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Today is Day 9 of the 10 Day Challenge, and it’s all about our “Favourite Colour Combo” for a manicure.

I am lucky to be doing this challenge with three other super talented Ladies who are trooping through this mini Challenge and rocking some great manicures!:

Carolina from Colores de Carol

Marketta from Pink Polish Addict

Tera from Nails in Nippon

If you’re not a follower of their’s already, head on over to their blogs to check out their “FAVOURITE COLOUR COMBO” NAILS and show your support :D

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My post today is not so much my ultimate colour combo, but a guideline to my what MAKES a perfect duo for me:

1) A light cream polish (preferably a nude or pastel)

2) A metallic or shimmery accent polish/stamping polish

It’s that simple! For example, I love a baby blue or mint green paired with a dark metallic brown (if memory serves me correctly, Carolina will be featuring this very combo today).  I however, will be showing you a peach and silver combo ;)

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do !

This is my first attempt at a ruffian manicure and because I didn’t have those little french tip strips, to use as a guide, I had to freehand the peach shade over the silver.  I painted both hands (because I wanted to wear this look and see if my left hand is up for this “ruffian” challenge; believe it or not, both hands looked decent for a first attempt and I braved to venture outside of the house with these nails ;) ).

I did spruce up the ruffian manicure a little with some Konad stamping :D

Base: one coat of Sally Hansen Celeb City

Ruffian Look: was two coats of L.A.Girl Dainty

Stamp: Konad plate m51 and Sally Hansen Whirlwind White.  I then added dots with the BornPrettyStore dotting tool and Celeb City

Top: one coat of Seche Vite

If you find the above look a little too busy, you can skip the stamping and just wear it as a plain ruffian manicure:

I really am a fan of the shimmery/metalic against the cream background…

So that’s that for Favourite Colour Combo Nails ;) Now go check out Carolina’sMarketta’s and Tera’s Manicures :)

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What is YOUR favourite colour combo? How do you like to wear it?

Have you tried the ruffian look? Thoughts?



Dainty Little Number

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Another awesome PINK WEDNESDAY!!! And on Wednesday’s We Wear Pink!  I will confess however, that I wore this manicure last Wednesday when I went to pick up my cousin Kamil at the airport.  He is visiting my family and I for a month :) Now onto the pinkness…

… A while back during a routine stop at Suzy Shier (I really like this store for the affordable and really neat costume jewellery), I stumbled upon a display of L.A Girl nailpolishes.  Each shade retails for $5.00 or you can buy two for $8.00.  Having never tried this brand I asked the sales Ladies if they had a chance to play with the polishes and they both said that they were very surprised with the quality of this brand… well I wasn’t just going to take their word for it, I had to test it out myself.  I decided to bring Dainty home with me.

Dainty is a peachy cream that required three easy coats to achieve full opacity.  While I did notice a bit longer drying time, I was able to excuse that for the finish which contains silver miniscule micro-shimmer.  Indoors this shade looks like a muted milky pink; outdoors, in sunlight, it picks up a bit more on the peachy-orange.  I don’t know why I didn’t have a shade like this before!?  I will also add that I wore this manicure for over three days and the polish lasted with only one minor ding (for me this is really good); which speaks well for a cream polish IMO; I will definitely pick up a few more shades from this collection.

I first stamped all of my nails with BundleMonster plate #209 and Revlon Espresso. Espresso is a deep brown thick cream polish with silver macroshimmer.  I’m not sure whether it was the stamp, the TopSpeed Revlon polish, or a combination of the two but my stamper didn’t want to pick up the whole image… I really struggled with this one, and in trying to rush the spread-scrape-stamp-transfer process I didn’t stop to allign the stamp properly on my nails; the result being very close to a FAIL.  I tried to save the ‘ooops-spots’ by using  Konad plate m57 (selecting only two of the three flowers on the image); and then fishing for glitter in SOPI Traffic Stopper Copper.  I wish that the stamping didn’t have so many flaws because it really was a pretty manicure combo IMO… from far away it looked nice …


(against the fabric of the dress I was wearing that day) :)

And lastly I want to share a photo of my oldest, Olivia, that Peter took while we were at the cottage… this is one of my favourites from their daddy-daughter photo shoot, but you can see more on Peter’s blog by clicking here.

Are you wearing Pink today? If you would like to follow all the Pink Ladies you can now do so on Twitter