Cruisin’ Nude

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When I first layed eyes on the Cult Nails A Day at the Races collection I was most excited about this colour… and it did not disappoint!!!

Cruisin’ Nude is a lovely sandy light-taupe cream colour; but before you categorize it as another bland ‘nude’ polish… behold the trend-setting pink shimmer that is not only evident in the bottle, but shows quite nicely on the nail.

A nude polish is a must-have staple to any nail polish collection (big or small)… What I like about these types of polishes is that they are not only palate cleansers but they tend to wear longer and match any/all outfits and occasions (and you know how I like to be matchy-matchy).  Cruisin’ Nude is the perfect polish if you’re thinking of going away for a couple of days and want a nice clean and durable palate to work with… with the added bonus of a tantalizingly pretty pink shimmer.  Below are two coats followed by a coat of Seche Vite.

Cruisin’ Nude compliments absolutely everything and yet when I look at my nails, I think sand, beach, and soft beige shades… as well as a bohemian fashion style:

Ever since I saw Dominika from Confessions of a Polishaholic do this design I knew I wanted to do something like it with Cruisin’ Nude… but the particular stamp that Dominika used was hating me and I lost the fight… I opted out for BM plate #223 to add a little of my own to this stunning and yet so versatile colour:

This concludes my review of the A Day at the Races collection.  Much much much thanks to Maria from Cult Nails for giving me my first review opportunity.

I will leave you with the photo that my husband Peter did from his doctor-ordered bedrest:

Which is your favourite from this collection?!?! and if you haven’t got your claws on these yet, don’t delay and click HERE to place your order!

As always, thanks for reading :D



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Initially this Cult Nails polish, from  A Day at the Races collection, was the one I was least excited about  *braces self from being hit by other nail-polish-enthusists*.

I am not a glitter type of girl, some coral shades scare me because they look too orange, and I’m not a huge jelly polish fan… so I thought “what in the world will make me like this polish!?!?!?”… but before you “unfollow” me, know that I have offically been Captivated!  All it took was seeing this bottle of polish with my own eyes; this polish instantly proved to be the “GEM” of the collection.   I will tell you this, the only flaw with this polish is that it doesn’t come with a giant WARNING label stating “Wear at own risk. Do NOT wear this polish while drive or operate any motorized vehicle… actually do NOT wear and walk…” as well as a “only wear if you’re okay forgoing all daily duties so that you can stare at, and relish in, the beauty of this polish” (ps Cult Nails, I strongly encourage you to add these warnings to your website ;) ).

Captivated is a coral jelly based polish packed with a ton of medium sized shimmery gold glitter.   How do I even describe this polish?!?

1. It is a perfect coral! It is not orange, it is not red, nor is it pink.  Perfect coral… plain and simple.  Ultra flattering perfect colour.

2. The glitter has an element of glitzieness that is quite sophisticated.  Perhaps because the glitter is a tad bigger than in most polishes, and in fact resembles little flakies.  Perhaps because of just how packed it is with gold shimmery glitter (almost giving a foil-type look)… all I know is that I’m captivated and mesmerized by it.

3. This polish is opaque in three coats AND more importantly for me, dries smooth! I’m normally anti jelly polishes because I don’t like the nail line showing through and I keep having the feeling that the polish is still wet and therefore not quite ‘finished’.  But this polish is so packed-full of amazing glitter that the jelly is just perfect for suspending the sparkle in.  Sweet Ivana from Ivana Thinks Pink tweeted a couple of days ago that wearing jelly polishes is “like wearing candy on nails”.  I couldn’t agree more!  This is the yummiest nail candy there is, and I can’t get enough!!!

I have been trying to showcase the colours from this collection alongside some accessories… with Captivated I drew a blank.  It is sooo stunning, so trendsetting on its own, that it IS the eyecandy of any outfit.  For someone who is a little shy and reserved, this polish would be the perfect accessory and a definite conversation starter at any summer BBQ or get-together.  All I keep thinking is how much of a gem this polish really is, and how summer-y it is:

(it rivals my Swarovski crystal ring in the ‘bling’ department ;) )

I encourage you to run to the Cult Nails online store and get your hands on this bottle… it is a must (yes, so says the previously anti-glitter, anti-jelly, anti-coral me).  You can do so by clicking HERE.

Thank you for reading :)





Devious Nature

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Today is a double treat! :D

Not only is it Pink Wednesday and we all know that on Wednesdays we wear pink, but it is also day three of Cult Nails A Day at the Races.  Today I will be showing you Devious  Nature.

Cult Nails defines Devious Nature as a “beautiful hot pink.  Based in berry tones… not just another pink!”  I have to fully agree.  I happen to have a number of “hot” pinks in my collection and none of them are like this one!  This shade is both sophisticated and Sexy (yes, that is sexy with a capital “S”)!  When I look at it I can’t help but think black and white stripes and chains… I will be returning to this colour frequently because it is perfect for the summer.  It’s just HOT!

Onto the formula.  I would call this formula mistake-proof (even in the hands of the most inexperienced nail-painter, I bet this polish would go on perfectly).  It is neither too runny nor too thick allowing for the perfect distribution and lovely coverage after just two coats; but what’s more is that I would say that the formula holds qualities of both a cream and a jelly; it’s opaque but has that squishy feel to it.  I’m in love!

In the photos I am wearing two coats of Devious Nature (no basecoat, and NO topcoat)

Yup… I keep thinking of is chains and stripes…

And have I mentioned how much I looove the shape of these Cult Nails bottles? Yeah, there was no shortage of photos here:

ok, I promise… just one more

Hope you have a superb Pink Wednesday!!!

To check out what the other Pink Ladies are wearing click here… to get your claws on Cult Nails product click HERE.


Always Winning

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It’s day two of Cult Nails week here at ChitChat Nails, and today I will be showing you Always Winning from A Day at the Races collection.

Always Winning is an olive green metallic base filled with gold and holo glitter.  This polish is quite sheer and can therefore be worn as a layering polish, or on its own by simply applying a couple of extra coats.  Despite the fact that it is a green, and it is not the most common of colours for nail polish, it is one of the most palatable greens I’ve stumbled across; it’s soft olive green shade compliments my skin tone and the gold glitter adds a level of sophistication to it.  The medium holo glitter is very eyecatching too and adds a spunky dimension to this polish.  I actually really like this polish!  The only thing that is “not-winning” with this polish is that it dries quite gritty and requires a few coats of topcoat to leave the nail feeling smooth… I’m a big fan of the smooth-nail finish…

I am wearing three coats of Always Winning with one coat of Seche Vite.

Check out how well Always Winning goes with “antiqued” gold costume jewelry:

And just because I looooove the shape of these bottles, I took Always Winning for a photo shoot in my humid backyard ;)

I like this polish on its own… but will try it next time over a gold-ish base or a green colour such as Essie’s Sew Psyched or Gemma by Zoya.

If you would like to find out more about the A Day at the Races collection from Cult Nails, or would like to order any/all of the shades click HERE.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a peek at Devious Nature



Let Me Fly

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I’m hereby commencing Cult Nails week :)  Each day I will be featuring one of the stunning colours from My Day at the Races collection.  These beauties arrived today, and as anticipated great things are worth waiting for!!!  Ever since Maria Morrison surprised me by shipping me this collection to review (as a new blogger), I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this precious package.  I must tell you, that when they arrived they surpassed my greatest expectations!  These polishes have been swatched and shown by some awesome bloggers already, and here is my attempt to do these beauties justice :)

First up we have Let Me Fly.

This is a stunning blue-teal with amazing silver shimmer.  You could count the number of blue polishes that I own on one hand… I just couldn’t find the right shade that matched my skin tone and wardrobe (yes, I like to be matchy matchy like that)… until now!  This shade is perfect… Honestly.  It is all I hoped it would be.  It will go great with jeans and compliments all of my teal jewelry that I like to accessorize with.  I really like how in the shade it looks a little darker, and in the sun the magical silver shimmer appears.  The shimmer transfers very well onto the nail and although is very visible it is subtle enough not to be too in-your-face.  And nearing my big 3-0, I am starting to get a little self-conscious about age-appropriatness of my manicures.  And although this is a trend-setting teal, it is very age appropriate and encompasses the perfect balance between sophisticated and whimsical.

This is two coats of Let Me Fly . No basecoat, and NO topcoat!  The glossiness is all from the polish itself.  It applied like butter and was fully opaque after two thin coats.  B-E-A-UTIFUL:

And because I couldn’t help myself… here are a few bottle shots :)

Have you got your hands on this collection yet?  Honestly, whether you are an avid nail-polish enthusiast or just starting your venture into nail-polish-land this is the perfect place to start!  This line began out of the pure passion that Maria had for nail-polish and her vision for a trend-setting line of colours… how can you go wrong with that?!?!  To check out more Cult Nails products click here.

Please come back tomorrow when I will be featuring Always Winning.