelic feel to it… and when it comes to glitter I am always a bit hesitant- I’m over 30 now so I keep hearing that voice in my head “you’re too old for glitter”… but this shade I can definitely wear- even as a full manicure!

      My very pleasure- thank YOU for tuning in 😀

  • Erin Ortiz

    Geez, now I’m really on the fence about getting these…as in I’m pretty much all the way over the fence but maybe my shirt is snagged or something 🙂 This is a beautiful duo….I also have a secret desire to want to collect every OPI polish out there 😉

    • I actually giggled out loud when I read your comment- you are so cute! 😉 I too have that desire. OPI was one of THE brands that turned me onto polish- though back then I purchased only pink and purple shades (neither of which I wear all that often these days).

  • emlangille

    This is gorgeous. I NEVER have any desire to get the usual OPI breast cancer shades (which is crazy because we all know my obsession with pink) but this year I will be snagging this duo. That glitter is perfection as is the soft pink shade!

    • You WILL love these two! a must have for sure!

  • This set is really gorgeous! I really think I need to pick this up, I can hardly say no to glitter anyhow, and the more I see this, the weaker my resolve to save my money gets. As always your nails were adorable too!

    • Awh, thank you!!!!
      You will love this glitter! Truly a very special shade!

  • Girl!!! I just bought the set on ebay for $10.50!! I can’t wait to get it! When you first showed the pictures of this I fell in love! Seeing the swatches…Okay lets have a moment of silence for a minute…..Oh my goodness I must have that glitter!!!! OPI is my favorite nail polish brand and they are really doing their thing with the colors and polishes lately!! (not that they haven’t always!) Thanks so much for sharing and such a pretty mani. Yeah I just wigged out a bit. LOL!

    • oooh! That is an awesome price to pay for this duo! Nicely done!
      Right, the glitter is amazing and it being LE makes it all the more special.
      Your comment put a smile on my face- you’re awesome! 😀

  • Amy Dietz

    Love it! Must snag this duo ASAP! Looks great on you as usual!

    • Thank you very much 😀 Glad to hear you like them as much as I do

  • craftynail

    Inhale…exhale! Lol. So pretty! Want them!

    • lol 😉 Yeah, these shades demand a moment to be admired

  • Beautiful, I’m gonna have to get this, not only because of the polishes, but for a great cause! 🙂

  • This is so pretty! :X